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“What are you still standing on? Don’t attack?” Xia Yan in front of Sarugaki Hiyori, is somewhat puzzled.

Xia Yan looks at her and said: “Hiyori senior, please also take out Zanpakuto, otherwise, you are not my opponent.”

She was very angry and said: “Beat me, what are you thinking about? I can beat you with my hands.” ”

“This brat is too arrogant.” Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō said gently.

Hirako Shinji corner of mouth smirked and said with a smile: “It is not good to anger Hiyori.”

Xia Yan heard the words of Sarugaki Hiyori, the body suddenly disappeared, the next moment, appeared in the back of Sarugaki Hiyori, the left hand cut to the neck of Sarugaki Hiyori.

“So fast.”

Sarugaki Hiyori looks change, subconsciously Dodge, but the body just back, behind it touches a cold object, “Hiyori senior, you lose.”

Looking at Sarugaki Hiyori, Xia Yan appeared behind her, holding a strange short thorn in his right hand and holding her waist.

If you continue to retreat, if the opposite side does not keep his hands, then just in an instant, you will be defeated.

How was this possible?

“Good Shunpo.” Aikawa Love said with surprise.

Hirako Shinji said with a smile: “He seems to say that he is from Onmitsukidō troops?”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “Onmitsukidō troops are still so good.”

It was so shameful that she was beaten so easily, but she also knew that her Shunpo was not as good as him. She bit her teeth and pulled out her Zanpakuto.

Xia Yan short thorn was lifted up, and Zanpakuto was blocked.

Clang, Clang, Clang.

Sarugaki Hiyori crazy Slash, she is not tall, but very sensitive, but no matter how to Attack, can not break through the short thorn in Xia Yan hands.

She saw this scene in Soul Society, knowing that the strength of the opposite side really exceeded myself, so she stopped cursing and shouted: “Chop Cleanly, Kubikiri Orochi.”

The next moment, the sword in the hand of Sarugaki Hiyori was suddenly enlarged, and it became a huge machete with a sawtooth and cut off towards Xia Yan head.

“Speed ​​is getting faster.”

Although the Zanpakuto Ability in the original work has not appeared, it seems that the speed has been increased.

Xia Yan Shunpo and Hakuda skills are higher than Sarugaki Hiyori, but he is still unable to defeat her Shikai.

So Xia Yan body emerged with a blue light, gathered on the both hands and feet.


Sarugaki Hiyori slash fell into the air and land on the ground. A deep gully immediately appeared on the ground and spread to the distance.

“Strength has also grown, and it seems that using Shunpo alone will not succeed.”

At this time, Xia Yan has appeared behind her, his arms and legs are flashing blue, and Zanpakuto is squirting and smashing into the neck of Sarugaki Hiyori.


At the moment when it was about to smash, Sarugaki Hiyori was turned into a long sword and collided with a double sword.

“Ah! Great big strength.”

Sarugaki Hiyori by the huge force to take a step back, Xia Yan also inevitably take a step backwards, around the dust because of the huge shock, rippling up.

“This is!”

In the distance, Yoruichi eyes are rounded. Although it is not an exact version, it is indeed an Shunko, how can he master it?

Sarugaki Hiyori waved the Zanpakuto in her hand and continually cut to Xia Yan, but she was stopped by his calmness.

Xia Yan speed is even faster than Sarugaki Hiyori, but it’s just because Sarugaki Hiyori are not worthy of playing, so Xia Yan has to curb his speed.


Hirako Shinji couldn’t help but stand up and shouted. He knew that Sarugaki Hiyori was not the opponent of Xia Yan, but wanted to know what Xia Yan was.

“Know, Bald.”

She said in a hurry, and stepped back, her left hand was pulled on her face, and a Hollow Mask with a sharp corner appeared on her face.

The next moment, the breath of Sarugaki Hiyori skyrocketed, the feet on the ground, the body shape suddenly disappeared, and flew toward Xia Yan.

“So fast.”

Xia Yan only saw a reflection, just raised Zanpakuto in his hand, and Sarugaki Hiyori was in front, and the body went straight back a few steps.

“Come on, see what else you have.”

Sarugaki Hiyori movements are getting faster and faster, and the strength is getting bigger and bigger. Xia Yan is getting more and more difficult to resist. Hey, after an impact, Xia Yan flies out.

“Xia Yan is no longer an opponent for Hiyori. How will Xia Yan choose, is it Hollow Mask or Shikai?”

Aikawa Love asked, no matter which one, Xia Yan can beat Sarugaki Hiyori.

But now Xia Yan Strength is also judged, and his Mask or Shikai can be half a level higher than the Sarugaki Hiyori.

But if Shikai at the same time is Mask on, it will be one and a half times higher than Sarugaki Hiyori.

This is a simple Ability conversion.

But what about the facts?

Xia Yan, who is fully playing with Strength, has the strength with Zaraki Kenpachi to take down the hands of hands. Now, when it is with Mask, what is the form of formidable?

On the battlefield, Sarugaki Hiyori Zanpakuto chop Xia Yan, her hands holding the sword handle, slanting on the move, Sarugaki Hiyori cut to the front of Xia Yan body.

Xia Yan body sinks, and the both hands are able to block Sarugaki Hiyori Slash.

