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Seeing people coming, Xia Yan mind came up with a name and shouted: “Kaien Vice-Captain.”

Behind Xia Yan is Shiba Kaien, the 13th Division Vice-Captain.

Shiba Kaien said with no anger: “Are you Xia Yan? Why come here to do the destruction, I have to practice here.”


Xia Yan remembered that the North Third District, Wufu Mountain is the practice place of Shiba Kaien. He often came here to practice alone.

Although the current Shiba family has been eliminated from the ranks of the five nobles, after all, there is a once background, especially the Kakaku Hō, which is the equipment to launch the Tenchūren. Even if the Shiba family arrives at Rukongai in the future, the Zero Squad needs Kakaku Hō to send Tenchūren to Soul King Palace.

And Shiba’s Strength is good. This Shiba Kaien is 13th Division Vice-Captain, and his wife, Shiba Miyako, is 13th Division three seats.

The Shiba Isshin separated is Captain.

Before the death of Shiba Kaien and Shiba Miyako, the Shiba family should remain in seireitei.

Xia Yan thought of this, and quickly said: “Kaien senior, I don’t know if this is your practice place, I am sorry.”

“Forget it.”

Shiba Kaien waved his hand, looking at the gully on the ground and the fallen trees, could not help but say: “But your Zanpakuto is very strong, I see the sky from a long distance, the destructive power is still so big.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Zanpakuto of Kaien senior is also very good.”

Shiba Kaien Zanpakuto is a small number of Element System’s Zanpakuto. After Shikai is a trident, the name is Nejibana, which can pick up waves and crush the enemy against spear and waves.

If Shiba Kaien can live, Strength is definitely not weak, at least not after mastering Ikkaku, Renji, Hisagi Shuuhei.

Shiba Kaien smiled and said: “Don’t say this, I heard that you have a good relationship with Kuchiki Rukia?”

Xia Yan replied: “When I was in Rukongai, it was Rukia’s sister who saved my life. I heard Rukia’s sister said that Kaien senior took great care of her, and here i must said thank you with Kaien seniors. ”

Now Kuchiki Rukia is in 13th Division, and Shiba Kaien takes care of her.

Shiba Kaien said with care: “She is my Division member, of course I have to take care of her, but she is really clumsy, even Shikai has not mastered.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Believe me, she will definitely Shikai, and Shikai will be very formidable.”

Rukia takes a long time to master Shikai, but Shikai’s Ability is very formidable, and one is Zanpakuto to release the cold and freeze the object. The second is to lower your body temperature, even to the level of absolute zero, but in this case, she can only move for four seconds.

Rukia Bankai is more formidable, forming a beam of light that runs through the sky, and all objects within the range of the beam are frozen.

Rukia Zanpakuto Ability formidable, but the body’s damage is too large, and accidentally it can make you fall into ruin.


Shiba Kaien looks at Xia Yan and said: “If you can continue to come here to practice, but it is best to go to the hill there, there are no trees, and most of them are rocks, so the damage will not be serious.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Many thanks Kaien seniors.”

Shiba Kaien pulled out Zanpakuto and said, “Then you are free, I have to practice.”

Seeing Zanpakuto of Shiba Haiyan, Xia Yan put out his tongue and licked his lips and said, “Kaien senior, let’s have a spar?”

“You want to spar with me?”

Shiba Kaien glanced, and immediately said: “Although I don’t want to admit it, but you can even  beat Zaraki Captain, I may not be your opponent. And your Ability is very restrained, I don’t know the result.”

The ability of Xia Yan Zanpakuto is Thunder, while the ability of Shiba Haiyan is water. Under the fight between the two, only Xia Yan suffered.

Xia Yan shook the head and said, “Why not use Zanpakuto?”

“Without Zanpakuto?”

Shiba Kaien looks at Xia Yan, picking an eyebrow and saying: “You mean that we are not release Shikai? Just with Zanjutsu and Hakuda?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Kaien senior can Shikai, and I don’t have to.”

Shiba Kaien eyes glanced and said: “You are too small to swear at me.”

Xia Yan said: “What does Kaien Vice-Captain mean?”

“It’s all so small, how can I refuse it? Come on.”

Shiba Kaien pulled out his Zanpakuto and gently whispered, “Surge, Water and Heaven, Nejibana.”

Accompanied by his sound, the Zanpakuto in his hand gradually changed into a trident, which has a very long trident, Shiba Kaien has a height of 1.8 meters, and the trident is placed obliquely higher than his height. Quite a lot, the overall length is at least three meters.

With the advent of the Trident, the level 1 layer of water splashed around, undulating, shrouded Shiba Kaien.

Xia Yan saw this scene, showing the look of expectation.

