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The Maggots Nest holds a total of 30 dangerous people. The oldest one, 243 years old, is the one with the longest detention at the same time. He was held for 120 years. The name is Kimura, the reason for his detention. Yes, he resisted the existence of the nobility and hoped to abolish the aristocracy.

In the Seiereitei, the nobles are divided into the big aristocracy, the superior aristocrats and the lower aristocrats. The nobility is higher than the ordinary person, and the superior aristocrats are more noble than the lower aristocrats.

The contemporary owner of the nobility is qualified to be a hereditary aristocratic rank.

The family leader is regarded as a branch and is qualified to take over the position of the owner when the family loses the heir.

The original meaning of Kimura is that the nobility is useless and enjoys a huge resource.

But in fact, in Gotei 13th, the 2nd Division was controlled by Shihōin Clan, one of the great aristocrats. For generations to protect the seireitei, the lower aristocratic Fon was entered into the criminal army from generation to generation. The generation of the Fon family, Soi Fon five brothers all died for seireitei.

In addition, the 6th Division is controlled by the Kuchiki family and is responsible for protecting the seireitei.

In addition, Kyouraku Shunsui is a noble aristocrat, Ise is a Shinto family, Captain Ukitake is a lower-level aristocrat, but the family has fallen, and since childhood, eight brothers and sisters, relying on him alone to feed.

Shiba, one of the top five nobles, has declined in recent years, but Shiba Kaien still serves as Vice-Captain and Shiba Isshin as Captain.

In Gotei 13th, Captain and Vice-Captain add up, and a quarter of them are nobles.

Speaking of it, the nobility has a great effect on seireitei. Or they were established as aristocrats, and they have made great contributions to seireitei.

Of course, it is undeniable that they occupy enormous resources and have very high rights.

In fact, privately, many Shinigami will discuss this point, but Kimura original thoughts are a bit extreme, and even advocate a violent style to change this gap, but before it was implemented, it was brought here and detained.

Kimura is the oldest and the longest in detention, and the youngest is a man named Chōga keikoku keisen. He is only 80 years old, but he was detained for 20 years. He was close to the Palace of Penitence and investigated the data of the Palace of Penitence. There are ways to destroy the murderous stone.

The Palace of Penitence is the existence of prisoners of felony, although it is not comparable to those who are imprisoned without imprisonment, but basically violates the important provisions of the Soul Society.

Chōga keikoku keisen move may be to save someone, but they will be detained before they are implemented.

However, the shortest time of detention is a 100-year-old man who has been detained for 12 years and thinks that it is a great killing if he is hollow. It should not be solved by Zanpakuto, but should be extinct with a completely eliminated style. And in the process of annihilation, so experiment.

And this is the idea of ​​Quincy, but this will cause the imbalance of the Human World Soul Society, causing confusion.

According to the regulations of seireitei, large-scale annihilation will be punished.

However, he only killed three or four and was arrested by investigation.

Xia Yan looks at their information, most of them do not meet the standards of crime, but may pose a threat to seireitei, they will be sent here.

After reading the information, Xia Yan left the underground supervision office.

In the supervision squad to do Captain, it is easier than to be an adjutant in the second squad police squad. At that time, he also needs to change the guard point and make a rotation list. Now he only goes to Maggots Nest once in the morning to check the list.

The other duty is to monitor, but in fact, a person will be detained for more than a decade, and not many people deserve to be arrested.

But this is also good, Xia Yan has more time to test his own Ability.


Outside the Seireitei, Xia Yan appeared in the mountainous area of ​​the North Third District and came to the top of the mountain.

This is the distance he found near seireitei, And places that are inaccessible, if they are here, should not be discovered by others, nor will they affect others.

He stood on the open top of the mountain, holding Zanpakuto in his right hand, and the low voice: “Let’s land, Kaminari.”

Accompanied by his words, the sky was covered with dark clouds, thunder and lightning, and a slamming down, falling straight into the hands of Xia Yan, turned into a short gun.

