MR Chapter 50: Boat shopping

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If not for the example set by his superiors, an ordinary police officer like him wouldn’t even think of extorting this brazenly. To be precise, although his superiors may not have extorted anyone themselves, they know what is going on under their watch. Since this is known, then obviously there is a cut that goes to his superiors from his multiple acts of extortion. More importantly, it doesn’t matter if the superiors are actually innocent since the department of internal affairs will simply assume everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. Whether that guilt be extortion, receiving a cut, or simply negligence of duty remains to be investigated.

The chief and vice chief of Winthrop’s police force were both woken up in the middle of the night on the same day. Aftering getting briefed on the situation, they pretty much went nuts, especially the chief. He was originally a detective from Boston, but because he was approaching the retirement age, he was reassigned here in recent years as the local chief. He has no knowledge of the detailed situation in the local police department, and he is just waiting to retire. However who knew that he would face this pile of a mess. Don’t even mention regular retirement, if he isn’t sentenced for a couple years then that is just being light on him. As such, he rained curses on the idiots who are involved in this in debacle.

As for the vice chief, he knows a bit about what’s happening. He has also received bribes from the officer before, it can be said that the vice chief is that officer’s protection. Unfortunately this is America, not China. As long as someone has some money and wants a mess to get big, then there is no such thing as benevolence. After receiving the call, his face drained of all colors. Right now he isn’t thinking of how to bury this matter because it is just not possible. Rather, he is thinking of how to remove himself from this matter.

However the difficult part of trying to remove himself from this matter lies on Jiang Hai’s side. Hence he is thinking whether or not he should pay Jiang Hai a visit. Sadly, when he paid Jiang Hai a visit the next day, he missed out. Not because Jiang Hai is out hiding from the media or something, rather, he is out boat shopping.

Following the development of the estate, the direction Jiang Hai’s estate is headed has already been determined. So far, it is mainly cattle ranching with some seafood extraction from the fishery, since this can also bring in substantial amounts of profits for Jiang Hai.

These couple of days, braving the bone chilling waters, Edward constantly dove to confirm the state of the fishery. From his conclusion, the fishery is in great condition. From what he can see, there are many different types of fish here. Schools of mackerel, cod, and herring swimming around near the ocean surface. He even unexpectedly found some bonito migrating with the warm currents. Normally during this time of the year, these fish generally follow the warm currents south towards the equator; hence he can’t understand why they stayed.

Apart from these fish, he didn’t get a clear image of the condition on the seafloor. After all, he isn’t like Jiang Hai, who can ignore water pressure and breathe under water. To find out the situation of the sea bed, he requires a boat.

As this fishery belongs to Jiang Hai, the responsibility to purchase boats belongs to him. As such, without any important matters to settle today, Edward convinced Jiang Hai to make a trip with him to Boston. Although there are shipyards in Winthrop going there right now is clearly a stupid decision. After all, Jiang Hai is very unwelcomed in the eyes of many townsfolk. Secondly, most of the boats built here are just boats. If they want to order a large ship, not even mentioning the time required to build it here, the quality of the resulting ship is just average. Hence, after some research, they decided to head to Boston.

Boston being a very well known coastal city, of course has it’s own harbor. Since there is a harbour, then there are shipyards. The most famous one here is Charlestown Navy Yard, commonly referred to as Boston Navy Yard. Although this shipyard was shut down in the 70s, it is now part of Boston national historical park. There are also some other smaller yards in the area, and that is where Jiang Hai and Edward are headed.

After a not too long of a drive, the two arrived at Boston’s port region. Even from far away, Jiang Hai can see a moored destroyer in the navy yard direction. This destroyer is now part of a local museum and entry is free of charge. It is used to promote patriotism in kids within the region. Although Jiang Hai is interested in touring the ship, but he can’t right now. He can always come back when they are installing components for his ship(s) later. He followed Edward to a private shipyard called Temple of the sea (海洋圣殿).

According to Edward, this shipyard is a long established business in the Boston region. Having been established before the first world war, it only takes orders that are destined for Europe from the government. It’s main business is based around component assembling, and does the job pretty well. During the second world war, it played an important role in supporting the European theater. Now with the tentative world peace, most of America’s excess military production facilities have all been closed down. Apart from some large scale production plants, even some of the military’s navy yards were closed down, hence their dwindling business.

