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Tony made this video, obviously showing off his steel armor.

Bruce Wayne saw it and was a little surprised. In some ways, Tony Stark’s steel armor was really good.

But he did not admit defeat, said : “This steel shirt is a bit interesting, but I personally prefer this equipment.”

Say, Bruce Wayne also sent a video of his driving a bat car to fight criminals.

Lu Zixin opened the video and saw a skyscraper with a hundred-story skyscraper. Bruce Wayne, wearing black bat suit, stood on the top of the building, overlooking the crazy laughter below, shooting a criminal with a gun.

He jumped and fell down at a vertical ground angle. The crowd below screamed, but Bruce Wayne’s bat costume slammed out and glided in the air.

The following criminals shot him like crazy, and he was sheltered or armored. He also used miniature bombs or bats to subdue most of the criminals.

At the time he was about to land, a black bat car ran wildly from the streets of the city. It doesn’t have any drivers, but it can dodge freely in the traffic, as fast as black lightning!

The cockpit above Bat mobile turned open automatically, Bruce Wayne just fell on it, and then with Bat mobile chased the criminals.

The fugitives have already run far, but Bat mobile is like a rocket launcher, approaching quickly.

Then, by the end of a river, the enemy took a helicopter and flew over the river, and also madly launched a bomb on Bat mobile.

Lu Zixin saw this with tight heart, but the Bat mobile escaped the bomb attack with a continuous “S” drift. When it reached the river, it flew!

That’s right, bat mobile wings are unfolding, the chassis has a jet, and it flies directly to catch up with the helicopter. Two tracking missiles hit the target accurately.

Under the bat helmet, the mouth of the master raised a curve, perfect ending!

After watching this video, Lu Zixin feels that he can only brush 666 next to it.

Tony Stark said : “This chariot is very cool. I think I want to develop such a powerful chariot. Unfortunately, my steel suits can be used to save and fly weapons.”

Bruce Wayne : “There are many features of the Bat mobile, and the video is only a small part.”

Tony Stark : “I have something else.”

Said, he sent another video, Lu Zixin just opened, and saw the scenes that children are not suitable.

In the video, it is an American girl wearing a pair of bikini, blonde long legs and a high nose. She is kneeling on Tony Stark, kissing him, taking off her clothes and seeing the two, obviously going A fierce battle.

Lu Zixin has not finished reading, the video disappears, and the original message was withdrawn. After the withdrawal, there will be no information recorded in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Tony Stark : “Cough, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Jarvis is too bad for this guy.”

Bruce Wayne : “This girl is very good!”

Tony Stark : “New York Times reporter, she want to interview me for some news material.”

Bruce Wayne : “I understand! I have met, a lawyer, as hot as her body!”

Tony Stark : “That’s really delicious!”

Although the two did not meet, they seem to have found a common language. The smell of gunpowder in the group seems to have disappeared.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: poke with a little finger] @Mr. L, the owner, it seems that someone has violated the group rules.”

Mr. L : “?? Is there? I didn’t see it, maybe you have a virus.”

Red Queen : “[Black face emoticon: happy face!]”

After this, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are also embarrassed to compete with each other.

Seeing the atmosphere, Lu Zixin re-directed the topic to Science and Technology.

Soon, they mentioned Lu Zixin’s mobile phone production.

Tony Stark : “My God, it’s too slow to make money like this, or to do military work.”

Bruce Wayne : “Your business has a weak industrial capacity. It’s better to invest in a few factories – I can send you a few professional production lines.”

Tony Stark : “Yes, it’s too slow to grab the market. It’s better to play directly.”

Mr. L : “I am worried that it will attract attention.”

Tony Stark : “That’s for sure, but what about it? As long as you have the strength, you have the right to speak.”

Bruce Wayne : “This is what I want to say. Sometimes, we don’t have to be bound by some rules.”

Mr. L : “It makes sense. Maybe I am too scared.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: go on, the owner, destroy the world!]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, [emoticon :Pā! slap face!]”

Tony Stark : “That’s so much, it’s still useful.”

After that, he sent Lu Zixin a Red envelope and explained : “This is a technology that has been eliminated by our Stark Industries, but it should be very useful to you.”

Lu Zixin opened Red envelope, group prompt : “Congratulations, you have received Tony Stark’s Red envelope and obtained technical information related to Stark Industries intelligent communication equipment. (Can be extracted into the brain)”

Group Tip : “Do you want to extract data now? Tip: When the data is injected into the brain, it will have some impact on the brain, and it needs a quiet environment and 12 hour digestion time. After the injection is successful, it will automatically remember and understand the relevant information.”

“I don’t pick up the information for the time being.” Lu Zixin replied. It’s need long time and he needs to prepare. At the same time, he did not forget to thank Tony.

Tony Stark : “No thanks, just raise your hand. Let’s talk about it today. If you need some industrial equipment, you can @me.”

Bruce Wayne : “See you next time.”

At the end of the group chat, Lu Zixin thought about the words of the two. The development of Red Letter mobile phone is not fast enough. If you want to be more aggressive, you have to launch a stronger Black Science and Technology with stronger production capacity.

“It’s time to step up.” He thought to himself, he was prepared to concentrate on it.

This information, including mobile phone chips, cameras, sensors, batteries and other aspects of the technology, involves a wide range. Even with Lu Zixin’s ability to think, it is impossible to learn by learning in a short time.

Fortunately, System can inject information, just as Red Queen transmitted computer technology knowledge to his brain, and he was directly in control.

This technique of injecting information into the human brain is actually controlled by Red Queen himself. When she clones people, she can inject memory and knowledge into the brains of human clones through bioelectricity. It is also a powerful black science and technology.

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