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  In a blink of an eye, half a year has passed, and in March of the second year, the new semester begins.

  In the auditorium, Xia Yan stood in team with excitement and waited for the loaning Zanpakuto.

  It is not so much Zanpakuto, it should be said that it is Asauchi, referring to the prototype of Zanpakuto, the state before Zanpakuto Shikai.

  All Asauchi, built by Nimaiya Ōetsu.

  After finishing his fourth year of study, Xia Yan entered the sixth grade directly. Together with other sixth graders, he was temporarily loaned to Zanpakuto.

  Although Zanpakuto will not be officially granted until enrolled to a Division, but if it does not violate rules, Zanpakuto will belong to the individual.

  Xia Yan is looking forward to his own Zanpakuto, but it will take some time to get to myself.

  During this half year, Xia Yan Strength is also growing slowly.

  In the second half of the semester, Xia Yan poured more energy into Kido. He first learned the primary Hadō and the primary Bakudō. The more useful one is Bakudō #21, Sekienton, releasing a huge red smoke screen to cover his body shape. Ōmaeda Marechiyo mastery.

  There is also Bakudō #26, Kyokkō, covering objects with Kido, so that objects can not be seen by others.

  Bakudō #30, Shitotsu Sansen, releasing three huge pointed-toothed beams, fixing the waist of the opposite side and the both hands to the object, limiting the enemy’s action.

  Learning primary Kido, and only one month left in fourth grade, Xia Yan can only learn some practical intermediate Hadō and Bakudō.

  For example, Hadō #31, Shakkahō, shooting a huge big fire group, the speed is extremely fast, both impact and high temperature.

  Shakkahō is also the most used Hadō by Shinigami, which is more suitable for both power and difficulty.

  In addition to this, Hadō #32, Ōkasen, high-speed Flame shooting. Hadō #33, Sōkatsui, blue flames discharge from the palm. Hadō #58, Tenran, shooting a huge tornado to the enemy and so on.

  These are more practical intermediate Hadō, and some Bakudō, such as Bakudō #37, Tsuriboshi, are made into a hammock in the air with Reiatsu to the help of fallen people.

  Bakudō #39, Enkōsen, the original protective shield, and the Bakudō #58, Kakushitsuijaku, used to sense enemy Reiatsu and track the enemy.

  After Xia Yan learned these Kido, Fourth grade ended. He jumped directly and entered the sixth grade.

  The sixth grade will be awarded a Zanpakuto, but Zancakuto will only be temporarily borrowed. When he enters Gotei 13, he will get Zanpakuto.

  Of course, even if you borrow it, you can still infuse soul and get the name of Zanpakuto, and then Shikai.

  Xia Yan stood at the forefront of the crowd, but because he was a jumper, the student was in the last one. When the people in front were called, the teacher voice sounded, “Xia Yan.”


  Xia Yan stood up and ran to the stands to see his figure. Other teachers and students looked a bit complicated.

  The 14-year-old Xia Yan, the youngest Asauchi winner in the Soul Society, is in the same grade as him, and all light is obscured.

  Of course, three years later, there will be a younger, more formidable genius that vibrates the entire Soul Society.

  Xia Yan walked onto the podium, and a teacher handed a Zanpakuto to Xia Yan and said, “This Zanpakuto will be loaned to you by Academy. After you join a Division, you will be officially granted it.”

  Xia Yan took Zanpakuto and returned to line in an excited mood.

  Zanpakuto is wrapped in a scabbard. This scabbard is not part of the knife, but the college is configured for the Zanpakuto to prevent accidents.

  Most people will give up the scabbard after mastering the real name of Zanpakuto. Most of the Captain-class and Lieutenant-level Shinigami Zanpakuto will not be placed in the scabbard.

  In the millennium blood war Arc, Nimaiya Ōetsu has built a knife that is sharp enough to be accommodated in the world without any scabbard.

  Xia Yan took the handle and slowly pulled the long knife out of the scabbard. The black and white blade, the sharp blade, was pulled away from the scabbard.

