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“There are too many hollow.”

The current Karakura Town are attacked by countless hollow, summoned from Hueco Mundo and came to attack Karakura Town.

I was attracted because Ishida Uryū had put a bait in order to compete with Kurosaki ichigo.

But this time the bait was done by Aizen, and even Menos Grande was attracted, so that Kurosaki ichigo exposed his power, at the same time, let Rukia appear.

The Onmitsukidō troops reported this incident back, causing the attention of Central 46 room, and issued a violation. It was supposed to let the Onmitsukidō troops to take the shot, but finally let 6th Division Captain and Vice-Captain Abarai Renji come out to make arrest.

Xia Yan looks at them, most of them have unique Ability, the strength is not inferior to giant Menos Grande.

Between these hollow, Ishida Uryū holds the bow named ‘Kojaku’, pulling the bowstring, and each time the arrow is shot, it will destroy a hollow.

The arrow power is great.

Ishida Uryū is a potential Quincy. After entering Soul Society, instant-kill the fourth seat of 7th Division and has the strongest flight department Zanpakuto.

Then in battle with Kurotsuchi Mayuri, he use Quincy: Letzt Stil and defeated him.

This kind of Strength is excellent, but before you get the holy text in the future, you can only deal with ordinary Arrancar.

Now Ishida Uryū, an arrow can kill a hollow, after knowing Sado Yasutora Awakening Ability, it takes two punches to kill a hollow.

Not only that, after two Attacks, his Stamina exhausted and fell into a coma, then saved by Kisuke Urahara.

Xia Yan’s toes wove little bit, and he jumped to hollow side. When he reached for a wave, he was slash the hollow to two halves.

Xia Yan now owns steel skin and reaches Arrancar level. The combat power is extremely powerful. In the face of this ordinary virtual, the Stamina can kill the meat.

Xia Yan’s toes wove again, and when he came to empty space, Inoue Orihime was in danger and was rushing again.

Behind Inoue Orihime, a tentacles float in the air, and a spore is dropped on the body.

These spores if touch people and immediately control the human body.

These humans were all students with Inoue Orihime, but at this time they were afraid of her Attack, Inoue Orihime, but at this moment, a voice appeared, and these controlled people were repelled.

This person is Arisawa Tatsuki, karate expert, who knows Kurosaki ichigo when he is four years old. She has beaten Kurosaki ichigo until he is nine years old.

But she is only a human being after all, and she can’t beat hollow. Soon, spores fall on her and control her.

Seeing this scene, Inoue Orihime fell into fear, and she refused such a thing to happen, and she was influenced by Hōgyoku, and a formidable Ability, a shield, was born by her hairpin.

Shun Shun Rikka are six small people with wings, you can use the rejected style to get a variety of Ability.

Shiten Kōshun, composed of offensive and defensive properties, can defend and reflect the enemy’s Attack.

Santen Kesshun, refused Attack outside the shield.

Sōten Kisshun, rejecting all the adverse effects within the shield, can restore everything that is protected, such as Zanpakuto damage, body injury can be restored.

This is the Ability, which is biased towards time recovery class. It is very formidable and is also a very coveted Ability for Xia Yan.

Koten Zanshun is an Attack technique. Only one spirit to limited attack, but the power is limited, but it can be instant-kill.

Inoue Orihime Ability, derived from the influence of Hōgyoku, is essentially an end-of-life technique.

Fullbring refers to someone with a Hollow Strength who can pull out the substance soul and control it and change shape by pulling out the Strength of his/her favorite item.

Inoue Orihime’s Ability comes from her hairpin, and Sado Yasutora’s Ability comes from his arms.

Unlike other Fullbringers, those who were mothers were murdered during pregnancy. Then the inheritance of hollow Strength, Inoue Orihime and Sado Yasutora trigger point is Hōgyoku.

Then, during this time, can you get along with Rukia day and night?

Xia Yan shook his head, and Fullbring Ability was strong and weak, but it was a little weak compared to Shingami Zanpakuto.

My current thinking is to superimpose to power and make your explosive power increase again.

Xia Yan saw Inoue Orihime birth of Shun Shun Rikka, and took a breath and walked over to pick her up.

Xia Yan is responsible for protection of friends, as well as the area near empty area, Rukia is protected by Yoruichi.

Xia Yan took Inoue Orihime and sent her to Urahara Shop, telling him about Inoue Orihime Ability.

Kisuke Urahara nodded and said, “Then she is not an ordinary person. After she wakes up, I will guide her.”

Xia Yan waved his hand and planned to go to rest.

But at this time, a huge Reiatsu suddenly appeared.

“At this time?”

Kisuke Urahara face changed and felt the Reiatsu.

Xia Yan said: “Menos Grande, has rarely appeared outside Hueco Mundo.”

Menos Grande is a hollow produced by hundreds of hollow, divided into three ranks, Gillian, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde.

Among them, Vasto Lorde has a strength above Captain level, of course, the final performance is not.

Only four Arrancar in Espada are Vasto Lorde, and one of them are Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck.

In addition, in manga, Szayelaporro Granz used to be, but later split, and transformed to subordinate of other arrancar.

Kisuke Urahara frowned and asked: “How the power of hollow bait be so big, why even Menos Grande will attract it.”

Xia Yan said: “Do you want me to deal with it?”

Kisuke Urahara shook his head and said, “No, Kurosaki ichigo should be able to solve it. Go to Rukia and leave the rest to me.”


Xia Yan left Urahara Shop, went to Rukia, and Kisuke Urahara took Tsukabishi Tessai, and Hanakari Jinta and Tsumugiya Ururu to kill ordinary hollow.

Kurosaki ichigo strength is not enough to kill Menos Grande.

However, as a child of Shinigami and Quincy, he was not only concerned by Aizen but also by Kisuke Urahara.

Therefore, in his repeated battles, Evolution and Power are getting stronger and stronger.

Xia Yan found Rukia and met Yoruichi. They stood in the distance and waited.

But at this moment, Yoruichi suddenly shouted: “That is the personnel of the Onmitsukidō troops.”

Xia Yan just looked and saw a shadow not far away, observing Kuchiki Rukia.

“I am going to grab him and eliminate his memory.”

Yoruichi just wanna move, but she was pulled by Xia Yan and said, “No.”

Yoruichi frowned and said: “She was spotted by Onmitsukidō troops and will be handled internally.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “No, because Onmitsukidō troops will report violations to Central 46 room, Aizen will not allow Rukia to be directly disposed by Onmitsukidō troops. This is a good opportunity for Aizen to be exposed.”

When Yoruichi heard this, she would stop.

Onmitsukidō members inspected it, and the figure disappeared and left the scene.

Xia Yan knows that someone will come to arrest her in near future, and after the arrest, Rukia will be executed in a month.

And myself, I am ready.

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