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Liu Tong also looked at Lu Zixin with doubts. Has the matter been solved?

Who knows, Lu Zixin actually shook his head: “You don’t have to bother, I will do it myself.”

“You?” Bai Taiping looked up and down the young man and asked, “Are you?”

Liu Tong quickly stood up and introduced: ” This is the boss of our Red Letter game, General Lu.”

He introduced to Bai Taiping and several colleagues more confused. CEO? This young man is the boss of their company?

And what did the boss just say? He solved it himself? What is he like? This is a hacker attack, not a computer crash restart!

Bai Taiping smiled and said: “General Lu, our bid is very sincere. I believe that other network security technology companies will not be much cheaper than us.”

Lu Zixin stressed: “No, this kind of thing, I am coming”

“You?” Bai Taiping shook his head and said: “You don’t want to use things in general. In business, we are professional!”

Liu Tong thought that Lu Zixin was angry and quickly persuaded: “General Lu, now We don’t hurry to solve the problem, the loss will be more serious. Let them do it quickly?”

“I said no.” Lu Zixin stressed, “Don’t forget, I am also a computer master!”

Liu Tong is speechless, computer master There is a lot of it here, but the other party is a professional hacker!

“You don’t believe it.” Lu Zixin said, “In short, you don’t have to find foreign aid!” He didn’t want to spend more money in vain.

Bai Taiping secretly smiled, this Lu still has a temper, he thought he was omnipotent.

Liu Tong was a little embarrassed and said to Bai Taiping: “Our boss is like this. If you are not busy,  you should wait for a while?” He is afraid that Lu Zixin can’t solve it, and he will still ask them.

“Nothing.” Bai Taiping said with a confident expression on his chest, “We are not in a hurry, just to see the technology of General Lu!”

Several colleagues behind him are the same expression, in their opinion. When Lu Zixin suffered and knew the skills of the other hackers, he knew their importance.

At that time, they talked about the conditions and how the boss of this Red Letter game refused!

Lu Zixin had to deal with hackers personally, which made the programmers of Red Letter Game Company very surprised. For this young Lu, they have only heard of some sounds. It is said that he is very capable, but no one has actually seen it.

Several programmers gave Lu Zixin a position to let him operate. They stood behind Lu Zixin and watched together, as well as Bai Taiping and Liu Tong.

Some employees whispered in the dark, “Is it seen? General Lu said that he have to deal with hackers himself!”

“Does he have this skill? We have no way to work for so long!”

“More than that! The other party is still a famous The hacker organization! I heard that the company’s is not sure.”

“It seems that the price is not good, and Lu’s anger is on his sleeves! The temper of this boss is too hot?”

Some employees They all sneaked over there and watched how he were operating.

Lu Zixin began, and everyone’s eyes gathered on him. Some people are still waiting to see jokes.

When Lu Zixin fingers touched the keyboard, they found that it was wrong. Some operations seem to be engraved in Lu Zixin memory. They didn’t see what happened, and Lu Zixin had already begun to operate.

His fingers are like phantoms on the keyboard, the computer pages are constantly changing, the various code data keeps on, and they are dazzled!

“This hand speed, at least 20 years of singles…” An employee can’t help but want to vomit. The colleague next to him touched him, and he reacted. This is the boss, can’t say.

“Great!” Several programmers saw this, Lu Zixin was looking for loopholes.

Lu Zixin ignored them, his brain quickly thought about it, looking for the flaws of the other side.

At the same time, in a certain place in China, in a community. A few young people are running fast in front of the computer.

They are members of the Octopus hacker organization and the main force attacking the Red Letter game company.

“Hey, they started to fight back.” A young man with red hair in his hair like a chicken coop shouted. He lit a cigarette and excitedly said: “It’s a little bit interesting. The previous few were too much. It is estimated to be a person.” His companion laughed. “But it is useless to ask people, brothers, start work!”

They have a total of five people, although they are not trimmed, but they are hackers who are proficient in computer technology. Among them, red hair is the most powerful one, and he is a backbone member of Octopus hacker organization.

“No hurry, no hurry.” Red-haired smoked cigarettes. “The virus that was issued this time is newly developed by us. Give them a day, they can crack it and count as me lose!”

“One day? Three days are difficult . Unless they ask for foreign aid!” The companion laughed.

“It’s really comfortable!” said Red head. “This order can make a lot of money.”

They are not deliberately attacking Red Letter game, but someone is paying for them to attack. And the buyer promises that the longer they spend, the more money they have.

“If you can get the core information of their game, there are definitely many people who are willing to buy it!” said one person.

“Unfortunately, the other party is still witty, directly disconnected from network protection, the data is temporarily unavailable.”

“Red hair brother, there is a problem!” When the red hair and other people smoked, one of the hackers called, “the other party, it seems ……”

“What seems like?” asked the red hair.

“It seems that they have cracked our virus?” the man said.

“What?” Several hackers were shocked. “Impossible, this is only a few minutes?”

“Unless the other party is familiar with this kind of computer virus from the beginning, it is absolutely impossible to be so fast!”

They looked at the computer, but the fact is that the other party really cracked their computer virus!

“I’m a little bit of it! What’s the situation?” hackers yelled, “Hurry up and take back hand out, be sure to suppress them!” In the Red Letter game company, everyone has been shocked by a series of operations by Lu Zixin. From finding loopholes in Trojan viruses to cracking, regaining sovereignty.

This series of operations, Lu Zixin did not pause and make mistakes, as if he knew how to do it from the beginning!

This is actually Lu Zixin luck. In the skill book he studied, there are all kinds of materials, and there are just such aspects. Otherwise, it will take more time.

“God! Actually got it!” a programmer shouted in surprise. “Too cow!”

“How many minutes?” The employees looked at the time. “Ten minutes! It was solved. Lu is really a god! ”

” And this operation?” someone asked.

“Our boss is so bullish? This is more than a hacker!”

Liu Tong was also surprised, Lu Zixin technology is so powerful! The company’s programmers studied for a long time, no clue, and he was solved by three or two!

Bai Taiping, who is waiting to see jokes, is also stunned. Lu Zixin technology is more than the most powerful technicians in their company! This is not scientific!

“Are you can doing it?” Bai Taiping whispered to several technicians who came together, and several people shook their heads helplessly. One of them sounded shocked and said: “Bai manager, this is really big! I have been in business for so many years, I have never seen such a cow!”

“I really doubt that he is a world-class hacker!”

Bai Taiping heard his answer, thinking in his heart, really stole the dog. Just now he was still full of confidence. The Red Letter game still had to ask them. Who knows that this is only a few minutes, Lu Zixin solved the crisis. This is awkward.

I knew that I didn’t ask for so much and worked directly, so Lu Zixin would not do it himself. He regretted this in his heart.

“Lu is still in operation!” someone whispered. “It seems to be doing it with hackers?”

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  1. Dude you need an editor sooo badly but I have to say some of the mistakes that are coming up are toooo good damn funny, like instead of cool your using cow, and I swear in the beginning I just thought its one of those culture things but no its just a mistake in translation, so every time someone is like “omg the MC is so cow” I can’t help but giggle. Oh and that last part in the chapter “doing it with hackers” hahaha I thought I was going to die laughing. It should be translated to something along the line of “he is duking it out with the hackers” as in fighting it out with them. On the other hand “doing it with the hackers” gives of the meaning that the MC is ummm how to put this delicately… It means that he is fighting the hackers but in a bed, with no computers, you get what I’m trying to say? So yeah some of those mistakes are pure gold.

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