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The next day, Tang Gang packed up early and went toRed Letter company building with Dai Liang.

In the reception room, they saw the helm of Red Letter, a young man with billion-dollar network of Science and Technology geniuses.

As usual, the guest set a chill, and Tang Gang began his speech. He rendered the glory, development history and prospects of Wang Tang Science and Technology and said: “General, we look forward to the capital chain break now. If we can start production again, we can quickly recover and produce. Profit. Red Letter will also become the second largest shareholder of Wangtang!”

He looked forward to watching Lu Zixin, but Lu Zixin said: “Investment is impossible. As far as I know, the biggest problem you look at is not the capital chain exercise, but the product has not kept up with the development of the times, was eliminated by the market. It is only in vain to invest more money.”

Tang Gang’s heart is already half-cooled. Lu Zixin added: “I am very interested in Professor Dai and his team. Maybe we can build cooperation in this area.”

Tang Gang said quickly: “Dai Lao has a very high attainment in the field of optoelectronics. Our team is also brought out by Dai Lao. With a number of patents, the earlier Western-style mobile phones still want to dig them in the past!”

Xipai mobile phone is a big brand of the top number of domestic mobile phones.

Lu Zixin looked at Dai Liang and said, “Dr. Dai, hello. I don’t know how you researched the chip?”

Dai Liang said: “The field of chips has always been a flaw in domestic brands. Computer chip technology has been monopolized by foreign science and technology companies. Mobile phone chips have technical templates for foreign public versions, but they are still a lot behind.”

“In the past few years, our team has also studied chip manufacturing, and also purchased professional equipment. The Wangtang smartphone we used to produce is a self-developed chip, but unfortunately the performance is not satisfactory, for the low-end brand, and then With the rise of Rice mobile phones in the low-end market, our projects are directly at a loss.”

Lu Zixin is very satisfied and has the ability to develop and produce, almost satisfying his conditions. He will definitely expand the R&D team and supplement the technical equipment and talents.

After some exchanges, Lu Zixin said: “I have probably understood the situation. I can only provide you with a solution here, that is, bankruptcy and restructuring, clearing debts, and then receiving the equipment and R&D team of Wangtang by Red Letter. ”

“This…” Tang Gang suddenly fell into a dilemma. If he disagreed, the company would not be a bankruptcy reorganization, but a bankruptcy liquidation. At that time, all assets of the company must be turned over to the court to repay the debtor.

But there is still a glimmer of hope for bankruptcy and restructuring. But the core of the company has to be bought by Red Letter, and there is no hope for Science and Technology in the future!

After more than an hour of entanglement and negotiation, Tang Gang finally agreed to this plan. If he doesn’t do this, he will have to shoulder heavy debts and it will be difficult to turn over later.

For such a decision, Dai Liang is also deeply sighed. In fact, he also knows that Wang Tang is no longer able to return to life. It is already the best choice for Tang Gang to have a way to life and give the R&D team a place to go.

After Tang Gang agreed to the decision, Lu Zixin immediately arranged for Su Zhirong to take full charge of the matter. The most important of these is to quickly organize the original R&D team of Wangtang and sign a contract with Red Letter as soon as possible to start research and development.

In the past few days, a series of actions by Red Letter have also attracted the attention of the industry.

Differentiating subsidiaries, this is a normal business adjustment, no one cares. The equipment and R&D team that bought Wangtang Science and Technology were the ones in the industry.

Tencent Science and Technology News: “Red Letter receives the original research and production business of Science and Technology, and what exactly is it intended?”

Headline news: “Another company wants to enter the mobile phone market, are you optimistic?”

China Mobile Network: “Wangtang Science and Technology team was fully acquired by Red Letter, is about to make a comeback?”

Net One News: “This company has begun to toss again, netizen: ‘I beg you to play the game with peace of mind?’”


Seeing these news, netizens are also hotly discussing.

“I am going, how do anyone want to be a mobile phone now? English teachers switch to mobile phones, air conditioners to do mobile phones, and now a mobile game to do mobile phones? At that time, there is more domestic cottage goods!”

“Wang Tang Science and Technology? I used their mobile phone, it is rubbish! When I first came out, I sold 1999. In less than two months, fuck only sold 499 blocks, and no one wants it! Red Letter bought them is losing money!”

“Red Letter didn’t say that it was going to be a mobile phone. You just had a quarrel. It was really a service!”

“I just want to ask, when will Red Letter also have a mobile accelerator, my mobile phone card is dead!”

“hehe, domestically made garbage, I only use Apple.”

“Upstairs is my son!”


For the outside guess, Red Letter did not give any response. They have too many things to do now, and they have no intention to create public opinion.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Red Queen sent Lu Zixin a Red envelope, which is a related technology.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: trustee] owner, say good Red envelope?”

She said that she also sent out a screenshot of Lu Zixin’s last promise Red envelope to her.

Lu Zixin looks at the group activity, has reached the group activity level 5, and has a random Red envelope. Not only that, but the option to invite members of the group seems to be cooling down.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: quietly waiting for Red envelope, I am quiet.]”

Lu Zixin sends the random Red envelope to Red Queen and immediately shows that it has been received.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a penny is also a good idea to send Red envelope? You keep your own QQ star!]”

Mr. L : “What is the situation?”

Red Queen : “I don’t know, this emoticon pops up when it’s not controlled. [emoticon: pretending to be ignorant]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: you seem to tease me!]”

They were chatting, and Tony Stark had a rare appearance.

He said : “long time no see, everyone.”

Mr. L : “Hello, Mr. Stark.”

Red Queen : “+1.”

Tony Stark : “It’s too busy recently, a bunch of broken things. I don’t know where to run out of some inexplicable enemies, and aliens, it’s a hell. My mech manufacturing speed can’t keep up with the speed of destruction.”

Mr. L : “Maybe you can find someone to help?”

Tony Stark : “Impossible. Iron Man will need someone else to help? I will deal with it alone!”

Lu Zixin saw that he did not listen and had to say : “This is just a proposal. Sometimes, it is not necessarily a bad thing for many people to help. Especially when it is in a hurry.”

Tony Stark : “If there is that kind of time, I will consider it, but I will not let that scene happen.”

He is as proud as ever, and Lu Zixin is not much to say. Instead, I talked about some aspects of industrial production. Tony Stark gave him some advice and it was very practical.

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