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“You are not dead?”

Look at Xia Yan in the distance, Shiba Isshin jumped up from the ground and stared at him, his face full of surprise.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Shiba Captain, I am not dead, just fled to Human World and escaped Aizen murder.”

Shiba Isshin said: “Wait, you said Aizen?”

Xia Yan just wants to talk, and Kisuke Urahara interjects: “This topic is long, let’s sit down and talk.”

In the next half day, Xia Yan said what happened to him, including his own suspicion of Aizen, who was later framed by Aizen and had to flee to Human World.

Kisuke Urahara also cites Aizen to frame himself for experiment with Hirako Shinji and the others.

It took him two hours to understand the cause and effect of the matter.

“It turned out to be Aizen’s hands and feet.”

Shiba Isshin suddenly realized and said, “But why did he shoot for me?”

Xia Yan replied: “The first time I contacted Aizen, it was when Metastacia attacked Shiba Haiyan. The second time was Ramirez attacking me. These two times are to test hollow Ability. Shiba Captain said that the attack by bullhead so strong, and Shikai can not be defeat it, it should be Aizen’s new work.”

Kisuke Urahara nodded and said: “And ordinary hollow will not be blurred. Unless attacked in the mother’s womb, the child can have a strange amount of energy. So this is nothing, and it is different from all hollow I have seen.”

Xia Yan eyebrows are picked, and Kisuke Urahara is talking about the perfection. Is it that he now knows the perfection?

Xia Yan did not continue to ask about this question, but said: “It seems that Aizen has another research, but we are not ready yet.”

Shiba Isshin curiously asked, “What are you going to do?”

Xia Yan’s face sighed and said: “Of course it’s killing Aizen.”

Shiba Isshin scratched his head and said, “But I lost Shingami power and I can’t use Reiatsu for a lifetime, so I can’t help you.”

His Shinigami power is infused with Kurosaki Masaki body, and as long as Kurosaki Masaki is not dead, he can’t have that power again.

However, Auswählen will come nine years later, and by that time, Kurosaki Masaki will be in danger.

Of course, the death of Kurosaki Masaki is not directly caused by Auswählen.

Quincy, if not directly exposed to the light of Auswählen, will not die immediately. For example, several Quincy left by Yhwach on the ground, hiding under the wall, will not die immediately.

For example, Bazz-B, even after Auswählen, can use Ability.

There is also Katagiri Kanae, after Auswählen because the body is weak, died three months later.

Kurosaki Masaki was due to the sudden loss of Strength, being murdered and killed by hollow.

So when you come out in time, you may be able to save Kurosaki Masaki.

Whether Kurosaki Masaki is alive or not will not change the birth of Kurosaki ichigo, because Aizen pays attention to Kurosaki ichigo, his within the body has a Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy three divisions of power.

After he noticed that Rukia within the body had Hōgyoku, he sent out the power of Shinigami from Kurosaki ichigo, and then waited for Rukia to shoot.

But Rukia, because of Kisuke Urahara’s initiative to help, eliminated Rukia Reiatsu and made him unable to find her.

It was not until three months later that the trace of Rukia was discovered, and room 46 was tried and arrested.

So the death of Kurosaki Masaki can’t change the ending of Rukia and Kurosaki ichigo.

Xia Yan needed Kurosaki ichigo to attract attention on the bright side, secretly squatting, killing Aizen and killing him when he was betrayed.

This is Xia Yan’s plan.

So Shiba Isshin can’t help myself, this is the best help.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Shiba Captain, don’t discuss this issue, I have some questions to ask.”

Shiba Isshin nodded and said, “You ask.”

Xia Yan looks at Shiba Isshin and asks: “I want to ask what is my cause of death?”

Shiba Isshin smiled and said: “I thought you would ask Soi Fon.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “I want to ask this, but there is a lot of content to know, so I plan to stay at the end.”

Shiba Isshin smiled and said: “You were killed by Hollowfication Tōsen Kaname. He has been treated as a traitor. Only Komamura Captain does not believe this result. But now it seems that Tōsen Kaname should be the abandonment and thrown by Aizen.”

“Tōsen Kaname?”

Xia Yan picked up an eyebrow and asked: “Is he caught?”

Shiba Isshin shook the shook head and said, “No, he was killed by Soi Fon.”

“That’s it.”

Xia Yan knows that Aizen original purpose is to let Soi Fon to kill me or me to kill Soi Fon.

It now appears that Soi Fon has killed Tōsen Kaname, which has changed history.

However, Tōsen Kaname has been paddling and has no effect on the plot.

Xia Yan asked again: “Are there any changes in Aizen?”

Shiba Isshin said: “No, it is still 5th Division Captain, and accused Ichimaru Gin of not being rescued in time. Hope to be punished.”

“Really pretending.”

Xia Yan knows that Ichimaru Gin went to kill Kurosaki ichigo in the original work and put Kurosaki ichigo in the horse. As a result, Aizen said that he did not complete the accusation in other Captain, and hinted that the last person to be the initiator was Ichimaru Gin.

Xia Yan also asked a few questions to ensure that Unohana Retsu did not trigger his own letter, which means she understood what he meant.

After asking for attention, Xia Yan began to ask his friends, “Shiba Captain, Abarai Renji and Rukia, how are they?”

Shiba Isshin said: “Abarai Renji is crazy after you die, and now it is already six seats in 11th Diviion. As for Rukia and is still in 13th Division.”

These two people are the ones who care about himself. They save his lives and study together. They are equivalent to brothers and sisters.

Xia Yan nodded and asked a few people to know that they were all good and then let go of his hearts.

Shiba Isshin suddenly said: “Yes, Shiba Haiyan became 9th Division Captain, I participated in the assessment.”

“Is Haiyan big brother become Captain?”

Xia Yan’s eyes were round and asked: “Is Haiyan’s brother mastering Bankai?”

Shiba Isshin smiled and said: “Yes, he masters Bankai, and his Bankai is very formidable.”

I didn’t expect Haiyan Brother to master Bankai, but I don’t know how he solved it.

Xia Yan is already looking forward to going back to compare with him.

Xia Yan was reassured, and finally asked: “Shiba Captain, Soi Fon Captain, how is she?”

Shiba Isshin said: “After you disappeared, Soi Fon, she was very painful, did not attend your funeral, and did not believe in your death. And she became very sad, even if she held a Captain meeting, she rarely spoke. In the past ten years, she has rarely seen.”

Is this the case?

Xia Yan heard Shiba Isshin’s description, and he felt a little uncomfortable. He could imagine how sad Soi Fon was.

It is clearly agreed that two people will marry and have children in the future, but they have to accept the departure of one person.

And Xia Yan is in the heart of Soi Fon, forever leaving.

If Xia Yan knows that Soi Fon is dead, he is afraid that he will be despaired.

Really think, go back soon!

Xia Yan’s eyes are rosy.

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