Currently, the business mainly receives orders for fishing trawlers. The thing with boats is that they are pretty expensive. Although it’s not to the point where they could only take an order every 3 years and live off of it until the next order, a single order is enough for them to last several months.

Having parked their car in front of the yard, they were just in time to see the christening and test drive of a brand new ship. Seeing this, Jiang Hai can’t help but let out a sigh of disbelief. From the looks of things so far, it won’t be long before he also owns a boat this big. Just as he was daydreaming about his future, a group of people left the yard. At the very front is a white man in his 60s. A body height of 1.9 meters with a whitening beard, a huge beer belly but still has a strong appearance while wearing a bright yellow safety helmet. As soon as he came out and saw Edward, he was clearly stunned.

“Hey old fool, what are you doing here?” The man happily greeted Edward.

“This is Dalton Green. The owner of the temple, and my old friend. Dalton, this is my new boss. He is the one who bought The Green Forest and because he wants to open his fishery, we are here to bring back some boats.” Replied Edward.

“Oh the Green Forest. I know of that place. I previously sold them a couple boats. However not long after, that pitiful dude went bankrupt with the recession. I never would’ve thought that I would be able to witness that big piece of land find a new owner within my lifetime. Not bad young man, not bad.” Hearing the introduction for Jiang Hai, this uncle is clearly shocked because he knows precisely how much that plot of land is worth. In comparison, his shipyard isn’t even worth the estate’s scraps. As such, it is really hard to see that the young man in front of him is actually a wealthy individual.

“Hehe, you are praising me too much.” Jiang Hai said as he shook hands with this uncle.

“Then come with me. I’ll show you around and you guys can tell me what you need.” Dalton stated, then led Jiang Hai and Edward into the huge shipyard.

As soon as they entered the shipyard, the first thing that hit them is the strong smell of engine oil. If an average person where to smell this then they would probably find it difficult to bear with. However Jiang Hai and Edward are clearly fine. Edward has gotten used to it after living with boat engines for so long. Now the smell of engine oil is just like the grass smell on his lawn. As for Jiang Hai, he just came from China and isn’t even afraid of the air there, so why would he fear this smell? What a joke.

“Our company originally only built warships. Now we are left with building fishing boats. But don’t worry, our boats are guaranteed to be as sturdy as a warship. If you get your hands on some cannons and put it on the boat, then it basically is a warship. Hahahaha. Alright, jokes aside, what kind of boats do you need?” Dalton joked while bring them deeper into the yard. As they got further into the yard, they passed multiple boats on dry dock with bunches of people surrounding them. However when Jiang Hai is asked what he needs, he is really clueless.

“We need 4 boats in total. 3 small boats and a near sea fishing trawler.” Seeing Jiang Hai’s look of cluelessness, Edward answered. In the fishing world, each vessel has their own use.

Take fishing vessels for example. All fishing boats can be separated into two categories. Maritime fishing vessels, and freshwater fishing vessels. In particular, maritime fishing vessels are separated into coastal, near sea, and far sea categories. There is also the materials to consider; such as wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum alloy and so on. Then there is the type of driving force required because there are huge differences between motorized, wind powered, and manual boats.

What Jiang Hai needs for his fishery are near sea fishing vessels. This type of vessel is much bigger than those basic motorized boats. Upon hearing Jiang Hai’s needs, Dalton lightly nodded, then led them towards an office in the back. Within this room is a bunch of plans which show the structure of each fishing boat. Jiang Hai can just pick the boat he wants from here and specify any other modification he wants to make to the boat.

“This works.” After sorting through these for more than half an hour, Edward and Jiang Hai finally settled on a model. To be fair, it’s more like Edward picking and Jiang Hai accepting. Due to Jiang Hai not knowing any of the specifics here, so as long as Edward picks a reasonable model, he will accept it.

“Oh that one. This model is not bad. Made up of cement and steel frame, 55 meters in length with 3 individual engines. It can be considered to be one of the largest models available within near sea area. … ” Seeing their choice, Dalton started to give out the specifics about the model. However after the first couple of sentences, Jiang Hai’s head is on the verge of exploding. Why? Because he understood nothing afterwards.

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