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This is only the beginning, Liu Tong soon found out that he still had far underestimated the company and their chicken (pubg) mobile game!

As he continued to play, he found that the details of this “Desolate Battlegrounds” are exquisite. Whether it is operation or game experience, it’s almost above the original “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds”!

He did a full circle on the map, and the game experience was awesome! Even the A.I players seem to be more life-like, this let him feel as though he was playing with real people!

Lu Zixin looked at Liu Tong expression from, which went from calm to surprise, until his mouth was wide open, and he kept praising it: “Great! It’s awesome!”

“This game is at least ten grades higher than those in the game market. The place that I used to work can’t even make this kind of game!”

Liu Tong’s heartfelt feeling: “How did you make it? It must have used so much energy and technology!”

Lu Zixin laughed and said nothing, this is made by super computer A.I Red Queen that was leads ahead the earth’s technology by at least an era! The game she made is of course very powerful!

“How, what do you think?” When he finished playing, Lu Zixin asked.

Liu Tong expression became a little excited and said: “Perfect! Incredible, I can’t believe this is a mobile game that you made! The configuration of this phone is not very good, and it’s still running. Not bugs, very smooth, and the phone system matches it exactly!”

“This kind of game, the user experience will be great! I dare say, this is the most perfect chicken (pubg) mobile game, that I have ever seen!”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Lu Zixin said, “So what do you think now, how strong is our company?”

Liu Tong with some doubts, said: “With all due respect, is this really your company independently development, and not cooperate with other companies or teams?”

“Of course!” Lu Zixin affirmed, “This is our Red Letter game independently developed! We have the full copyright of it!”

Liu Tong took a deep breath and said with a thumbs up: “Great, I take back my words, your company is amazing!”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “I can tell you one more thing. Blue Hole Game Company recently announced that they have optimized the game. The new version of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” has also come out. Do you know?”

“Of course I know about it.” Liu Tong nodded. “This time, the Blue Hole has patched all the loopholes in eating chicken (PUBG) this time and the game optimization also several times better! And the player evaluation is very good!”

He also said: “The strength of the Tencent is really strong ,and when they cooperate with Blue Hole they can help them optimize the game.”

“No, it wasn’t Tencent that helped them optimize the game.” Lu Zixin said.

“Well? If not Tencent then who was it? Did they do it themselves?” Liu Tongyi said curiously.

“It’s was me!” Lu Zixin said, “I am helping them to optimize the game.”

“What?” Liu Tong is stared in disbelief as he said : “Mr. Lu, are you joking? That is impossible!”

“Impossible? You can look at this.” Lu Zixin did not mind showing him a contract with the Blue Hole.

Seeing the contract, Liu Tong eyes were coming out quickly. There is an agreement between Lu Zixin and Blue Hole Game Company. Judging by his experience, this is not a fake one, but a real one!

He said with amazement: “There have been rumors in the industry these days, that Blue Hole game company found a master in China, and completely improved their game’s loopholes. I still thought it was the credit of the Tencent company, I did not expect it to be you! Too powerful!”

Liu Tong sincerely admired, only the peoples in the industry know how big a type of ability this is! Not to mention Lu Zixin is so young, amazing!

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Just so-so, I’m only the third in the world.”

“The first game that our Red Letter game decided to operate is this “Desolate Battlegrounds”. How about it, we lack of a operations director? Are you interested? ”

After seeing the strength of the Red Letter game company, Liu Tong wanted to agree. Before he had doubt inside his heart, but at this moment that doubt has long since disappeared.

You can make such a awesome game, the strength of the Red Letter game is more powerful than those of large companies!

This company is still in the startup stage. If you enter the company at this time, it’s at the veteran level!

Red Letter games have such a good product, plus their own operational capabilities, they will be able to make many achievements!

Liu Tong decided at the moment and said: “It’s an honor to work in your company!”

Lu Zixin reminded: “Yes, our company has just started, and the basic salary will not be too high, but the dividend is absolutely indispensable, do you agree?”

“of course!”

“Ha ha ha, welcome!” Lu Zixin once again handshake with him, and then talked about specific remuneration packages, positions and responsibilities.

In this way, Lu Zixin recruited the first elite talent, Liu Tong, who’s fully responsible for the game’s operation.

Within a few days, the company’s basic structure was completed, and Lu Zixin quickly announced that he would release the “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

Zhu An is the current technician and head of the marketing department. He frowned: “Isn’t this too anxious?”

“It’s a bit soon, but there’s a special circumstances!” Lu Zixin said, “Now that our game has been perfected, we don’t need to check anything again, just release it. The company has just started, and we urgently need a product that will supports daily operations!”

Lu Zixin reason to say that he urgently needs this game to make money, was that with just his ten million, it’s difficult to let the Red Letter game operate for a long time.

First is the office rental and the various expenses such as property, water and electricity, and it will cost him millions a year! Then there is the cost of renting the game server, employees salary, office equipment, telecommunications costs, and so on.

Lu Zixin knows this. So if he don’t have any income in the short term, this small company would go bankrupt. If he can’t make a profit as soon as possible, then he would have to wait for the northwest wind!

Liu Tong nodded: “The release is not problem. This game is very good, and those cumbersome steps can be saved. But even the best products need to spend money to promote it.”

He quickly adapted to his position and began to think about the problem.

Lu Zixin asked: “Manager Liu, how much do you expect to spend on promotion?”

Liu Tong said: “This depends on the promotion. If it is according to my previous company, millions of publicity fees are small. Given the situation of our company, there is no way to invest so much.”

“I estimate that in the various game platforms, the comprehensive cost of the list, network promotion, and etc. will add up, at least two million in the early stages!”

For the current game market, the cost of promotion is often higher than the cost of research and development! Otherwise, how come the so many online advertisements and hand-made advertisements on the Internet?

“Okay, then you should develop a publicity plan as soon as possible, and then implement it.” Lu Zixin nodded, he didn’t use much money for himself, so the money he had on hand now was for the company use it first!

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