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Xia Yan felt a crazy will to swallow himself, a little bit of corrosion of his own thinking, the whole person is dominated by the will hollow.

This is Hollowfication, Xia Yan is holding his teeth.

Can’t be Hollowfication.

If you Hollowfication yourself, you will lose your mind and you will not be able to Hollowfication.

But it is impossible. It is impossible to overcome the Hollowfication by the individual will. No one can overcome the Hollowfication with one’s Strength.

No one can escape the soul and commit suicide.

Hollowfication refers to injecting a Hollow soul into an existing soul, thereby breaking the boundaries of the two souls, destroying the original object and making it a higher-status style.

Hollowfication breaks the boundaries of soul, at the same time As the symptoms deepen, there will be a complete fusion of the soul into a irrational Monster.

But this is not the end. In the end, it is not only the boundary between Hollow and Shinigami, but even the boundaries between the soul itself and the outside world.

This phenomenon is also called soul killing.

Although the suicide of the soul is in the final stage of Hollowfication, it is necessary to curb the suicide of the soul in advance, that is, to suppress the unrestricted boundary breaking, and only to break the boundary between Hollow and the Shinigami soul before it can be Hollowfication.

So how to suppress the unrestricted boundaries to break?

It requires a balance of opposite energy.

For example, in the original work, Kurosaki was attacked by Hollow attack. He was the Quincy who combined Hollow energy, so Kisuke Urahara used Shinigami’s soul and righteousness to suppress his soul suicide.

So if Shinigami blends with Hollow, how can we suppress the breaking of Shinigami and Hollow unbounded boundaries?

It was necessary to destroy the Reishi and the soul of mankind. Kisuke Urahara made the injection and injected it into the Visored Legion, which is why the Visored Legion can survive.

As for the suicide of the soul, the danger is still very big. To master Hollowfication, you need to find out the Hollow self, fight with it, and win.

At the same time The outside world needs someone to impose restrictions to avoid more damage caused by madness after the failure.

But the time is only 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, the Hollow and Shinigami souls will be completely merged into Monster.

Among the Visored Legion, the longest is Sarugaki Hiyori, which is about 63 minutes.

Kurosaki ichigo is 69 minutes.

At that moment, it is basically the same as Monster.

Even after Hollowfication, it is necessary to prevent Hollow to swallowing and not to use it for a long time, while Kuna Mashiro is the first Vizard that has reached 15 hours.

Therefore, Xia Yan is now unable to contain Hollowfication, and it is even more impossible to stop the soul from committing suicide.

In the process of Hollowfication, Xia Yan’s body injury slowly to heal, the face of the face has been formed, to spread to Xia Yan body.

Unable to control yourself.

Xia Yan felt that the control of the body was being deprived. He bit his teeth, his left hand pressed on the mask, violently tearing, bringing a large flesh and blood.

The intense pain caused Xia Yan to wake up for a moment, and immediately came to Zanpakuto and clenched his Zanpakuto.

The broken Zanpakuto will restore its original appearance after the Shikai is released.

“Let’s land, Kaminari.”

The dark clouds in the sky gathered, and Lightning was lowered, and Xia Yan was in his hand.

“Useless, massively mobilizing Reiatsu will only accelerate the Hollowfication.” Aizen gently shook head.

As Aizen voice fell, the mask on Xia Yan face was formed again.


But the next moment, a few thunders, fell on Xia Yan face, screaming, the mask was directly smashed, but the moment the thunder disappeared, the mask formed again.

Xia Yan thinking was swallowed up again, and he was increasingly unable to control himself. The speed of the mask was getting faster and faster.

But at the next moment, Thunder’s energy converges on Xia Yan back, forming two pairs of Thunder Wings.

You were right! It is two pairs.

With Xia Yan original body strength, only one pair of thunder wings can be formed. If two pairs of thunder wings are formed to move, the speed will increase, but the body will be torn.

But now, Xia Yan body is constantly being repaired by the Hollow force, and the strength is increased. The more the number of thunder wings, the more it will consume Hollow energy.

Seeing this scene, Aizen frowned slightly and didn’t know what he was going to do.

But at the moment when Thunder Wing was born, Xia Yan figure flashed and ran towards the distance.

“He wants to ask for help from Seireitei? Can’t let him reach Seireitei. ”

Ichimaru Gin stood next to Aizen and said softly.

Aizen shook his head and said: “Don’t worry about him, Seireitei can’t save him. He wants to appear in Seireitei, and he will be attacked first.”

Having said that, Aizen frowned slightly and said, “No, he is not going in the direction of Seireitei.”

Xia Yan direction of flying now is indeed not Seireitei.

Xia Yan flew in the northwest direction in Rukongai, west, and went to North Rukongai.

