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“Huh? Looks like our wealthy chinese friend here is really in a rush. Let me get straight to the point, us friends here are currently tight on cash, so we’re here looking to borrow some. We’re all neighbours, so you probably won’t reject us right?” Seeing that Jiang Hai is still this hard lined even after being surrounded, Faraday is really stunned but also happy. From the looks of things, this guy still doesn’t know what he is in for.

On Faraday’s side, including himself, there are a total of 11 people against a single Jiang Hai. 11 vs 1, where did Jiang Hai’s confidence come from? Right now, he seems to have Jiang Hai where he wants him to be; his expression is just giving it all away.

“Oh sorry, I don’t know you very well. So I reject your offer.” Jiang Hai replied without even thinking. Upon hearing this, everyone on the other side were clearly shocked, but quickly all bursted out laughing.

“Oh, what a pitiful yellow monkey. You really thought that we are here to discuss things? If so, then I only have one thing to say. Give us your money!” After having laughed enough, one of Faraday’s white buddies attempted to intimidate Jiang Hai.

“Ah so it’s like this, I understand now. Sadly I’m not prepared to give you guys anything. However, since you guys wasted so much of my time, I should be asking you guys for compensations. Pigs.” Jiang Hai replied shaking his head and holding out his hand as if saying pay up. The Jiang Hai right now is really asking for a beating.

However these people were clearly shocked by Jiang Hai’s reply. This is because this isn’t how things should’ve turned out to be! Originally they thought they thought out every possible action Jiang Hai might take.

One, pay up like a good boy.

Two, stall for time by saying he doesn’t have any on him, then take a beating and finally pay up.

Three, hard line to the end by calling for help from either the police or Robins and others.

Four, fight with everyone here.

The only thing they missed out is the situation right now where Jiang Hai gives no shits about them.

Too arrogant! Who is the one getting robbed here! Not only is he standing on American soil, but he also called us pigs! He is seriously courting death! Thinking up to here, these people first looked at each other before getting out of their cars and charged at him. Yet Jiang Hai is just standing there staring at them as if looking at idiots.

“F**k You!!!” Seeing the look Jiang Hai is giving them, one of them finally had enough of it and threw a punch directly at Jiang Hai’s face. But sadly just when his fist was about to connect with Jiang Hai’s face, a hand shot up and blocked it. However now Jiang Hai’s grin turned ice cold.

“You guys started this first, this is purely self protection!” Jiang Hai said lightly.

“Sh*t, let go, I’ma f**king beat your face in!” Hearing what Jiang Hai said, this person who had his fist blocked roared without any hesitation. At the same time he also tried to kick Jiang Hai in the stomach, but Jiang Hai is just that much quicker.

With a quick kick, this guy’s knee is pretty much busted and fell down. After he finally stood up, he suddenly felt Jiang Hai applying force on his fist. Slowly he felt pain from his elbow as his arm was twisted around and let out cries of despair.

“Get him!” Seeing his buddy in despair, Faraday here can’t hold in his anger anymore. With a wave and a yell, everyone charged at Jiang Hai. Yet Jiang Hai is actually standing there smiling.

With a twist of his right hand, all they can hear is a snap sound and that person’s elbow is forcibly broken. With his elbow broken, this person suddenly lost all will to fight. All he did is cradle his elbow, roll around on the ground and cry like a sorry ass loser. With regards to these small fries, they are just regular gangsters with all the looks but none of the bite. They also aren’t military, extremists, or athletes. This kind of pain is well beyond their acceptance range, apart from fainting from the pain, how else would they endure it?

Unfortunately, right now no one is paying this guy any attention; because Jiang Hai has already clashed with them and is brawling with the rest of them. Jiang Hai’s body’s powers are currently at that of human limits. Although it hasn’t exceeded human limits, but he isn’t far off. Of course he is also lacking combat experience, so he is lacking some confidence in this 1 vs 10 brawl, but an arrow that has been cocked must be fired. According to his standing as a wealthy individual, if it isn’t a face to face situation, then he has thousands of ways to end these guys. Yet, now that they are face to face, Jiang Hai isn’t willing to admit defeat, so the only solution now is to let their fists do the talking.

