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Pengcheng, Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

During the annual holiday, the company is still operating normally. Lu Zixin will not be embarrassed when the wage subsidy is available. At the time of New Year’s Eve, all employees were issued Red envelopes according to their positions.

Therefore, the company’s work progress has not fallen. When Lu Zixin arrived at the company, Tang Gang had already taken out the prototype of red letter mobile phone.

On Lu Zixin office desk, there is a prototype of a five-inch screen.

The wild-like dark gray back, smooth curves and lubricated body provide a comfortable grip. Ultra-narrow bezel, symmetrical and comfortable shape with a hard-toned screen. A fingerprint sensor that is almost parallel to the back panel, viewing the screen.

Behind the phone, there is also a red letter company logo, full beauty of Science and Technology.

Tang Gang looks a little tired. He has not slept well in recent days. He is busy with these things, but his mood is not low, but he is very excited.

“General, this prototype is already the final version of our modified HX1 (Hong Xin 1) phone.” Tang Gang introduced.

“The core is our red core generation processor, with 6GB running memory. Optical zoom dual camera, pixels can reach 1200 million! Low, high-pitched speakers, perfect sound quality. With the international top standard display, clear and clean.”

“Especially, this mobile phone used our ‘Super Android System’ for the first time. The smooth running is 1.35 times that of similar mobile phones. Plus our powerful red core generation processor, whether it is a high performance game or more open Software, can support to maximum! Smooth and not stuck, can be called performance monster!”

Tang Gang said it in one breath, without a pause. Lu Zixin said with emotion: “You really have a hard time working on this, old Tang!”

“This is only a part of it. Other functions are similar to other mobile phones. I won’t mention it.” Tang Gang said with a smile.

Red letter’s mobile phone, in addition to the red core generation processor and super Android System, other hardware is other manufacturers, naturally there will be no advantage in these aspects.

Lu Zixin Turn on the phone and start to experience this HX1 phone.

The boot screen is an animation of Red Letter unique logo, which is quite interesting. After booting up, the background is the sea of ​​stars, dotted with a mobile app.

Tang Gang said: “These desktop screens, System settings, are actually the designs that were made before the Tang Dynasty. Unfortunately, our mobile phone performance was too bad, wasting these designs, and now it can be used.”

“Alright,” Lu Zixin commented, and the prototype is equipped with many popular mobile apps on the market.

Lu Zixin has experienced some functions such as camera, music, video, games, etc., all good. With domestic standards, it is already high-end smartphone performance.

Lu Zixin played for a long time and found out some shortcomings. “The camera function, I feel that there are still some gaps compared to some high-end brands.”

Tang Gang reluctantly said: “This is really no way. Just a small camera, how many technical patents are involved! Basically in the hands of United States, Japan countries and other countries, we still can not reach their level.”

“We still need to work hard! In the future, we will break through these problems,” Lu Zixin said. “Now we only have our own chips and running programs, but in the future, whether it is a camera, a screen manufacturing process, various sensors, Battery, etc., must have their own technology!”

When Tang Gang heard his words, he was a little surprised. Lu Zixin’s words fully explain his ambitions. What he wants to do is not just a single brand mobile phone seller, but a full-scale science and technology maker. This difficulty is simply difficult to get into the sky!

But when I think of the chip that Red Core independently developed, there is a slight expectation in his mind. Maybe, is there really one day?

“How is the production situation?” Lu Zixin asked.

Tang Gang recovered the mind and said, “The first HX1 phone, we have three type corresponding 64GB, 128GB and 256GB versions, no 16G and 32G editions.”

Red letter mobile phone, canceled the commonly used 16GB and 32GB version, because Red Letter did not intend to do mass market like other mobile phones at the beginning, and directly went to the high-end smart phone market. And to support the super Android System, too little memory will have an impact on phone performance.

“There are 100,000 finished machines now, and there are more than 200,000 units in the next month.”

Lu Zixin surprisedly said: “How is it so little?”

Tang Gang smiled and said: “This is already the maximum capacity we can do now. First of all, our chip technology needs to be manufactured by ourselves. Various accessories are also an urgent order for the foundry. But the biggest problem is that we have It’s money, and people don’t do it for us!”

“General, you have high quality requirements for our red letter mobile phones, so we can only find big manufacturers, such as Beverly. But these big orders are all arranged, and they have priority in order, we are not On the other hand, it is good to produce so much. Now Rice, OP, and Birch are the companies with insufficient capacity, otherwise Rice will not engage in the so-called ‘hunger marketing’.”

The problem of production capacity cannot be improved if it is to be upgraded. Constrained by the factory, process, market, etc., before a mobile phone is released, no one knows how to sell, so there will not be too much inventory.

In general, large companies invest in factories and upstream raw materials and parts suppliers to improve their production capacity and resilience. If red letter is strong enough, it will do the same.

Lu Zixin processed the transactions one by one, adjusted and arranged them.

Two days later, Red Letter Electronics announced the latest news. The HX1 (Hong Xin 1) mobile phone will be released on the 1st of next month. 15th this month, will hold the HX1 mobile phone conference at the Science and Technology Exhibition Center in Pengcheng!

In the past few days, the news media have all been news about the annual festival.

When the news of Red Letter came out, and the money was promoted, the words of red letter mobile phone appeared in the major media. The “billion gambling” thing was once again mentioned.

Media: “The red letter mobile phone that has been speculative for two months is finally coming out. What does it look like?”

“The ‘Billion Bills’ officially opened, who will win?”

“15th, Red Letter mobile phone conference, another domestic mobile phone brand was born, do you want to use it?”

“Tian Xiangshan: Rice will be the last winner!”

Netizens also put their concerns on Red Letter mobile phone conference, and they want to know what special about red letter mobile phone that this advertisement has played for nearly two months.

At 15th, Red Letter mobile phone conference is finally about to begin. This time they invited many colleagues in the mobile phone industry, as well as media workers. The host of the conference was Tang Gang.

Lu Zixin was also at the press conference, but he was sitting in the back row and didn’t show up.

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