His Shikai has an Ability to fight the Captain level, but is limited by Reiatsu, and if it is resisted, it is difficult to win the final victory.

But if you give up Zanpakuto yourself, what about Strength?

You don’t have to worry about it, you can’t use Shikai when fight with Ikkaku.

For Shiba Kaien, one of the best in Vice-Captain level, how do you deal with it yourself?

Xia Yan is full of fighting intent, the next moment. His body has a blue light that converges on the both legs and the right arm.

“This is…”

Shiba Kaien saw some of Xia Yan body changes and was a little surprised.

He originally thought that Xia Yan was talking too big and was too contemptuous of himself, but this energy skill made Shiba Kaien feel great pressure.


Xia Yan body shape disappeared instantly, and the waves of Shiba Kaien body rose instantly.


Xia Yan Zanpakuto passed through the water and stabbed the back of Shiba Kaien.

“Good speed.”

Shiba Kaien was surprised at Xia Yan speed, but even if the water is blocked, it is an early warning system.

When Xia Yan Zanpakuto landed on the water, Shiba Kaien had turned the body sideways, and with the twist of the body, he slammed into Xia Yan head.

However, Xia Yan lowered the speed because of the blocking of the splash and the continuous squeezing of the waves.


Xia Yan Zanpakuto tilted slightly, blocking Shiba Kaien Slash, but then the waves slammed into the sky and swept toward Xia Yan.

The high-intensity waves contain a great strength that can crush people directly.

But Xia Yan disappeared before the waves closed. The next moment, he appeared on the head of Shiba Kaien.

Xia Yan was hung in the air, and Zanpakuto pointed to the head of Shiba Haiyan, and then his boss legs slammed on the point of formation of Reishi and slammed down.

There are waves around the ocean, but there is no head at all, so Xia Yan chose this opportunity.

With his speed, Shiba Kaien could not react.

But just moving forward, the trident has appeared in front of you, pointing to yourself.

As long as you move forward, you will be pierced by the Trident.


He had already expected that he would attack from the top, no, he was too stupid.

He left the gap in his head, and he didn’t want others to attack from here, so he could wait for the rabbit.

Xia Yan can only stop his body shape and turn around sideways. He can avoid the stab and then continue to fall and stab to Shiba Kaien.

Shiba Kaien Trident swung, slanting to Xia Yan.

Injury with injuries?

Xia Yan can stab Shiba Kaien, but it is bound to be picked up, although he will be hurt more seriously, but this is spar.

When both sides are unable to damage the opposite side, as long as they can threaten the enemy, they are already tied.

Therefore, Xia Yan can only recover Zanpakuto, everything in the horizontal direction, hitting the Trident.

The huge size of the Trident brought a sturdy Strength, but Xia Yan Strength, under the smashing bonus, was huge, blocking the Slash.

But at the next moment, Xia Yan found thatshe had been wrapped in huge waves and then strangled.

This is the last killing trick.

It turns out that all he has is just to limit his body shape, leaving the top to himself and attracting himself to attack.

Then he used the trident to force himself to block, his body shape stagnated, and then appeared when he appeared.

This is the battle style of Shiba Kaien, just like the waves, level 1 layer advances until you break it.

The waves collapse to form a Water Sphere.


A huge explosion came, the next moment, a figure rushing out of the waves, appearing in the distance, and looked a little embarrassed.

At the last minute, he used the strength of Shunko to drive the waves away and flee from Shiba Kaien.

But the clothes on his body have been wet, and the whole person is very embarrassed.

Although he was not injured, he was undoubtedly defeated.

Because he can’t think of any way to break the waves of Shiba Kaien, as long as he is close to him, he will fall into the area of ​​the opposite side.

Then go on like this, you only have one result, and the Reiatsu is consumed.

Therefore, Xia Yan took back the Strength and said: “Kaien senior, I lost.”

Shiba Kaien looks at Xia Yan and said, “I can’t hurt you, it’s a tie.”

Shiba Kaien is also very surprised. The opposite side speed, strength and responsiveness are far more than themselves.

If you don’t rely on the advantage of Zanpakuto, you will be killed if you are just getting in touch.

Shiba Kaien didn’t admit that he won by being beaten little guy without Zanpakuto.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “That is today disturbing Kaien senior.”

Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan is ready to leave. This battle makes him discover his own shortcomings. At the same time, he also hopes to find a way to crack. Therefore, Xia Yan plans to go back and think about it.

At this moment, a voice rang in the back. “If you want to find a personal spar, you can come to me.”

Xia Yan heard this and looked at Shiba Kaien. The latter said with a smile: “I just think that one person’s practice is a bit boring, and a well-matched opponent is not bad.”

“Well, I will come to Kaien senior.”

Xia Yan said with a smile, turned and left quickly.

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