Ichimaru Gin asked inexplicably: “What did he go to North Rukongai?”

Aizen smiled and said: “Going to Seireitei will be killed, staying here will be met by Soi Fon, so he went to North Rukongai.”

Xia Yan soon arrived in North Rukongai, appeared in the vicinity of the mountain, and at this time, in Seireitei appeared a few strong and extreme atmosphere, rushed to the north Rukongai.


The huge explosion sounded, the flames in the distance, and the Flame went straight into the sky.

“This is…”

Aizen eyes are huge, and for the first time, a surprised expression is revealed.

Ichimaru Gin said softly: “Yes, Xia Yan Reiatsu has disappeared and he chose to destroy himself.”

When your soul is about to be swallowed up, some of the souls will be destroyed, and the boundaries of the break will be violently fluctuating, eventually causing an explosion.

This is why, once it is Hollowfication, it is impossible to strip away the Hollow Strength. No matter what method is used, it will accompany your life and even be passed on to the next generation.

Unless you choose to die.

Aizen frowned and said, “He, he actually chose to blew himself. How is this possible?”

Ichimaru Gin said next to him: “Maybe he doesn’t want to fight with other people in Seireitei, or stay here and be killed by someone he loves.”

Aizen smiled slyly and said, “Are you feeling?”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and asked: “Captain Aizen, Xia Yan is dead, we couldn’t do it for a good reason.”

Aizen frowned slightly and said, “Yes, you are going to bring the deceased Shinigami over, I have to prepare the murderer.”

“As for the bodies of these criminal members, they must be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Aizen reached for a wave, and a disc-shaped Flame flew out and hit the body of the criminal members.

Hadō #54, Haien.

The disc-shaped Flame burns the opponent and has a very high temperature.

The next moment, their bodies burned and turned into ashes, but there was still a body that remained.

Aizen looked at the sky in the distance, and the black smoke left by Xia Yan after the explosion, the joy of his success disappeared.

Although Xia Yan blew himself, the results were somewhat imperfect.

However, Kisuke Urahara dark pile was removed, and Aizen felt that it was enough.

For Kisuke Urahara, Aizen didn’t dare to take it lightly, because Kisuke Urahara is the only person in the Soul Society who has more intelligence than him.


Tōsen Kaname came with the rebellious Shinigami, and the defiant Shinigami had a fearful color on his face and shouted, “I beg you, don’t kill me.”

“Tōsen Kaname, kill him.”

Aizen said softly.

Tōsen Kaname gave a slight glimpse and asked: “Captain Aizen, he is dead, how are you prepared to blame the murderer?”

Aizen smiled and said: “When the murderer is not qualified, even if he is Hollowfication, at most there is a Vice-Captain-level Strength, and he will not kill Xia Yan. I have other ideas.”


Tōsen Kaname endured the pain, lifted a long sword, and stabbed the heart of Shinigami, killing him.

Aizen nodded and said, “Good.”

Tōsen Kaname said: “Captain Aizen, hurry up and prepare the murderer, Soi Fon is coming.”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said: “Tōsen Kaname, why bother? Is it not good to live longer?”

“What do you mean?”

When Tōsen Kaname heard Ichimaru Gin, he was puzzled and immediately looked at the body on the ground.

A criminal member, a defected Shinigami, all killed himself.

Coupled with Aizen, the ordinary Shinigami Hollowfication can’t kill Xia Yan, Tōsen Kaname instantly understands.

“It’s me, Captain Aizen, I am your loyal servant, please don’t.” Tōsen Kaname realized this and begged.

But the next moment, a sword light crossed, Tōsen Kaname was directly cut down to the ground.

Aizen shook his head and said, “I don’t need a loyal servant. I only need a useful servant. Now you can do the last thing.”

Leaving this sentence, Aizen walked up to him and opened the object of Hōgyoku and aimed at Tōsen Kaname.

The next moment, Tōsen Kaname face has a white mask that spreads toward the body, but for a little while, his wound has healed and half of the body has finished Hollowfication.

Then Tōsen Kaname jumped up and rushed towards Aizen.

“Yes, speed is fast, enough.”

Aizen cut a long sword Tōsen Kaname to the ground. He said, “Gin, Tōsen Kaname will be handed over to you, support to Soi Fon, remember, don’t kill him.”

Ichimaru Gin smiled and said: “Captain Aizen is laughing, and the confusing Tōsen Kaname I don’t even have to win, how can I kill it?”

“Do it well.”

Aizen just said a faint sentence, turned away and disappeared into the depths.

The Hollow Tōsen Kaname got up from the ground and the wound on his body healed, thoroughly

Ichimaru Gin touched his nose and said, “You really can see me.”

Leaving this sentence, Ichimaru Gin held down the short sword at the waist.

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