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You can find more details about the ferghana breed of horses on all search engines. The most famous legend related to this horse comes all the way from the early Han dynasty. Back then, just to obtain this breed of horses, the Han emperor launched a major campaign.

However, when compared to all the other breeds nowadays, it doesn’t even make the top 10. If it wasn’t for its reputation from the ancient times, it probably won’t even receive this much attention. The reputation of this breed far exceeds it abilities. In all honestly, this breed is pretty much the middle of the pack. Speed mediocre, not that fast. Its size is also not very large, doesn’t have a lot of power, and not very nimble. But it’s only area of superiority is endurance, this is also where the so called tireless fellow name comes from. However it is also out matched in this field when compared to the mongolian horses.

In short distances, this breed definitely can’t out run the purebloods, it also can’t out endure the mongolian horses. So it can only compete with the arabian horses, but the arabians are just that much easier to breed. Thus apart from some purebloods left in the Turkmenistan area, all the rest in the world are mixed. Due to the lack of people knowing about this breed, there isn’t much attention or attraction for them. But if these horses are left under mixed blood conditions, then their power, hehe, it’s better to raise them as pets than anything else.

Seeing the horse in front of him, Jiang Hai can’t help but smile awkwardly. If he had the choice then he would rather choose the arabians or the purebloods than these ones. It just too awkward to ride them, and they really look too much like rabbits instead of horses.

“Alright buddy, there probably isn’t any horse here that you need. Come with me and let’s take a look at some of the carefully raised marquardts.” Bob commented as he turn the group around and led them outside. But before they went too far from the stable, a huge horse bolted out of nowhere. This horse really gave Jiang Hai quite the scare because of just how big it is. This horse’s head is almost twice the size of all the horses within the stable.

“Hey, stop it little guy!” Seeing the scared Jiang Hai, Bob can’t help but quickly restrain this ‘little guy’ from causing anymore troubles. Having recovered from the scare, Jiang Hai began to check out this horse. However this horse really isn’t little. With a shoulder height that is half a head higher than him, and a head that can almost carry two of him, this little guy is actually a monster. Wherever he walks, he makes the ground rumble, making his presence felt; and he especially likes to walk like this.

“This is a shire horse, the most powerful horse on the planet. They’re draft horses from England, able to pull upwards of 5 tonnes of stuff.” Bob introduced as he petted this little guy. “I only have 3 of them here. 3 years ago, I had to go through much trouble to get them over from Europe, especially when there aren’t many pure ones left. I worked hard for the last 2 years to try to breed them, but the only result I got is this little guy in front of you. Yup he is only a pony, currently a little over a year old.”

When Jiang Hai looked at this horse, he’s only got one feeling; this horse is freaking huge. A sudden thought also came into his mind and asked. “Bob, no offence, but is this little guy up for sale?”

“Um, what do you need this one for? Although he is easy to raise, but it can’t pick up much speed due to its weight. If you use him to pull stuff around, then any tractor is more efficient than him.” Upon hearing Jiang Hai’s question, Bob can’t help with reply with a strange look on his face.

Although all the horses here on the farm are carefully raised by him, but apart from the select few that he keeps, all the rest are up for sale. This also includes ponies. If owners of horse farms, dog farms, ranches or even fisheries give a name or want a connection with the animal they raise then they definitely would go out of business.

“No no no, I’m not going to use him for work. Rather, I’m going to ride him around for fun.” Hearing the hidden meaning behind Bob’s words, Jiang Hai quickly explained. But when Bob and Robins hear this, they are dumbstruck.

For fun……. Alright, clearly they both forgot about a major point about Jiang Hai. Although he isn’t like those people living on Wall Street, but he is still a young billionaire. Some activities really aren’t something they can understand.

“Ok, $50,000 for him.” Bob said after shaking his head to remove all unnecessary thoughts. Strictly business, this is a habit for Americans. As long as Jiang Hai can pay up, and is willing to buy, then almost everything is on the table.

“$50,000? Sure!” Jiang Hai agreed without a thought. Originally he thought this horse would at least cost him hundreds of thousands. If it was a couple million then he really need to think about it, but only 50,000, no problem.