  Waiting for Xia Yan to completely pull out the long knife, appeared in front of a knife with a length of two feet and two inches.

  In the Soul Society, almost all Asauchi are fighting.

  Knife is similar to Katana, but it is somewhat different. Katana is long, has a large arc, and the knife is relatively short and the arc is relatively small.

  In addition, the style of wearing is different. Most of Katana blade is facing the ground. The handle has two rings and is hung around the waist.

  The knife is bladed up, inserted in the waist, can be pulled out by the right hand for the right hand, or pulled back by the left hand.

  Xia Yan looks at the knife in front of me, the endless joy of my heart, this is my own Zanpakuto, in the following time, himself will be accompanied by this Zanpakuto around.

  After Xia Yan received Zanpakuto, he listened to the teacher instructions and went back to the dormitory.

  Just stepping into the bedroom, Renji saw Zanpakuto, and the eyes lit up, he rushed up and said, “Let me see your knife.”

  Xia Yan handed his Zanpakuto to Renji. After the latter seized, he pulled the knife out and looked at the sharp blade. He said, “This is Zanpakuto?”

  Saying that, Renji held the handle and lifted the knife high and then made a slash, and a strong wind rose.

  Renji is very envious and said: “I really envy you, you can get Zanpakuto so soon.”

  Xia Yan said with a smile: “Renji Big Brother, when you reach the sixth grade, you can also get Zanpakuto.”

  Renji sighed and said, “It will take another three years.”

  Renji has just finished his second year of study. The next year is a third year. His grades are average. Although the Reiatsu is relatively high, Zanjutsu scores well, but each test score is poor.

  But he will graduate sooner or later, and the future will not be bleak.

  Kira Iziru and Kondo are escorting Xia Yan Zanpakuto, and the eyes reveal an envious look.

  Renji looked at Xia Yan and asked: “You are valued by 2nd Division, you can go directly to 2nd Division for internship, when to leave?”

  Xia Yan replied: “There is still one month.”

  When he got Zanpakuto, he also learned the method of soul infusion. By injecting soul into Zanpakuto, he can communicated with Zanpakuto, and then got the approval of Zanpakuto. After he knew the real name of Zanpakuto, he can called the Shikai by calling Zanpakuto real name.

  Of course, if you want Shikai, many people can’t do it even if they graduate, but this does not prevent them from performing Shinigami work.

  So after a month of schooling, after teaching the infusion method, they will be interned.

  The internship is to assess the presence of the graduate with no graduation, and tGotei 13 will be recruited according to the results of the internship.

  If the internship results are too bad, the graduation qualification will be abolished and Asauchi will be withdrawn at the same time.

  There are many items in the internship. The first one is the soul burial. You don’t need Zanpakuto Shikai. You only need Zanpakuto to cooperate with the spell to bury the soul and lead it to the Soul Society.

  The second item is killing Hollow, ordinary low rank Hollow, even if it is not Shikai, use Kido with Zanjutsu and Shunpo, you can also kill it.

  As long as you do well on these two, you can smoothly graduate.

  Of course, the purpose of the internship is to join Gotei 13, such as Xia Yan, who is enrolled in advance, without having to assess the internship results, and then directly go through the graduation ceremony and the awarding ceremony.

  Renji heard Xia Yan words, his look was dark, Xia Yan entered 2nd Division, he will be separated from them, and will not meet again until the graduation.

  Xia Yan also felt a little sad, but Renji patted Xia Yan shoulder and said: “Xia Yan, you have to work hard to training. Although you are recruited in advance, I will not fall behind. Maybe I will become a Lieutenant first.”

  Kira Iziru laughed and joked next to him: “Renji, when you become a Lieutenant, Xia Yan has become Captain.”

  ”Captain? Kira, you are too young to me. ” Renji looked irritated and glared at Kira Iziru.

  Kondo also said with a smile on his side: “I think so too.”

  ”You two bastards.”

  Renji raised his fist and made a fuss, chasing the two.

  Seeing the three people playing, Xia Yan said quietly in his heart: “Renji Big Brother, I will work hard.”

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