At this moment, an arc spread along the long sword, and instantly reached the body of Sarugaki Hiyori.

“This is…” Kisuke Urahara eyes lit up.

There is a bright light on the eyes of Ushoda Hachigen, and he said: “Hadō #11-Tsuzuri Raiden, without chant.”

Yadōmaru Lisa said: “But low-level Hadō is too weak, and there is no danger to Hiyori in Visored mode.”

Ushoda Hachigen smiles and says: “No, because…”

As Yadōmaru Lisa said, the body of Sarugaki Hiyori was only slightly stagnant, and it was attacked again.

But at this time, the sound of the surrounding explosion sounded, and the sound was loud.

Fushibi, Kyokkō, Shakkahō, combination Kido.

She rushed out of the explosion, and she did not suffer any typhoid fever in Visored state.

But at the moment of explosion, Rikujōkōrō sealed the limbs of Sarugaki Hiyori.

Bakudō #61, Rikujōkōrō.

The high-level Bakudō version without chant version is the least difficult one in the high level Bakudō sequence, but it is good to be able to do this.

This time, the Rikujōkōrō, compared to Rikujōkōrō to Ramirez, the power has improved a lot, but the strength of Sarugaki Hiyori is huge, just twisting the body number of times, the Rikujōkōrō were shattered.

“The binding force is weak, but there is still the possibility of improvement.”

There was Ushoda Hachigen smile, and there was a little appreciation for the eyes.

However, at the moment when Sarugaki Hiyori was fixed, Xia Yan body flashed and came to the front of Sarugaki Hiyori, and Zanpakuto in his hand stabbed her face.

The body of Sarugaki Hiyori was fixed, and it was too late to stop, but at the moment he was about to stab, she suddenly opened her mouth.

The red light shone in her mouth, the next moment, a huge deep red beam shot toward Xia Yan, shrouded his body.

When Cero dissipated, Sarugaki Hiyori slowly landed in the world, and the big mouth exhaled, and the mask disappeared slowly.

In a fierce fight, her Reiatsu is consumed in large quantities and it is difficult to maintain.

“He won’t die, right?”

Sarugaki Hiyori straightened up, looked at the open space in front of her and the fan-shaped ground gully, can not help but frown.


Hirako Shinji said softly, he saw him beside him, and Xia Yan with Mask stood there.

He saw this scene to Sarugaki Hiyori and said: “You are really strong, so you can’t hurt yourself, even you can’t use Shikai.”

Xia Yan dismissed his Mask and said softly: “But you still forced my Mask.”

If he does not mask and then speed up again, Xia Yan can’t escape the Cero.

And if measured by the strength of Sarugaki Hiyori, Xia Yan should not use the Mask and Shikai to defeat her, just use Kido with Shunko.

Then use Mask and Shikai to reach Captain-level Strength peak.

But now the Mask has been forced out, so that Xia Yan is somewhat disappointed, which proves that he has not narrowed the gap with Aizen.

Hirako Shinji asked: “Is Aizen so strong?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “He can release high-level Kido without chant, even if it is #90 Kurohitsugi, you can also take a second shot of Shikai. Not to mention, everyone here is also hypnotized by his Zanpakuto. ”

When They heard Xia Yan words, everyone’s face became ugly, and Xia Yan Strength was formidable, and it would still be seconds.

Together with Aizen Zapnakuto, they add up to the same, there is no Odds of success.

The same is true. In the battles of the future, Aizen fights the Shinigami and Visored Legion with one own strength. It is powerful and shocking.

Muguruma Kensei sighed and said: “Is it so formidable?”

Xia Yan said: “But if I am use Mask, I should be able to persist for a while.”

Yoruichi suddenly asked: “Brat, have you been hypnotized?”

Xia Yan shook his head and said, “No, I haven’t seen his Kyōka Suigetsu.”

Hirako Shinji said with a smile: “That should accept our special training to help you become more formidable.”

Looks at Xia Yan, Ushoda Hachigen said: “You have Kido Talent, I can teach you High-level Kido, including Forbidden.”

Muguruma Kensei said with a smile: “We help you master Bankai.”

Sarugaki Hiyori said: “I can fight with you.”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “I can teach you the full version of Shunko.”

Kisuke Urahara looked at Xia Yan and said, “In this way, you almost have the strength to defeat Aizen?”

Forbidden Kido, Bankai, although Yoruichi thunder Shunko is not used, but there is a wind Shunko that needs to be completed.

Together with the steel sheet brought by the magnetic field, the four Enhancements are lifted.

Maybe you can really beat Aizen?

Xia Yan eyes lit up and saw a hope.

Aikawa Love said with a smile: “If not enough, I can lend my comics to you, super funny.”

Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō said: “I can play music for you and help you soothe Spirit.”


Xia Yan was moved, they are willing to help themselves, to make themselves become formidable, although the purpose is to deal with Aizen, but they are willing to give such a gift, prove that they accepted themselves.

But at this time, a voice rang, “If it is not enough, I can lend you some books.”

The voice is Yadōmaru Lisa, who is looking at Xia Yan through the eyeglasses.

Yadōmaru Lisa coughed and said: “This is all right.”

Aikawa Love also said: “He is still a child, you don’t want to bring him bad.”

Yadōmaru Lisa book?

forget it!

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