Seeing Jiang Hai agreeing with the price, Bob also smiled at this transaction. Although livestock owners in America don’t have that little of an income, but $50,000 is already a lot. Under normal conditions, a farm like his, would only be able to produce around $10,000 of pure profits. Eliminating all the expenses from this horse, then what is left is more than equal to a season’s profits. However it wasn’t until Jiang Hai entered the second stable that he found out how much a $50,000 horse is truly worth.

In the second stable, it is all marquardts. Black, white, spotted, brown, gray and so on, it’s got all the colors here. Marquardts like these, Jiang Hai had seen before. In China, one of these cost several hundreds of thousands yuan or even millions. But in America, 3 to 5 year old mature, pure marquardts cost only $17,000. Alright, he knows that the people in China are ripping people off, but he never thought it would be this bad.

$17,000 per horse, really isn’t that much for Jiang Hai. He also isn’t going to buy those thousand dollar subpar horses, as he only wants the best. Under Robins’ selection, he bought a total of 5 horses for each and everyone on the ranch. Having a horse for everyone also makes their job that much easier during tight situations.

Having paid the money for the horses, Bob called up his daughter to help with the packing. This girl is currently 16/17 years old with an above average look. 1.8 meters tall, well tanned, a pair of big blue eyes on a delicate face and a head full of blond hair. Very in line with most western beauty standards. Straight, long legs, exquisite looks, adding on that delicate white skin (even when tanned, white people are still white), with those little freckles, it caused Jiang Hai to have lingering thoughts about a girl for the first time after moving to America.

“Hey boss, she’s pretty isn’t she. She is Bob’s little daughter, grade 11 in Boston this year if I’m not mistaken.” Seeing Jiang Hai’s sneaky glances, Robins can’t help but add in a few tempting comments. Sadly, Jiang Hai only responded with a roll of his eyes.

Everyone enjoys looking at beautiful women, but he isn’t ready to have a relationship with anyone just yet. After all, he just got a divorce, although that marriage left him with much resentfulness, but it is only a 400,000 yuan transaction. Having paid back his debts, he has already officially cut all ties with her.

“Alright, done. The place is here right!” Having packed all the horses away behind Bob’s pick-up, the girl lightly walked over and asked Jiang Hai and Robins.

“Em, yup. Right there.” Seeing the address in the girl’s hands, Jiang Hai nodded. Although he hadn’t arrived here for long, but for stuff like address and things, he clearly remembers correctly. Having confirmed the address, Jiang Hai has no intention of making a move. Leaving Robins feeling lonely on the side.

“Right Robins, you told Bob to deliver the horses, then what we do now? Go back together?” Jiang Hai asked out of curiosity after having gotten onto their truck.

“No, aren’t you missing your gun license? Since we’re already out then might as well as get that done. You never know who or what you’ll meet when outside. For example some random wild beast intruding on our land. So we need some defence. The others are all fine since they have they’re own piece, but you are still missing yours.” Robins explained. Hearing this Jiang Hai was first stunned, but then nodded. He clearly knows Robins isn’t finished yet, but he raised this need awhile back.

No man does not like guns. In America, owning guns is legal, but this requires registration. Those with mental problems or those on the FBI wanted list aside, everyone else is able to possess. Jiang Hai clearly passes these requirements, but he is new to the area so it is kind of hard to get it done. He raised this topic with Bell previously, but back then Bell was busy. However Robins and the others also heard it, so since they came out to buy horses today, then Robins’ original plan was to get Jiang Hai’s gun registration sorted out in Boston afterwards. Hearing this, Jiang Hai is clearly excited, he can finally have his own gun.

“Boss, you ready?” Robins asked. But before he got a reply, the gas pedal is already on the metal and the car is flying towards Boston. After roughly an hour, they arrived in north Boston. Having left the highway, they quickly arrived in front of a gun shop. Having taken a look around, Jiang Hai found the TD Garden not too far away. Of course this isn’t a real garden but a sports center. Home of the northern flower, the famous Boston Celtics.

“Come on in boss, we’re here!” Robins said happily after having parked the car.

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