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Liu Tong said: “Since Tencent has removed our game, the game traffic has dropped by a third!”

Zhu An habitually lifted his glasses and worked continuously for more than a month, He became thinner. The temperament also calmed down a few points. Seriously, there are really a few small leaders.

He said: “This is only one aspect. We have already talked about several advertisers. Because of this, we have suspended cooperation and negotiation. It is estimated that they are all watching the situation.”

Lu Zixin nodded and he understood the situation. Now that Tencent game is suddenly make trouble, the company is facing a crisis and there are only three options.

The first is compromise. If you compromise and agree to the conditions of Tencent game, Lu Zixin will never accept it.

The second is to rely on the big tree to enjoy the cool, and alliance with other game companies. But in this case, there are also a lot of cakes.

Third, it is hard and positive. This choice is the hardest, and it is almost impossible for Red Letter employees to operate.

And Tencent game is hard and positive? is it possible? That is the domestic Internet giant! Their small company, which was founded less than three months ago, was a small ant in front of the other party and had no chance of winning.

Both Liu Tong and Zhu An looked at Lu Zixin and waited for his decision. Lu Zixin patted the table: “Since they want to compete with us, then do it with them!”

“The market has proved that our game is more popular!”

Hearing Lu Zixin decision, Liu Tong and Zhu An looked at each other. They dare not agree.

Liu Tong euphemistically said: “General Lu, I think we are still compromised. Some other game platforms have already contacted us, we cooperate with them, more confident!”

Zhu An also suggested: “Our current strength Too weak, confrontation with Tencent, it is estimated to be very miserable.”

“What are you afraid of?” Lu Zixin asked, “If we compromise this time, then next time? My purpose is clear, even if it temporarily loses some of the benefits, Do it!”

If Lu Zixin wants to make a fortune, he has already packaged the company and the game together. His goal is to create a huge technology company!

No matter who you are, you can’t! Behind him, there are already two tech giants, and what are you afraid of?

“If there is a problem, you report to me, I will find a solution.” Lu Zixin tone of voice has been decided, no doubt.

Liu Tong and Zhu An have some helplessness, but they can only do it. On Tencent game, I am afraid that it is a big injury! They only hope that they don’t become as bad as they think.

On the Internet, a series of Tencent initiatives have also attracted netizens to talk.

“Tencent is really special, let’s give this trick to “Desolate Battlegrounds”! It’s hard to do this!”

“Yeah, I used to log in with Tencent account. It won’t work now. I have to re-register. How many players have you lost in “Desolate Battlegrounds”?”

“More than a few, in Tencent live broadcast platform, now the live channel of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has been closed. It is also said that review, huh, this is the bottom of the salary, broke their Propaganda channel!”

There is something wrong with you, “Turn off my ass, Tencent two chicken hand games will be released at the same time tomorrow, really to force! I hope to be more fun than “Desolate Battlegrounds”!”

“Wow, my favorite star gives They recorded a promotional video, I must play!”

“A lot of activities, tomorrow, playing tTencent chicken hand game will send the skin of “Glory of the King”!” There are countless primary school students who are tempted by the wind.

The major game companies are also sitting on the mountain.

“Tencent is still as arrogant as ever!”

” Yes, this red letter game is too new? Actually, Tencent is just facing the front, I don’t know who is fearless!”

“Look the next week! The popularity of the mobile game is estimated to be Change!”

“When the popularity of “Desolate Battlegrounds” falls, send people to contact, it is best to buy them! Such a good game is the most suitable for us.”

things have just begun, at 6 o’clock that afternoon. At this point in time, when the online game players began to skyrocket, the students let go of school, the office workers also got off work, and they had time to start the game.

But at this time, Red Letter Game Company had a big event.

“Zhu manager, emergency!” staff report, “Because there are too many players, the server is out!”

Zhu An is responsible for this piece, a game, if the server is unstable, it is very affecting the player experience.

He quickly asked: “Which server?”

“All!” The employee was in a hurry. “Three minutes ago, all the servers in our mobile game were all smashed!”

“All?” Zhuan smelled a bad breath, all If the server bursts, it means that the game is closed in a short time!

For the player, this is a very bad experience. It is conceivable that the sound of the cymbal is definitely not less.

And most importantly, “Desolate Battlegrounds” is now being attacked by the Penguin game, so many products in the game market. Without their game, players can play other games. This reduction is a huge blow.

Zhu An quickly said: “Hurry to release an announcement that the server is under emergency shutdown and the development time is to be determined. The inconvenience caused to the player will be compensated for the appropriate game currency.”

“Okay.” The employee immediately went to perform.

And Zhu An, is to quickly contact the machine room. Red letter game company, because of funding problems, currently does not have its own computer room, are rented servers.

“What? You can’t do anything?” Zhu An contacted the computer room, there was no way.

“We signed the contract, you must solve it as soon as possible. Otherwise it is a violation of the contract!” said Zhu An.

“You can rest assured that we are expedited.”

“Give a clear time, how long?”

“This is embarrassing, we need to find the problem before we know.” The staff at the engine room returned to the road.

Zhu An anger is not light, such a big leak, how did they do it?

No way, he can only report this issue to Lu Zixin.

“General Lu, the situation is like this. There is a problem in the engine room, and now the server can be opened when it is uncertain.” Zhu An said.

After his report was finished, Liu Tong went into the meeting and reported: “Luo, we just found a problem. There are a lot of black accounts crowded servers, causing network congestion. And the official website of our game has also been hacked! They are also trying to attack the company network!”

“This is someone doing things!” Lu Zixin can still not understand, it is clear that some people secretly engage in their company.

“We have already done emergency treatment, but the problems of the computer room and hackers have no way to deal with it for the time being.” Liu Tong reluctantly said, “Would you like foreign aid?”

“No.” Lu Zixin asked, “Our new computer room is built.” ”

Zhu An said: “The place has been found, the network has also been laid, that is, the machine has not been bought yet.”

This is Lu Zixin early explanation, must have their own computer room.

“Well, you have to deal with other things first. The computer room and the hacker, I will solve it.” Lu Zixin said.

Zhu An and Liu Tong are very confused, Lu Zong to solve? How is he solved? This is not a trivial matter that one can accomplish!

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