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Friday, 7 pm. The employees of online game accelerator project department of Red Letter Game Company have not yet got off work, because the final test of the online game accelerator is going on today.

In front of Lu Zixin, there is a senior technician and management personnel of the online game accelerator project department, waiting for him to complete the demonstration.

Including project director Liang Song, they are more or less nervous. Because of this online game accelerator, they were designed step by step in the early stage. In the later period, General Lu actually personally joined the design, and added a cloud host function.

The design of online game accelerators has exceeded their imagination. Until now, they still don’t know whether this technology is feasible or not.

If it works, it will be a great feat!

“This is a computer with a common configuration on the market, or even a low-end model.” Lu Zixin stood in front of a computer and introduced.

“You can take a look, now use it to try out the most popular games now, almost no cards. Whether it is “League of Legends”, or “Dungeon and Warriors”, or games like Warcraft, CF, Jian Wang, etc. More or less will be stuck or delayed. Even for games with high configuration requirements, you can’t play at all.”

Lu Zixin just opened some games and performed the operation. Sure enough, because the computer configuration is too poor, the game is difficult to run normally.

“Now use our Red Letter game accelerator to run again.” Lu Zixin opened a red speeding ball sign and then chose to land on online game.

In the previous demo, from loading the login interface to loading the screen, there will be a jam. But this time, it was exceptionally smooth and there was no problem.

By entering the game, the number of frames has been kept at a high level, even before it takes about half a minute to go, this time there is still no problem.

“The speed of the network has always been stable. This online game accelerator is also very good!” Liang Song surprised. To be honest, he did not expect to have such an effect.

The employees are also happy, they can achieve this level, they are already very satisfied. At least this software has gone beyond the same software!

“Look, using this accelerator to run our “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC client!” Lu Zixin continued to demonstrate that the computer was not able to bring the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC client, the game is almost stuck or dropped when it is opened.

Liang Song and others are staring at the screen, even when Lu Zixin participated in the accelerator design, he talked a lot. But they still can’t believe that an accelerator can solve the problem of insufficient performance of the host computer.

The game has started and the logo of the Red Letter game appears on the screen. At this stage, it will be black, but this time, not!

Then log in and start, “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version of the ultra-clear screen appears on the screen, join the game, the game character moves, shoot … and so on, complete, no problems!

“Really can!” Even if I have seen it before, Liang Song is still amazed. This effect is like turning the hanging wire computer into a high-end handsome top version!

“What is the status of CPU processor?”

Lu Zixin switched the screen out to view, the CPU is running normally, and there is no overload loading. Because part of the calculations are shared by the “cloud host.”

“Too great!” The employes exclaimed, and the effect exploded.

Think about it, you bought a computer with 3,000 pieces, and with this accelerator, you can achieve the running effect of 5,000 and 8,000 computers! Users will definitely be excited!

Especially for gamers who are pursuing the experience, such a game accelerator is an essential artifact for playing games!

“What is the principle?” Many people do not understand, but Lu Zixin does not intend to explain.

Liang Song has already thought of more. He looks excited: “This function is stronger than any game accelerator on the network! Once launched, it will definitely be popular!”

“That is absolutely!” Lu Zixin laughed, the ability of the cloud host, no need to doubt.

“And this game accelerator is launched, our “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version can also support the popular player game. Good!” Liang Song said, now he understands why Lu Zixin will strongly support the development of online game accelerators, It turned out that there is already preparation.

“Yes!” Lu Zixin said. “We launched our Red Letter online game accelerator and officially tested the PC version of Desolate Battlegrounds.”

“All game companies have been proud of it for a long time, so let them know the strength of our Red Letter!”


Red Letter game soon announced the latest news, launched a RedLetter online game accelerator, can be downloaded on the official website of Red Letter game. At the same time, the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version began beta testing, any computer can not run the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version of the game, you only need to download the Red Letter online game accelerator can run normally.

The Red Letter online game accelerator adopts the membership system and is free for the previous month as a promotion offer.

“At the end of the public beta, I haven’t grabbed the number of betas before!”

“@”Desolate Battlegrounds” official, is the optimization completed? Can my computer configuration now play?”

“The game accelerator is out? It is not permanent yet. Free? I might as well use the free version of Net One or Xundian!”

“I’m out now? My Tencent chicken has been playing for two weeks!”

“Do you want money for the game? I won’t play if you want money!”

In the mobile game of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, there was also an activity to download the demo PC version. Online games don’t mention, the popularity of the “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game is still unparalleled, this promotion, fit and propaganda are very big!

On the official website, the download link has been announced. Before downloading the game of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, you need to use the detection tool to test. If it does not meet the running requirements, you must first download the Red Letter online game accelerator.

Those game companies naturally also paid attention to the behavior of Red Letter Game Company, so the game was tested and immediately began to evaluate.

The technical department of Tencent Games, several directors or department managers are waiting to evaluate the results.

“There is almost no change in public beta!” the technician quickly concluded.

“No change? Is the Red Letter game going to break?”

The high-end Tencent game was comfortable. “In the online game market, the status of our Tencent is still unmovable! It seems that the Red Letter game is going to give up competing with us.”

“No!” and some technicians called, “My God, their online game accelerator, there is a problem!”

“Scorpio, how is this done? Is this a online game accelerator?”

Responsible for evaluating the red letter online game accelerator The technicians showed their surprised expressions and said incredulously.

“What happened?”

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