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“Shoot to kill, Shinso.”

The short sword in Ichimaru Gin hand instantly became longer and stabbed Tōsen Kaname in the distance.

At this time, Tōsen Kaname, the upper body has been blurred, the body surface is covered with white matter, and both Strength and speed are greatly increased.

Just in an instant, he escaped Ichimaru Gin Slash, at the same time, stepped to Ichimaru Gin and grabbed him.

Ichimaru Gin had only had a short sword in his hand, and Tōsen Kaname claws had come to the front.


Ichimaru Gin flew out, and Tōsen Kaname stepped on the ground with his feet on the ground, rushing towards Ichimaru Gin.

“Speed ​​is fast, Strenght is big, no Bankai, it’s really hard to beat.”

Ichimaru Gin eyes slowly opened, but then he said with distress: “But if I use it, I am afraid to kill him.”


Ichimaru Gin was hit again and the whole person went backwards.

The ambiguity of Tōsen Kaname continues, gradually covering the whole body and becoming a Monster, which is somewhat similar to the state of the returning blade in the future, but not as complete as the change in the future, still retaining the human form, but the body is thickly blurred. Wrapped in matter, like a half-man, Monster, the both hands stretch out a black spike.

At the moment of complete change, Tōsen Kaname speed and Strength increased again, rushing to Ichimaru Gin.

“Bankai, Kamishini no Yari.”

Ichimaru Gin knows that he is going to die like this. He finally used his Bankai, the next moment, Kamishini no Yari.

This time, Kamishini no Yari form became extremely fast, and during the process of elongation, it turned into smoke. When Kamishini no Yari finally gathered, Tosen Kaname thigh was already cut.

Kamishini no Yari speed is very fast, Ichimaru Gin once said that Kamishini no Yari can stretch for thirteen kilometers, speed reaches five hundred times the speed of sound, and can open everything in front of you.

Of course, Ichimaru Gin later denied that Kamishini no Yari is not so long, not so fast, but when it is stretched, it will become smoke, and there are hidden toxins that can dissolve cells, which can be stretched and Released during the process.

Ichimaru Gin Ability was assassinated, and no one could escape.

But he can’t kill Tōsen Kaname, he can only hold it, so he can’t play full power.

Tōsen Kaname wound is not deep, just an instant, the wound healed and rushed again.

“It’s really hard.”

Ichimaru Gin wounded his body again and again, but couldn’t hurt him. Instead, he was thrown into the side by Tōsen Kaname, his arm stabbing Ichimaru Gin head.


I saw a blue light flashing, Tōsen Kaname was kicked in the whole, flew out and fell heavily in the distance.

Immediately after a figure appeared next to Xia Yan, looks at Ichimaru Gin and asked, “What is that Monster?”

Ichimaru Gin saw the coming person and said with a smile: “It is Soi Fon Captain, and I am relieved. That is Tōsen Captain. I don’t know why it turned out to be Hollow. I can’t help him. If it weren’t for you, I have already been killed.”

“Sure enough, Tōsen Kaname.”

Soi Fon can find the body characteristics of Tōsen Kaname through the form of the opposite side, followed by the gnashing of the teeth: “It is also blur, and it is really Kisuke Urahara behind the ghosts.”

Ichimaru Gin said: “Soi Fon Captain, let’s kill him together.”

Soi Fon shook her head and said, “I think it’s better to take him down to investigate the location of Kisuke Urahara.”

Ichimaru Gin heard this and said with a smile: “He killed Xia Yan.”


Soi Fon looked at Ichimaru Gin, his face looked unbelievable and asked: “How could Xia Yan be killed?”

Ichimaru Gin said with a wry smile: “When I got here, Tōsen Kaname became that Monster and attacked Xia Yan, just to see him kill Xia Yan.”

Soi Fon immediately asked, “But what about Xia Yan body?”

Ichimaru Gin sighed and said: “It was completely shattered by his Cero.”

I saw a long gully extension on the ground. This is Xia Yan release of the thunder gun from Aizen, but using it as Cero is a perfect explanation.


Soi Fon looked scared, but at the next moment, a figure appeared on the side of Soi Fon, and the palm of his hand stabbed Soi Fon’s neck.

“Be careful!”

Ichimaru Gin pulled out a short sword and blocked the joint’s Attack. He shouted, “Soi Fon Captain, kill him soon.”

Soi Fon eyes became red, and her thunder was glittering, the next moment, she appeared behind the Hollow and kicked out.

Tōsen Kaname turned and hit with fist, bang, fist and foot collided, Tōsen Kaname slightly retreat, Soi Fon had some accidents.

