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In order to ensure the security for information injection, Lu Zixin first arranged the company’s affairs, and then found a quiet place to start information injection.

In the process of information injection, his entire brain is chaotic. Numerous complicated information enters the brain, and brain cells are quickly remembering this information.

If ordinary people are injected with a lot of information at a time, there is a good risk of becoming an idiot. Fortunately, Lu Zixin has undergone the transformation of H1 serum, and the ability of brain cells has been greatly enhanced, which make him survived.

The complete information injection takes less than ten minutes, but in the next ten hours, Lu Zixin’s brain is still faint, which is the process of understanding digestion.

Some knowledge that he did not understand before, now he begins to understand slowly. Just like the Umbrella Corporation world, clone Alice was born with the same survival skills and life knowledge.

Lu Zixin digested this knowledge for a whole day, and his brain was better.

He sorted out what Tony Stark passed to him, not a virtual projection of this level of Black Science and Technology, but a lower level of technology.

But in comparison, the Science and Technology products circulating on the market today are definitely higher. Such as the perfect wireless charging, body manufacturing process, full transparent mobile phone, and the manufacturing technology of special creative modular smartphone.

The so-called modular smartphone is a highly humanized mobile phone with a mobile phone frame that allows users to configure their own DIY mobile phones.

The hardware of this phone is made into a similar piece of bricks, batteries, processors, audio devices, screens and so on. Users can freely assemble these accessories into the phone frame and assemble them before to use them.

As early as a decade ago, some people mentioned the concept of modular mobile phones. In 2004, there were domestic manufacturers investing in R&D, but unfortunately R&D failed.

In the following years, high-level Science and Technology companies in several countries have researched modular mobile phones and introduced a modular version of smart devices.

Sony, Motorola, ZTE, and especially Google, have tried to develop modular mobile phones, but because of the high cost and insufficient technology, the compatibility and performance are much worse than the mainstream smartphones, and users are not satisfied. Therefore, it was impossible to promote to the mass market, and this project was also suspended.

And the modular mobile phone in their concept is different from the Lu Zixin data. Their main goal is to save the cost of mobile phone replacement. When a hardware is out of date, you can directly replace the hardware without replacing the mobile phone.

However, the modular phone in Lu Zixin’s profile is a versatile smartphone.

For example, if you want to maintain a super battery life, you can install one more battery module; or if you want the camera function, you can assemble a better camera module and become a “camera”; if you want more memory, you can install a memory module; Even if you don’t have a camera or some other features, you can install a game module and turn it into a mobile game machine, install a music module, a large screen module…

Different modules will produce different effects. Even with different mobile phone frames, the appearance of the mobile phone can be varied.

This technique and style is very similar to the steel suits that Tony Stark displays in group. Different parts have different functions and are then assembled into a complete “Ironman”.

According to Lu Zixin’s conjecture, this convenient and highly diverse modular mobile phone, if launched, may be popular all over the world!

And most importantly, making modular phones is much easier than other Black Science and Technology. What he has to do is to assemble the phone hardware into modules and have a smooth compatibility with each other.

If Red Letter mobile phone can solve these problems, its performance is not worse than the mainstream mobile phone, and even better. Then it is oriented to the mass market, and with its creative gameplay, it may be able to occupy a place in mobile phone industry and become a top mobile phone brand!

If you want to do this, you have a lot of work, and it’s not a one-step process. It takes a few steps. Lu Zixin’s idea is to invest in several related hardware factories to improve manufacturing technology and productivity.

In the next few days, Lu Zixin is planning this matter and the related matters are explained to the company staff, so that they can find a factory suitable for investment or cooperation.



Lu Zixin rushed back here, there is no other reason, just want to be lazy. There are too many things in his mind these days, and he is a bit tired.

In Zhu An office, Lu Zixin occupied his office chair, flattened the chair, and lay comfortably.

“You are really a grandfather. You took my seat in the first place. Would you like me to find a few sisters to serve you?” Zhu An spoke to the side.

“Okay, remember to be pretty.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Yes, I will call now. But don’t forget, Su Zhirong is now in this building.” Zhu An is going to call.

“Oh, forget it. I am afraid of you.” Lu Zixin said, “Yes, did you not say that you are getting married last time? Have you booked your date?”

“Not yet.” Zhu An shook his head. “I didn’t discuss it well. Now it’s busy. Why don’t you come over? Half a year.”

“Speaking of it, there were several college students who had been married before, and we didn’t go.”

“Yeah, there are fewer and fewer friends now.” Lu Zixin said with emotion that some of the former friends rarely contacted. In addition, everyone has their own circle, and there is no hard talk. There are only a few good relationships and some connections.

“Let’s go with the flow,” said Zhu An. “Don’t be so sentimental here, it’s hard to get the job done, to open the black, and haven’t had Cooking Chicken for a long time.”

“Get it up!”

The two played the game until they got off work, until Su Zhirong called Lu Zixin to stop.

At the table, Su Zhirong was wearing a suit and a tea-colored long coat, sitting elegantly opposite Lu Zixin and asking, “Would you like to go to Pengcheng or stay in Jiangcheng?”

“Well, it should be in Jiangcheng. When Tang Gang talks about the right factory, let me see it again,” Lu Zixin said. “A few days off.”

“Then, do you have time next Saturday?” Su Zhirong looked at him with some expectation.

“Yes. Do you have anything?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded. “There was a prom, the tutor and classmates informed me, so I want to go back and join.”

“You don’t say I forgot!” Lu Zixin was surprised. “You graduated this year!”

Because Su Zhirong has been busy with the company’s work and is becoming more and more mature, he has forgotten that Su Zhirong is actually a college intern and has not obtained a diploma!

“OK, no problem, of course you have to accompany you. Otherwise, what if you are abducted?” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“You still know!” Su Zhirong snarled with a little nasal voice. From then on, Lu Zixin went to Pengcheng, and she was busy in Jiangcheng.

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