In a flash, Jiang Hai is already in front of Faraday. A single powerful kick to his chest and he is sent flying. Along the way he also dragged three others with him. Just as these people were trying to get up, Jiang Hai turned around and faced the attacker on his left. Although he hasn’t learned how to fight before, but his instincts are telling him to be ruthless, because if he isn’t, then the one lying on the ground later would be him. As such, he isn’t fooling around anymore, and became completely ruthless.

Seeing the ferocious gangster wannabe cursing on his left, Jiang Hai answered him with a fist to the nose. When they connected, just by the feeling, Jiang Hai can tell that this guy’s nose is at least in shambles. As for this person, this punch clearly knocked the living day lights out of him and he fainted on the spot.

Although this punch knocked a person out, but by throwing this punch, Jiang Hai has lost his center of gravity. On the opposite side, a bunch of other attackers had already reached him and are throwing out kicks and punches. By protecting his head and enduring everything else, Jiang Hai found a gap and retaliated. Even though two others arrived behind him, a kick for each of them and a right hook for a person on the right, sent them all flying again. This time the collateral damages had been minimized with only one person being dragged out of the fight.

Taking the chance, Jiang Hai grabbed one of the remaining attackers by the neck and smashed his head against against another attacker’s head. Yet, how can Jiang Hai’s strength be compared to those of ordinary people? Although this guy tried to protect himself, but the smash still left him bloody and unconscious. At this moment, several kicks and punches also landed on Jiang Hai. Enduring the pain, Jiang Hai grabbed one of the people’s leg with his right hand and sent him flying with a kick. Then with his left hand, smashed someone else’s knee.

“AHHHHH!!” holding his broken leg, this person suddenly lost his balance and heavily fell on the ground.

With so much combat going on, Faraday and the others who were dragged down with him finally stood up. Seeing the 4 that are already wasted, the only one left who is still somewhat ok would be the one who was dragged out, and the one who was kicked out. Looking at this sight in front of them, the four can’t help but shiver in cold sweat.

Originally they were still puzzled as to why this Jiang Hai is not afraid and willing to face them head on. Now however they finally understood. It’s not that Jiang Hai is afraid. Rather it’s because he has ability to face them all head on. So what if it’s 1 vs 10, it’s not like he can’t beat them all. Trying to catch up with this situation, these gangsters are clearly dumbstruck.

“You guys go stall him, I’ll go get my piece from the car.” Seeing the frightening sight in front of him, Faraday quickly recovered and yelled out to his buddies.

These few gangsters first hesitated but still decided to charge forward. It’s not that they don’t want to go back to grab a gun, but rather it’s because during the time while they were hesitating, Jiang Hai has already ko-ed the other two. One of them had his arm broken, while the other was hit on the back of his head. After he got knocked out, Jiang Hai added in an extra kick, just in case. With the power behind this kick, this guy is now lying on the ground coughing up blood. From the looks of things, his organs are damaged and a couple of his ribs are also probably broken. If these four also went back to retrieve their piece then none of them will be left unscathed. Hence, they can only rush forward.

Having settled the other 6, Jiang Hai isn’t without any injuries. By his standards, if he knew any fighting techniques then all of these gangsters would’ve already been knocked out. However since he does not know any, he can only face them head on and rely on his instincts. Luckily he kept protecting his head, so only a single punch landed on his face, but it still drew blood. Towards these superficial wounds, Jiang Hai paid them no mind.

Noticing the 3 charging at him again, Jiang Hai still didn’t have any ideas of letting them off the hook. With a burst of speed, his body flew towards the 3. Two simultaneous punches landed almost at the same time on the two that were on the left and right. With the huge power behind them, the two were again sent flying. Sadly their buddy who was in the middle had no time to pay any attention, since with a kick aimed at Jiang Hai’s lower half, he is prepared to be ruthless. Even if he is really injured then at most he would be jailed for a few years, but that is still better than being ko-ed and suffering major injuries.

Noticing the low-blow, Jiang Hai quickly twisted his body. Just as the other person was coming in for the kick, he suddenly jumped up to dodge the kick, and with the tip of his elbow, came crashing down on this person head. With the huge amount of force behind this attack, Jiang Hai clearly heard cracking sounds. However, he doesn’t know whether it is the skull or the neck that is broken. If it is the former, then he is at least alive. But if it is the latter, then he is better off dead.

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