Strength is great.

It was only a step back from the earthquake.

But the next moment, Soi Fon appeared in the sky above Tōsen Kaname, with one foot across.


Tōsen Kaname flew straight out, far from the ground.

Ichimaru Gin wants to shoot, but when it comes to action, Soi Fon shouts: “Don’t shoot, I will solve it alone.”

As the voice fell, Soi Fon flashed, followed by Tōsen Kaname, and the palm of her hand stabbed.


Soi Fon’s palm slammed into the back of Tōsen Kaname, trying to pierce his Heart, but the next moment, Tōsen Kaname waved his arms to hit Soi Fon neck.

Soi Fon had no choice but to withdraw her hand and retreat.

Tōsen Kaname both legs A corner, the whole person ejected, and immediately in front of Soi Fon, punched out, black spikes stabbed Soi Fon.

So fast.

Soi Fon coldly snorted, flashing, appeared behind Tōsen Kaname, the palm of his hand full of Thunder Kido energy, stabbed to the back of Tōsen Kaname.

Seeing to be stabbed, Tōsen Kaname looks like a turn, and fist is in front of him.


Soi Fon palm pierced Tōsen Kaname arm, but the next moment, Tōsen Kaname leg was drawn.

Soi Fon pulled a distance and looked at Tōsen Kaname. His wound was already healing and frowned.

“Speed ​​is fast, Strength is big, of course, these two points are not comparable to myself. However, his resilience and combat instinct are very formidable, and the style used to hurt the injury, plus the resilience of formidable, can force himself back.”

At this time, several figures came here, Zaraki Kenpachi, Shiba Isshin, and Aizen.

Seeing Soi Fon battle, Aizen asked, “What happened?”

Ichimaru Gin replied: “That is Tōsen Kaname Captain and it has entered a state of blur.”


Shiba Isshin frowned and felt a little difficult.

Zaraki Kenpachi said: “It isn’t Shinigami? Then can I kill him?”

Zaraki Kenpachi corner of the mouth showed a smile and pulled out Zanpakuto, and he was going to the two sides of the battle.

But Ichimaru Gin grabbed his collar and said, “Kenpachi, don’t go.”

Zaraki Kenpachi asks: “Why?”

Zaraki Kenpachi doesn’t care about Ichimaru Gin move. They are friends, Ichimaru Gin is Zaraki Kenpachi recognized Strength, and Ichimaru Gin is also one like Kusajishi Yachiru, which can be stopped when Zaraki Kenpachi wants to fight. He is not the person of his Attack.

Ichimaru Gin said with a wry smile: “He killed Xia Yan.”


Zaraki Kenpachi eyes was round and even Shiba Isshin and Aizen were surprised.

Xia Yan, the entire Seireitei genius, Captain level combat power, actually died?

“Is he dead?”

Zaraki Kenpachi eyes slightly shrunk, said: “Take it to Soi Fon.”

No one tried to interfere with Soi Fon battle, or that it was not a fight, but a revenge.

In the distance, Soi Fon looks at Tōsen Kaname who climbed up again, and suddenly shouted, “Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi.”

The next moment, Soi Fon right middle finger is covered by a golden claw on the right middle finger, a chain is linked to the arm, and an arm arm is attached to her arm.


Soi Fon figure disappeared. When it reappeared, she came to the abdomen of Tōsen Kaname, and Suzumebachi stabbed it.


Soi Fon stabbed the stomach of Tōsen Kaname with Suzumebachi, leaving a quadrangular butterfly pattern.

Tōsen Kaname punched in the moment of Suzumebachi stabbing.

But when the fist was about to touch the Soi Fon face, Suzumebachi clicked on the same position again.

Eight butterflies appeared on the abdomen of Tōsen Kaname, and from the center of the pattern, Tosen Kaname Spiritual Body began to collapse, a little shattered, and finally disappeared, leaving only the clothes on the body to fall.

Soi Fon dismissed the Shikai, and the figure slowly landed. The look at the empty ground and thumped to the ground.

Why, why Xia Yan will be killed, how could it be killed.

Soi Fon eyes were full of tears, suppressing herself from crying, but the tears could not be suppressed, covering her face.

I just liked him.

Why do everyone who I likes leave their own lives?


Just like Soi Fon Shikai Suzumebachi’s Ability two hit kills, when Soi Fon’s two favorite people left themselves, sadness has killed Soi Fon.

Soi Fon eyes gradually dissipated, and she fell to the ground, and people didn’t know.

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