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When other game companies were in emergency maintenance, the server of the Red Letter game “Desolate Battlegrounds” was reopened.

This time, those players finally found a game that can be played, and all crowded into it.

When they entered the game, they found that this time, the “Desolate Battlegrounds” game was actually more sophisticated than before in the gameplay, and more elements have been added.

“This game is really upgraded! I thought the server upgrade is in the flicker!”

“Yes! This is much more fun than the previous games!”

“Do things, I want to put in the group, so They all come in and play!”

On the internet, players call for friends.

In the game forum, someone posted: “The “Desolate Battlegrounds” server opened, more fun than before, really hearty!”

In the game group: “The owner is there anyone who opened the black “Desolate Battlegrounds”?

A primary school student is showing off: “I “Glory of the King” hit the Platinum stage! The cow is not a cow?”

“Cut!” The classmates despised, “Who is still playing “Glory of the King” now? You are too OUT! We are playing “Desolate Battlegrounds”!”

“”Desolate Battlegrounds”? What game, I use my mother’s mobile phone next!”

Inside the Red Letter game company, the employees were pleasantly surprised.

“General Lu, we have opened the game, the popularity has actually risen three times before, and it is still rising!” Zhu An reported.

“This is our good luck!” Liu is also the same ghost of a smile, “other games just been hacked, because we escaped this wave of server shut down, players are now flowing to us here!”

“Oh, Yes, we must do a good job of protection. This will prevent our company from being attacked again!”

Lu Zixin laughed and said nothing. There is a saying that he is self-defeating and cannot live. It’s time to taste the pain with the sinners.

This is just the beginning, the server of the game company such as Tencent has been delayed. The game “Desolate Battlegrounds” not only opened the service, but also game experience is several times better than other games. Just open the service for two hours, the top download!

And after switching to the new equipment made by the umbrella company, the server has never had a problem.

One day passed, the popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds” not only did not fall before, but also skyrocketed three times! Those who have previously traveled with the same mobile game have registered their accounts and changed to “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

With the quality of this game, even if other games are fixed, it is estimated that these players will not be able to recover.

The trend has gone! The high-level players of the game have all sighed. They also occupied a certain market, and they are ready to die with Tencent. Who knows that the black horse that suddenly killed the Red Letter game has seized most of the market.

Inside Tencent game, there is tremendous pressure. The time has passed, and the network problem has just been discovered. It is estimated that it will take 12 hours to start operating normally!

But now, the quality of the players on the network has been one-sided. It can be said that there is no accident that the server is shut down urgently, and the player will gradually lose to the “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

This accident has accelerated this process.

Sure enough, when the major game servers are repaired, the players are no longer buying when they are running again.

Not only that, the Internet does not know when, there are some plug-ins about these mobile games. A competitive game, if the plug-in is rampant, what else to play?

The player is naturally screaming and the game experience is very bad.

“What junk games? All are hanging!”

“I am so angry that I am not playing! Go to play “Desolate Battlegrounds”!”

“Mom’s mental retardation, earning so much money, don’t know how to fight plug-ins?”

… In the face of the accusations of netizens, the game company is also hard to say. Who doesn’t know this truth, but the game loopholes are not immediately fixable.

Some people have the idea of ​​dragging everyone into the water, and they want to make a plug-in for “Desolate Battlegrounds”, but they found that the protection system of others is doing very well, there is no chance!

Therefore, under this trend, there has been a strange phenomenon. A large number of players flowed into “Desolate Battlegrounds”, causing their popularity to soar. Even the flow of all the other chickens in the game is no more than just “Desolate Battlegrounds”!

“Desolate Battlegrounds” became the first of its kind, and became a hot topic on the Internet.

Red Letter Game Company has once again become the target of all major platforms and partners. Various cooperation requests, constantly looking for the door.

Even Tencent game had to open a meeting to discuss this matter.

“This time we spent a lot of money, and many studios started to fight the chicken hand game market strategy plan, it can be said that it has completely failed!”

“In the field of games, our Tencent company has never lost so miserable? You said, why is this?”

The head of the technical department said: “To be honest, this time we were defeated by surprise. The game production technology of the other side is obviously more than ours, and some of the difficulties we have not yet overcome have been solved.”

The head of the operations department said: “The server is also an important issue. This time the hacking incident, Red Letter game was the first to be attacked, but they are also the fastest to recover. And our emergency response is much slower.”


At the end of the speech, they have to admit that this small company does have a lot of amazing things.

“You, and the last thing. Because of the mobile game incident, our company’s stock price has also been affected.”

“It is an unwise choice to play against Red Letter game again.”

Speaking of this, the tops have some frown on the face. It was their initiative to suppress Red Letter game, but now, the pressure is not up, but the other side is stepping on the foot.

For the benefit of the company, they actually have to discuss how to cooperate with each other. This feeling is really too wrong!

However, their face is nothing, the company’s interests are the most important.

“Cooperate, let their games re-enter our platform. If not, it will let a lot of traffic enter the competitor’s platform.”

“But they have refused to cooperate with us before.”

“Then can only make more profit .” Unfortunately, the top of Tencent game can only make compromises.

The Red Letter game company is taking a small celebration party.

At the wine table, Lu Zixin, Liu Tong, Zhu An, and a few management personnel who joined the Red Letter game talked and laughed.

Congratulations to everyone with a toast to the achievements made so far in the company, with the first toast to Lu Zixin, Liu said: “.. General Lu, I will respect yo, just to start this company, I was still swinging, In a short period of time, we have achieved such an achievement. Even Tencent game has been overwhelmed by us, and they have taken the initiative to let us cooperate with us! I have been working for so many years, and I am the first positive, defeating them with weak wins! Thanks to Lu wise leadership!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Old Liu, you don’t have to praise me, it’s hard work. You’ve been working overtime, you haven’t taken a vacation. Wait for a salary, give you a big red envelope!”

“Thank you. General!” Liu Tong laughed.

Then there was Zhu An, who was a little excited because he drank some wine. Looking back a few months ago, he still had two thousand wages for the intern, but now, he is already an executive of a famous game company!

Not to mention the high salary, it is his girlfriend, and now he has to look at him. His wife’s mother also urged him to ask when his wife would pass the door. All this is because Lu Zixin pulled him out and made his life change!

Others also took turns to toast, Lu Zixin refused to refuse, and drank a lot. Finally, Liu Tong, who is experienced, arranged to send him back.

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