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Xia Yan cleaned the room with Yadomaru Lisa help, and Xia Yan cleaned it very carefully. He did not let go of any corners. After cleaning, he went to order furniture.

He booked a bed, a desk, bought a hanger, and the goods were shipped quickly, but they were not immediately available, but they needed to be converted into spiritual item.

In the Soul Society, the soul, architecture, food, is composed of Reishi, and in Human World is the device.

Reishi can pass through the device, and the Spiritual Body can exist in Human World, but people can’t enter the Space where Reishi is located.

The people who wanna come to Soul Society need to be transformed into Reishi. After the transformation, not only the human body will become the Spiritual Body state, but also the clothes will be transformed together (refer to Ishida Uryū, Inoue Orihime, Sado Yasutora for the first time to the Soul Society)

Reishi is more like another state of the machine, so all of these furniture have been transformed to Reishi so that can be used.

Xia Yan spent three or four days, decorating his room, and being neat and orderly than other people’s rooms.

He did this because he had to stay here for a long time, and naturally he wanted to use it as his own home.

It is conservatively estimated that this time should be within 30 years.

This time point is the last trigger point of the letter to Unohana Retsu, and it is also the time when the original work plot starts.

With Kurosaki ichigo in front, it is also the best time to fish in troubled waters.

With his own prophetic vision, the cooperation of Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi, and the secret plan of the Visored Legion, Xia Yan planned to kill Aizen when Kurosaki ichigo went to save Kuchiki Rukia.

But whether it is successful or not, Xia Yan does not have full control, and needs careful arrangement.

After settled down, Xia Yan first Quest was to test Vizard time.

This Vizard time refers to the maintenance time of Visored in the non-combat state. The combat state is limited by the combat intensity and the opponent’s strength, which is difficult to control.

Xia Yan came to the underground train field and began to test his Vizard. He was helped by Yadomaru Lisa. After asking about Kyouraku Shunsui and Ise Nanao, Yadomaru Lisa has been helping him for the next few days.

“Get Started!”

After Yadomaru Lisa confirmed the time, Xia Yan mobilized Strength within the body, and a mask with a sharp corner on the horizontal line covered Xia Yan’s face.

Yadomaru Lisa saw this scene, thoughtfully said: “Your mask, and my seems a like.”

They are all covered with mask, and Yadomaru Lisa has a vertical bar, while Xia Yan has a sharp corner, and the others are almost exactly the same.

Xia Yan said with a sigh of relief: “Well, it really looks like it.”

Yadomaru Lisa nodded and said: “The so-called Vizard time is actually the time when the Hollow self in the soul invades the body because of the main energy consumption, so don’t force it.”

Xia Yan understands this, like Kurosaki ichigo, who lasted only four seconds for the first time and then turned into eleven seconds until he entered Hueco Mundo for more than a minute.

But even then, in the face of Ulquiorra, lost control.

There are three decisive factors in Vizard time. The first one is the level of Reiatsu. After the Vizarding, the Reiatsu will increase. Both speed and strength will skyrocket, but after Vizarding, it will enter the weak period. In fact, the increased Reiatsu and strength speed. It is the result of over-squeezing. The bigger your Reiatsu, the longer your Vizard time.

The second is combat consumption, which is not considered in normal conditions.

The third is the Hollow level, the Hollow more formidable, then the energy consumed by Vizard is more formidable.

The fourth is the process of defeating the Hollow. The more difficult it is to defeat the Hollow, the shorter the Vizard time will be. If it is forced, the body will be controlled by Hollow.

Kurosaki ichigo within the body Hollow Strength is very formidable, it was the first whiteness that Aizen studied, and Kurosaki ichigo defeated White Hollow after a lot of twists and turns, which took sixty-eight minutes and forty-four seconds. It is only twenty-nine minutes and two seconds after Sarugaki Hiyori.

So his Vizard time is no more than the Visored Army.

Yadomaru Lisa took a look at the time and said, “30 seconds, how do you feel?”

Xia Yan said: “I feel very good.”

Ten minutes later.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “Now? Most of us can last for ten minutes for the first time. In addition to Mashiro, the first time are 15 hours.”

Xia Yan felt a bit and said: “It’s still no problem, and there is no feeling that mask can’t support it.”

After half an hour.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “You test the time yourself, it seems to be a long time Monster.”

Xia Yan’s Reiatsu is high, and there are already seventh–class Reiatsu, reaching the Captain series, which can make up for the consumption of Vizard.

Plus, he is too easy to beat the Hollow, but only 20 minutes, and less time in entire Visored.

Xia Yan stayed relaxed until four hours later. He felt that his body was invaded by another kind of consciousness before he dismissed the mask and found Yadomaru Lisa, who was blushing while reading the book, and he noticed It was only after Xia Yan’s gaze that the books were collected.

Xia Yan told the time of Vizarding to Yadomaru Lisa, who was staying with the rest of the Visored Legion. Some accidentally said: “Four hours? Such a long time.”

Muguruma Kensei picked an eyebrow and asked: “For the first time, for four hours, you are very powerful. Can we compare with the Visored Legion?”

“But it’s a lot worse than me.” Kuna Mashiro passed her head and said with a smile.

Muguruma Kensei did not say good-naturedly: “Mashiro, are you bragging? Can you be more than four hours?”

Aikawa Love said next to him, “Mashiro is the only one that has no training to prolong the Vizard time. The first time is 15 hours.”

Muguruma Kensei picked an eyebrow and asked: “Is that the case? I don’t remember.”

Kuna Mashiro immediately ridiculed and said: “I will say, Kensei is a fool.”

“You bastard.”

Muguruma Kensei immediately stood up and had to teach a long-term South White, but was dragged by Aikawa Love.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan felt somewhat similar, and such a bridge occurred during the Kurosaki ichigo training.

At this time, Hirako Shinji said: “But it is necessary to extend the training time as much as possible. After all, the fighting power will be greatly weakened during the battle, so special training is required until it is supported for ten hours. Who will help Xia Yan training.”

Kuna Mashiro, who is quarreling, no longer takes care of Muguruma Kensei and says, “I am coming.”

Hirako Shinji nodded and said, “That would be a long time, if you are, one person will be enough.”

Xia Yan asked curiously: “How to carry out special training?”

“You come with me.”

Kuna Mashiro beckoning her hand and took the lead toward the basement.

Xia Yan followed her, and Yadomaru Lisa followed too, and Ushoda Hachigen said: “I will go to stabilize the enchantment.”

Four people came to the basement, Xia Yan and Kuna Mashiro stood in the basement center, Kuna Mashiro suddenly said: “You first use the mask.”

Xia Yan nodded and summoned Hollow Mask, and Kuna Mashiro also summoned the mask, a heart-shaped mask with two huge hollows and four small gaps.

At the moment she called her mask, she suddenly lifted her long legs. Under the restraint of white tight clothes, her legs showed a graceful curve, her legs were round, her legs were slender, and like a spring, she popped up and flew to Xia Yan, kick from the front.

Xia Yan blocked with his arms in front of his face, and awkwardly, Xia Yan flew out and slammed into the enchantment, and the wall shook.

“How to train, of course, is fighting.”

Kuna Mashiro smiled and said, but then she smiled and said: “You have to be careful, I will not keep it. If you are not serious, you will probably be killed.”

Xia Yan slowly climbed up from the ground, only to remember that Kuna Mashiro has a child’s character and endless fighting desire, just like the combination of Kusajishi Yachiru and Zaraki Kenpachi.

“Come on.”

Xia Yan corner of the mouth smiled a little, with Zaraki Kenpachi, I used you to hone my fighting skills.

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