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On the mountain, there are two shuttle-type Metal projectiles in front of Xia Yan, weighing about four kilometers.

Xia Yan stretched out his left hand at this time, and the projectile was suspended in front of Xia Yan palm, and with the huge energy released by Xia Yan arm, the projectile was spinning in the air.


When the speed reaches the limit, the magnetic field controlled by Xia Yan changes, and the projectile gets a huge thrust and shoots out quickly.


A flash disappeared, and a loud noise sounded in the distance, and the smog was not far away.

Xia Yan walked to the location near the explosion. It was a section of the stone wall of the mountain. At this time, a huge pothole appeared in the stone wall. The shells disappeared deep in the stone wall. There was a hole in the periphery of the rock with a diameter of about four decimeters. However, as the hole deepens, the diameter becomes thinner and thinner, extending to a distance, more than a dozen meters deep.

Because the hardness of the stone wall is not high, the energy of the electromagnetic gun is more to penetrate the stone wall.

Xia Yan looks at the power, I feel very satisfied, if you shoot on people, you can easily penetrate people.

If the hardness of the human body is relatively high, such as reaching the level of Arrancar level, the energy of the projectile will hit at a point, causing great damage.

And the speed is extremely fast, reaching about six times the speed of sound.

Therefore, it is more difficult for the human body to defend against electromagnetic guns.

Moreover, the consumption of its own Reiatsu is very small, and this part consumes the spiritual power, more in the part that forms the acceleration of the magnetic field, and through the magnetic field, the stable projectile is suspended in the air.

Xia Yan experimental projectiles weighed only 1.6 kilograms, which is much less than the weight of some countries test of 10,000 kilograms, and 10,000 kilograms of projectiles can reach seven times the speed of sound, and their speed is still too slow.

You don’t need the Energy System, you only need to build the turret and the energy conversion System, so the efficiency is greatly improved.

So if you build a turret that better converts electrical energy into a magnetic field, the consumption of physical power will decrease, the power will increase, and the speed will be faster.

Then, if you use your existing energy to convert all of it into electricity, to launch a Metal projectile with a huge turret, how powerful is it?

Xia Yan feels that it is no problem to achieve a speed of about 6 meters per second. Huge kinetic energy will destroy everything.

You can make such a weapon completely, and release it to Aizen when you are against him. As long as there is no undead body after the fusion of Hōgyoku, you can easily kill it.

But this requires a very high level of craftsmanship, and the metal material of the turret is extremely demanding. It is almost impossible to do this in order to do this in the Soul Society’s existing technology direction.

Therefore, Xia Yan intends to consult the information to discuss the feasibility of the test.

If you can’t build a large turret, it’s better not to use it. Accelerating any Metal shell requires huge energy and acceleration time.

In the process of transforming energy and speeding up the shells, the enemy can react and make dodge in time.

They are not necessarily faster than the speed of the electromagnetic gun, but as long as they are circumvented in advance, Xia Yan electromagnetic gun will not have much effect.

Xia Yan can increase the release speed by reducing the mass of the projectile, but this will reduce the power of the electromagnetic cannon, the gains do not make up for the losses.

Of course, as a containment and surprise attack is still possible.

Xia Yan intends to make a few special projectiles with a blood trough and a sharp edge. It can usually be used as a deputy weapon, and can be accelerated into an electromagnetic gun during wartime.

After making up his mind, Xia Yan returned to the mountain and began to train other Ability.

Xia Yan left hand is filled with a kind of thunder, and finally it is formed into a small bird. The bird appears in the palm of his hand. Xia Yan holds a palm and the bird spurs out and flies toward the front.


The bird struck on the rock, bursting into a crack, and a large pit appeared on the rock.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan feel lost something, and then a blue bird bloomed around the body. There are more than a dozen.

Boom, bang, bang.

The violent explosion sounded, the stone wall was blown out of the potholes, and finally it was rolled into pieces to form a cave.

Thousands of birds.

Xia Yan took a name for this move, called the Thousand Birds.

The Thousand Birds of Hokage are shocking Ninjutsu, because the sound of release is like the sound of 1,000 birds, so it is called a Thousand Birds.

But Xia Yan Thousand Birds are not just a birds, but they can explode.

However, there are only a dozen birds in the current Thousand Birds. Even if Xia Yan runs out of all the Reiatsu, it can only condense about 100 birds.

At this time, a voice rang in the back. “You brat, stop make the top of the mountain a mess.”

Seeing the people coming, Xia Yan smiled and shouted: “Kaien senior.”

Shiba Kaien came over to look at the ground and said: “For the friend, help me a favor.”

“What favor?” Xia Yan asked curiously.

Shiba Kaien smiled and said: “It’s about Kuchiki Rukia…”

Xia Yan listened to Shiba Kaien words and agreed to his request, because not only Shiba Kaien request about Rukia, Rukia is his friend, he must help her.

Of course, it is not too important. After Kuchiki Rukia entered the Division, because of the identity of the nobility, she did not participate in the graduation test and entered 13th Division. Others often talked about her behind the scenes, so that Rukia was very unhappy. Coupled with the indifference that Kuchiki Byakuya deliberately showed, Kuchiki Rukia was in a bad mood.

Shiba Kaien knows that he has a good relationship with Kuchiki Rukia, so he hope to let him guide her.

Of course, in this indifference, Kuchiki Rukia has to rely on himself if she wants to get out completely, and he can only influence it indirectly.

It is Shiba Kaien, but Xia Yan needs care at all times.

During this time, Xia Yan and Shiba Kaien often meet together, sometimes spar, the results of the battle are mostly equal, of course, Xia Yan does not use Zanpakuto, only the use Shunko.

Xia Yan Ability restrains Shiba Kaien, once Shikai, the victory is very relaxed.

When not practicing, Xia Yan sometimes chats with Shiba Kaien, but the topic of conversation is Rukia.

Rukia has not yet mastered Shikai, of course, her Zanpakuto Ability is very formidable, and the requirements for individuals are relatively high.

Xia Yan and Shiba Kaien became friends. I thought that he and his wife would be killed by Metastacia in the future. Xia Yan was a bit heavy.

A Vice-Captain and three-seat, is an important force for Seireitei.

Especially Shiba Kaien, genius is incomparable, do not know if he can master Bankai, but give him forty years, you can definitely solve the problem.

Xia Yan decided to save them, but did not know how Metastacia appeared.

At this time, the role of the monitoring squad has emerged. The monitoring squad has the role of investigation, arrest, and analysis.

So you can find someone to watch Shiba Kaien, as long as he leaves Seireitei with Shiba Miyako, let people know.

Shiba Miyako is a three-seat, and there are very few things that need to be dealt with by three seats. Shiba Kaien is a whole Division that is completely smashed.

Therefore, with these two conditions, I can basically screen out the prelude of his attack and then stop it.

After Xia Yan decided to go back to arrange the candidates for the investigation, they do not need to be close to the surveillance, only need to master the whereabouts.

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