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“Oh right, there is still you guys.” Jiang Hai said as he saw the two. Then he went and pulled out a couple pounds of beef from the fridge. These meats are leftovers from the other day, but now they have become dog food. If people knew Jiang is using standard grade beef as dog food, they probably would bandwagon him to death and then some. These are truly rich people’s problems.

After roughly cooking the beef in the oven, Jiang Hai took them and placed it in front of the dogs. Having smelled the beef, the shepherd dog immediately came over with his tongue sticking out. on the other hand the mastiff just used it’s cold eyes and coldly stared at Jiang Hai.

“Although I have no idea how you detected my presence, but now that you did, you can become one of my subordinates.” Jiang Hai said as he pulled out a pocket knife and poked a small cut on his fingers.

Soon 3 drops of blood followed out and ended up on the beef. He felt the uncomfortable sensation that came from losing blood, the tattoo on his body also lost 9 scales. Seeing Jiang Hai’s actions, the shepherd dog is completely lost, but the mastiff can clearly tell what he is doing. From those tiny droplets of blood, it clearly felt the power it contains.

Having separated the beef into two piles, 40% for the german shepherd and 60% for the mastiff, and thrown the meat into their cages, Jiang Hai is still lost on why he did so. 3 droplets of blood in his current state is the same as paying a couple hundred million for no apparent reason. These kind of actions generally tend to be very misleading and confusing at times, but he trusted his intuition; at least he made them smarter. Not thinking about it anymore, Jiang Hai smiled bitterly and went to sleep.

As for the mastiff and the shepherd, they ate the meat and did nothing else of interest. After finishing eating, the shepherd yawned and fell into a deep slumber on the spot. The mastiff on the other hand forced himself to finish everything before lying down to sleep in a corner of the cage.

After a peaceful night, Jiang Hai woke up to find these two still asleep. He can feel the evolution these two are experiencing. Having confirmed their peaceful state, Jiang Hai did not stay to see the end results and left. Because today, he is going cow shopping.

Having eaten breakfast with the Turners, Jiang Hai, Robins, Philemon and Burke drove the 2 F750s and headed towards the livestock market at the north end of Winthrop. Due to the pungent smell of the livestock, there is no way the market can be located in the middle of cities and towns; it can only be located near the outskirts of these places.

At the northern outskirts of the town is a livestock market. All types of livestock are traded here, but it mainly focuses on cattle and sheeps. Since this market is organized by NGOs, it is only open on some days of the month. Normally, it opens bi-weekly, on the first saturday and the third saturday of the month. This time, Jiang Hai and the others are just on time for one of these sessions.

For most farm owners, the pickups they own all belong to a certain tier. For the likes of F150, no one would be dumb enough to drive them here because they are not able to pull the load necessary, its only purpose is that of a transportation tool for the people. However, as soon as the 2 F750s appeared, it became the biggest eye magnet. When the 4 exited the pickups, before they can even stand firmly, some people already came over to meet them.

“Hey Robins. Woah, Burke and Philemon are also here, then this must be the mysterious owner of Green Forest.” This person hasn’t even reached them but his voice can already be heard. Upon hearing this voice, Philemon and the others are already smiling. Clearly this person is well known around here.

“Hey Leymann! Weren’t you in Texas? How come you’re here?” Philemon asked back quickly. This Leymann person looks in this mid 40s, caucasian, has a big fat stomach and also bald. On his big head it’s a very common cowboy’s hat, but however you look at it, the hat appears to be a size smaller than his head .

“Haha, I don’t feel comfortable in Texas, hence I am still here on our glorious east coast.” The fat man replied. From the looks of things this person has a very straightforward personality.

“Boss, let me introduce to you Leymann Fry. One of the most famous cow brokers here. If we are looking to buy cows, then no matter what we will require his help.” Robins stated happily.

“Hi there, my name is Jiang Hai. You can called me Jiang or Hai, either is fine.” Jiang Hai said as they shook hands.

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you. Please call me Leymann.” Hearing this, Leymann specifically said nice to meet you in Chinese. From the looks of things, he practised this phrase a lot, but that is probably the extent of his Chinese vocabulary. “I have special interest in the mysterious oriental. When I retire, I will definitely visit that especially long wall and those soldiers buried underneath the emperor’s palace.”

“Um.. they are called the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army.” Jiang Hai corrected after some hesitation.

“When you retire? Too late man, in this profession, we don’t even know if we can live till then.” Philemon retorted since the legal retirement age in America is really late.

There are always people in China complaining about the unbearable retirement policy. However compared to Europe and America, China’s retirement policy can be said to be much better. In America you have to be, on average, 66 before you can retire and the pension is generally $1000 or so. In China you only have to pay your retirement fees for only 15 years, however in America under the IRS’ strict control you have to pay this retirement fund fees and other fees every year. If you don’t, then they will come looking for you.

Hence most people have to pay over 40 years of the pension fee. When they finally retire, they only receive a monthly check of around $1000. Of course, if you change this to yuan then it’s more, but where would you find places to spend yuan in America? It’s even worse in Europe. Retirement age over there is 70 and the pension they receive there is generally the same as those in America. Some european countries might give even less than America. From the looks of things, China can be said to be much better in this area.

“Alright, on to business. We are here to buy some cows, got any good recommendations?” After soon time, Burke walked over, gave Leymann a cig and asked.

“For Green Forest? You can raise over 100,000 heads there. How many you looking to buy this time?” Leymann asked the four after taking a puff.

“The time only 20,000.” Jiang Hai replied according to his original plan.

“20,000 heads? That’s quite something. If you’re looking for mature cows then that would cost millions. Really is a big bill to fulfill.” Leymann said with a look full of excitement.

In fact, cow brokers generally employ middleman because they have the connections. Whoever wants to buy cows and whoever wants to sell cows can talk to them. Then they take a cut from these sales. This is completely different from the middleman in China. The cows here have a clear price set on them, so they at most get a cut from this transaction. Generally you can tell how much they earn just from how many cows are involved.

“Roughly 20,000 in total. We’re going to first take a look around for some good quality cows. If there are any room left, then we’ll contact you.” If you give all 20,000 to Leymann, then he can earn at least $500,000 from the transaction.

This is not something Philemon and the others will take while still standing. Hence this statement, as they still don’t want Jiang Hai to be ripped off. However on the other side, Leymann isn’t prepared to lie them for this sale. It’s 20,000 heads, this big of a cake, he definitely can’t finish, so might as well give some of it out and earn some reputation from it.

“Alright, let’s head that way. There should be some good stocks by the auction stand.” Said Leymann as he guided the 4 into the market’s auction area.

In the middle of this market is a small stage used for auctioning. There are also many viewing platforms to inspect the auctioned item. Because of the familiarity of the people here, there is no need for cash deposits or auction plates and such. Whichever cow you fancy, all you have to do is raise your hand. This is also the first time Jiang Hai attended an auction, hence his nervousness and seriousness can be understood.

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