Xia Yan held a short gun and sent the Reiatsu into it. The short gun was directly converted into thunder, and it was transmitted into Xia Yan’s body. Finally, on his back, he gathered into two wings.

The thunder wing fanned, Xia Yan disappeared instantly, the next moment, he has appeared in the distance.

This kind of moving speed is much faster than the Shunpo, even if it is more than Shunko.

Of course, the size, position, and energy consumption of the wing require a little experimentation to choose the combination style that suits you best.

Xia Yan adjusted the thunder wing for a while, and the Reiatsu consumed most of it.

The movement speed of Thunder wing is strong, but the Strength consumed is too large, and it can support five minutes in full power battle.

Five minutes is enough for a battle, and the efficiency of such thunder conversion is already higher than Shunko.

Your own Shunko (residual) can only be used several times, which is extremely burdensome on the body.

Even a complete Shunko, sixth-class Reiatsu can last for three or four minutes.

Whether it’s a thunder or lightning, it’s a very fast speed. It usually ends in a minute or two, and you don’t have to think about fighting for too long.

Of course, your Reiatsu is not enough to support the consumption of Kaminari. When it is assigned to the sharp pressure, it will shorten the conversion of other ability.

Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the Reiatsu, but it has been used for nearly two years since it was upgraded from fourth to fifth.

It took five years to upgrade from the fifth-class to sixth-class.

It takes at least a decade to get to the seventh-class Reiatsu, so you don’t have to worry too much.

After using the Thunder wing, Xia Yan began to experiment with the evolution of the second Ability, which was shaped Thunder.

Xia Yan right-handed short gun transformed Reishi into Thunder Energy. With the madness of Reiatsu, Thunder could transform and play in Xia Yan right arm, and came to Xia Yan left arm.

The next moment, Xia Yan’s shot appeared a lightning shaped stick, the stick slowly extended, more than five feet long.

Xia Yan turned his left hand and the long stick rotated along the arm. It was no different from the ordinary Metal weapon, but it consumed too much Reiatsu.

Xia Yan grabbed the long stick and looked at the distant hill. One of the long sticks was controlled to become a gun tip and became a long spear.

Then Xia Yan grabbed the thunder gun and threw the long spear out, slammed it and flew to the distance.

But it didn’t fly too far, leaving the body but only three meters away, it burst in the air.


A group of blue light shrouded the surroundings, and Xia Yan body was also included. The ground was blown up, the soil was raised high, and the surrounding trees were hit and crashed to the ground.

When the smoke dissipated, Xia Yan held a blue shield on his left hand. This is a shield that from thunder shape, blocking all the heat and shock waves generated by Lightning.

Xia Yan dissipated the shield and saw that there was a big pit not far away. The pit was more than one meter deep and the diameter was about six meters.

Although the power is not comparable to Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō, the range is not comparable to Raikōhō, but the consumption of Reiatsu is not too much, unlike the thunder wing, the continuous process requires Reiatsu to continue to supplement.

The thunder gun, which only needs to consume 10% of Reiatsu, has the power of the Raikōhō, which is not weak.

But the only downside is that the thunder gun shoot into the air and burst.

This is because the shape that thunder shape make is not stable, there are some problems in the structure, and the Reiatsu is not enough. The control of the thunder energy is too weak. After the energy leaves the body, it is difficult to keep it steady. .

It seems that I need to change the shape of thunder, and at the same time increase the control.

These are all a little bit of exercise, and I can’t worry about it for the time being.

Just as Xia Yan is ready to condense long spear again, when he continues the experiment, a voice sounds, “Give me a hand.”

Xia Yan heard the sound and was shocked. He was too focused and the result was close to behind.

Xia Yan turned the body, just saw the opposite side, Xia Yan did not speak, the opposite side said with anger: “You are a little ghost who fought Zaraki Kenpachi not long ago? Look at the good things you have done and destroy my practice. ”

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