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“You decided?”

Yoruichi stood in front of Xia Yan, looks at him.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, the plan is about to begin, I must master Bankai.”

“Since you have made up your mind, let’s get started.” Yoruichi said, take out Tenshintai and say: “Put your Zanpakuto into Tenshintai.”

Xia Yan raised his Zanpakuto and just wanted to do it, but a voice rang in his ear. “Xia Yan, are you sure you want to use this method?”

Yadomaru Lisa said standing not far away, in addition to her, many members of Visored Legion have gathered, such as Hirako Shinji, Muguruma Kensei and the others.

After the introduction of Yoruichi, they knew the danger of Tenshintai, and hoped that Xia Yan could consider it.

Xia Yan looked at them and said with firm look: “I have already decided.”

Time is running out, I have to do it, I can only defeat Aizen if I can master Bankai.

Hirako Shinji said with a smile: “In that case, we can only wish you success.”

“Okay, it’s over.”

Xia Yan took a deep breath and inserted his Zanpakuto into Tenshintai.


Zanpakuto disappears slowly, the next moment, the wind changes, and thunder flashes, filling the entire Space.

“Hachi, prepare for enchantment, don’t let the Reiatsu flow out.” Hirako Shinji shouted.


Ushoda Hachigen use “both hands hand seal”, which keeps Space.

The next moment, thunder gradually gathered, in front of Xia Yan, formed a person composed of Thunder Energy, all blue, glittering electric light.

A person who is entirely made up of Lightning, this is the materialize his Zanpakuto, representing the purest Lightning.

“Are you my Zanpakuto?” Xia Yan looks at the opposite side and asks seriously.

“Yes, I am your Zanpakuto, you let me be in reality, You want to master my power by defeating me. However, you can’t beat me at all.” Opposite side said lightly.

“That must be beaten.”

Xia Yan looks at his own Zanpakuto and said softly.


Blue figure gave a chuckle, the next moment, appeared next to Xia Yan, his arm flicked and cut to Xia Yan neck.

“So fast.”

Almost instantaneously, the opposite side came to me.

Xia Yan toes are a little bit, and the body is rapidly retreat, avoiding this blow.

But the opposite side palm stopped when he was about to touch Xia Yan neck. Xia Yan was retreat, and the palm of his hand was aimed at Xia Yan.


A huge column of light that can be condensed from thunder is shot from his palm and rushed toward Xia Yan, and it will be shrouded in an instant.

“Instant Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō.”

You don’t need to store energy, just aim at opposite side and you can release this.

However, the Kido that was fired was blocked in the middle of the road.

“Bakudō #81, Dankū.”

A transparent barrier appeared in front of thunderbolt, Bakudō #81 Dankū, can defend all Hadō below #89.

But Dankū, without chant, has limited power, and this thunderbolt has Ability beyond Hadō #88 with chant.

“How can it be blocked?”

Blue said contemptuously, as his voice fell, Dankū shattered, and thunderbolt penetrated Xia Yan.

“Xia Yan.”

Yadomaru Lisa couldn’t help but shout, stood up, worried about Xia Yan.

But after thunder disappeared, Xia Yan appeared on the other side, wearing Hollow Mask, standing there.

By the moment Dankū blocked, Xia Yan used blur to avoid the thunderbolt.


Xia Yan body shape suddenly disappeared, came to opposite side front, and right fist punch.

“Too slow.”

The palm of blue figure appears again in front of Xia Yan fist. Just shot in front of his fist.


Another Raikōhō was fired, and Xia Yan’s figure was once again shrouded.

However, there is still no hit. After knowing that the opposite side can release Raikōhō anytime and anywhere, Xia Yan will not let the palm of opposite side touch him.

So he chose to leave at the moment of contact.

At the moment when Raikōhō fired, Xia Yan appeared behind the blue figure, and an thunder appeared in the arm, hitting the opposite side back.


A muffled sound came, the blue figure did not move, but blue light on Xia Yan arm disappeared.

“All the lightning can be controlled by me. Don’t use this little trick anymore.”

Along with the blue figure, the opposite side turned back and the arm was slash out. Xia Yan immediately evaded, and a huge Thunder Slash crossed, leaving a deep gully on the ground.

The Slash formed by this thunder can hit enchantment in the distance, and the level 1 layer of the enchantment is broken.

“That’s awesome!”

This is enchanted by Ushoda Hachigen, and there is a solid space.

After Xia Yan escaped, he appeared in the distance, his right hand waved in the air, and a black mangling flashed.

“Hadō #90, Kurohitsugi.”

The next moment , blue figure is wrapped in a black cube filled with crosses, and the black light bursts through the black cube.

But the black light stagnate in an instant, and from the cube center, a blue glow emerges.


Kurohitsugi burst, the blue figure reappeared, and the thunder flashed.

“Useless, you are not my opponent.”

Blue figure looks at Xia Yan, said softly.

“Is Kurohitsugi invalid?”

Visored Legion face was gloomy, and Muguruma Kensei smiled and said: “I need to use Bankai to solve Kurohitsugi, and I will be injured, but his Zanpakuto can resist Kurohitsugi only by flesh.”

Although the intensity of Kurohitsugi is different, such power can fall on everyone and can be seriously injured.

Xia Yan saw this scene, knowing that it was difficult to do, just about to launch an attack, and thunder blew in the air.

One hand appeared in front of Xia Yan, holding Xia Yan’s face and hitting him to ground.


The ground burst, and a crack appeared in the ground. The blue figure slowly stood up and said, “You are not my opponent. Pull out your Zanpakuto. Otherwise, you will die.”

Xia Yan got up from the ground and looked at the opposite side and said, “It seems that you don’t want to kill me.”

Blue figure nodded and said: “Of course, you are my host, I will not kill you.”

This sentence falls, blue figure thunder flashes again, and thunder strikes on all directions.

Everyone around has a feeling of paralysis, as if facing a terrifying thunder.

He said softly: “But if you continue, I will kill you as a result of your self-reliance.”

“Xia Yan, give up, you can’t beat him.” Yoruichi could not help but shout.

Xia Yan heard this, slowly retreat, shook his head.

The next moment, Xia Yan back suddenly burst, a hurricane appeared, and Xia Yan back and shoulders burst, a stream of wind spread around the Space.

This is Wind Shunko and it is a full version.

Wind Shunko, Hollow Mask and Kido.

Three kinds of strengths are combined to deal with their own Zanpakuto, which is Xia Yan card.


Xia Yan has a toe point and has already rushed to the opposite side.

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