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“Hello, Mr. Tian.” Lu Zixin voice rang in the field, loud and sharp, and sounded very young.

“Hello.” Tian Xiangshan said, “General Lu, I just talked with Mr. Tang, you know it?”

Lu Zixin said: “Know, I am watching the live broadcast.”

“So General Lu, what do you think?” Tian Xiangshan asked.

Everyone raised their ears and waited to hear Lu Zixin’s answer.

“Rice’s gambling, we Red Letter received!” Lu Zixin affirmed the voice, “and no need to compare. Your Rice phone is officially released in October 11, and the sales volume in the three months to the end of the year is more than 300,000!”

“Our red letter’s first mobile phone, if the first month does not reach 300,000 sales, then I lose!”

After Lu Zixin finished, the audience boiled. Someone applauded, someone smiled and someone shook his head.

Especially the reporters, smelling the hot news, stood up and wanted to get more information.

Tian Xiangshan also laughed and said: “General Lu is a bit big! The young man is really full of energy!”

On the barrage of live broadcast, netizens also commented.

“Which is this General? I have never heard of him, it’s so mad!”

“One month is more than Rice three months, although it is 11 years, but with the current sluggish domestic smartphone market, it is almost impossible to ship a new mobile phone with so much!”

“Tambous smiled, waiting for Tambas to face his face, Lu!”

“Gambling, bet on him, it’s best to bet a big one! Lose him!”

“Whenever you don’t buy their rubbish mobile phone, see what he puts!”


At the press conference, Tian Xiangshan smiled and said: “Well, since General Lu has this ambitious goal, then I will gamble with you. Since it is a bet, of course there is winning prize, 100 million, General Lu dare to gamble?”

He directly opened 100 million, which surprised everyone below. Although both sides are big companies, 100 million is not a small number. If an ordinary person loses a few hundred pieces, he will have to feel bad for a few days. If anyone loses 100 million, then the intestines must be remorseful?

100 million, dare to gamble? The reporters have already recorded this sentence, and even the news headlines have already thought about it – Rice President Tian Xiangshan asked Red Letter, 100 million, dare to gamble?

In the live room, the netizens were very excited.

They have swept the screen: “General Tian domineering, the opening is a hundred million!”

“Sure enough, for the big brothers, one hundred million is a small goal!”

“He certainly can’t gamble! One hundred million! Damn it, give me a deposit in the bank, I can eat it and eat it.”


“The other party is stunned?”

Their screen was not full, and Lu Zixin spoke up. “100 million? Too little.”

When he said this, he was full of sorrows. The boss of Red Letter actually gambled at 100 million! Really is a family!

The reporters are even more excited, this is the effect they want, the more exaggerated the better! They want to put Lu Zixin’s words in the media a lot!

“How much does General Lu want to bet?” Tian Xiangshan asked.

“1 billion!” Lu Zixin said, and it makes the scene quiet. Even Zhu An and Tang Gang are a bit worried.

When they want to come, this so-called bet is a hype, which is good for both Rice and Red Letter phones, at least for the attention of netizens.

Lu Zixin has an opening of one billion, and the advertising effect is there, but what if it loses?

One billion, which company dare to pay? This is not an investment project, but a free delivery! Retreat 10,000 steps, this is just a verbal agreement, there is no formal legal treaty. When you lose, you can also lose your face without losing money.

But at that time, Red Letter or Lu Zixin will definitely be maddened by the media and netizens, affecting the company’s reputation.

This offer is really too big!

Tian Xiangshan is also a bit embarrassed, thinking in his heart, this Lu Zixin is really not surprisingly endless. One billions dare to say that he never thought he would lose? Still ready, ready to cheeky and not recognized?

The representatives of various companies in the audience are similar to Tian Xiangshan. But they still admire Lu Zixin’s cheeky, knowing that to lose, actually dare to say a billion bet. At that time, it is inevitable to become a joke for everyone, and this stain will not be cleaned up afterwards.

The media reporters even watched the excitement not too big, and even wanted to ignite the fire. They pointed the camera at the conference stage and waited for Tian Xiangshan answer.

Netizens naturally heard Lu Zixin’s words, and they questioned the screens of several live rooms.

“One billion? Is it a joke? Is it gambling?”

“hehe Oh, he still dare to gamble with Rice? The cliff is lost! What is this boss’s brain teasing?”

“Damn, so much money? What are you gambling? It’s better to give one billion to people, one person to send 100 million, how good!”

“The math above is taught by a physical education teacher?”

“One opening is one billion. The old Red Letter is always the most mad I have ever seen! It’s just gone!”

“General Tian, ​​do it with him!”


Tian Xiangshan really did live up to the expectations of netizens, saying: “If you don’t make money, don’t make money, General Lu, one billion, I will pick up! I will bet one billion!”

“When your Red Letter mobile phone goes on sale, if you don’t get 300,000 sales of Rice 1 for three months, you can lose one billion!”

Rice 1 is the product released by Rice mobile phone in 2011. It was officially sold in october. At the end of the month, December had sales of 300,000, and the turnover was 5.5 billion. At that time, it also created a sales miracle. The latest version of Rice 6, now released by Rice.

Lu Zixin calmly said: “If the sales volume exceeds 300,000, the loser is Tian.”

Tian Xiangshan shook his head with a smile and said to audience: “Now I really look forward to Red Letter’s mobile phone can be released soon!”

“Hahahaha…” Everyone laughed. They all understood the meaning of Tian Xiangshan. It was a Red Letter!

Zhu An and Tang Gang looked at each other and saw helplessness from the other side’s eyes. Lu Zixin’s decision seems a bit impulsive, and they still have some confidence if they compete with Rice’s original data. But Lu Zixin actually wants to be three months early than others. This is really a bit exaggerated.

The media reporter raised his hand and wanted to ask questions. Unfortunately, Lu Zixin didn’t want to say more. After completing the oral gambling with Tian Xiangshan, he cut off the telephone connection.

Tian Xiangshan said to the reporters: “I know that everyone has a lot of questions to ask, don’t worry, wait until the end of press conference, and ask again.”

His tone is obviously much easier than before. The one billion of Red Letters is really a god of pen, helping them to make the latest mobile phone of Rice’s hype!

Anyway, when I lose to red letter, as for One billions, if the money is not available, he is not expected, but he will certainly get enough benefits from this incident! Its potential value can also exceed one billion!

As for Rice, he can’t lose it! He has full confidence, and the history of Rice’s rise is not something anyone can imitate! Not to mention surpassing?

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