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Taking advantage of break time, Ding Yu found time to speak to Lu Zixin in the corridor.

Her expression was awkward, and she didn’t know what to say. Lu Zixin simply said: “You don’t need to say anything, I saw you come with Qin Zhijie this morning. Its just ‘The road is wide, each taking one side’ “. 

(Note : the meaning is “We are unrelated to each other in the future” and please help me to translate the proverb above. *the words with italic*, here’s the raw 大路朝天,各走一边 ).

His tone was indifferent, and he gave her a cold look with a trace of disdain. Such attitude stung Ding Yu’s heart. In her mind, Lu Zixin should be very sad and be begging her to stay.

But reality is the other side is cold, and didn’t take her seriously.

Ding Yu guilty thoughts were gone, and she became upset. She said: “Yes, although we have not confirmed the relationship, it is already impossible.”

“You can’t blame me either. From every angle, you are not as good as him. My decision is something which would be the same for other girls.”

Lu Zixin laugh and couldn’t wait any longer. He asked: “Is there anything else? If not, I’m leaving.”

Seeing his indifferent attitude, not to take it seriously, Ding Yu became angry. She stared at Lu Zixin and said: “You don’t have to pretend to be so indifferent to show your condescension.”

“It’s almost half a year after graduation. You should understand that this society is very realistic. Your wage couldn’t afford it, so you shouldn’t even talk about love. No one can rely on just hard work to succeed…”

Lu Zixin looked at her, and thought that it seemed his hate for her grew a lot more than before. He said impatiently: “I am not in the mood to listen to your preaching, rather than that, some ‘reality’ will be showing up soon, bye.”

After he said that he turned around and left. Ding Yu froze in place, her face cold. In order to maintain her self-esteem, she whispered: “Loser!”

About an hour later, Qin Zhijie office, Ding Yu sat in Qin Zhijie arms, sneaking and doing something naughty.

“Don’t.” Ding Yu took Qin Zhijie’s hand out of her clothes and said in his ear: “Do you want to help me?”

“Of course I want to help you, My little fairy!” Qin Zhijie laughed. “I will fire him today!”

Not just for Ding Yu, he also want to fire Lu Zixin himself. He only got Ding Yu and he didn’t play enough with her. If her fake ex-boyfriend had been in the company, and she is not pleasing to the eye and he would of have already forgotten about it.

“You go and call Chai Mao to come.” Qin Junjie said.

“Alright.” Ding Yu went out and called Chai Mao to his office.

“General Qin, what is it?” Chai Mao asked.

“The company’s intern Lu Zixin, fire him.” Qin Junjie said.

“Well, I am also trying to fire him. Yesterday, he refused to work overtime.” Chai Mao immediately agreed, it means nothing for the company to fire a single intern .

At this time, Lu Zixin was on the phone with Zhang Xiaofeng.

“Mr. Lu, I just got off the plane. Are you at the company? I am coming to find you.” Zhang Xiaofeng said.

Last night, he contacted the blue hole game company headquarters urgently. The headquarters regard this matter as an important, and he must take the information on Lu Zixin’s hand, also its the best if he can bring the developer into their company!

“I am, wait, and I will find a place so that we can talk in person.” Lu Zixin also said that he wanted to resign before he talked. As an intern, he does not have a formal contract here so he can leave at any time.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Zixin was looking for the supervisor to resign, who knew that Chai Mao  would be the one to find him instead.

“Lu Zixin, you’re still on the phone during working time?” Chai Mao scolded him.

“It’s my break time!” Lu Zixin sighed, and Chai Mao was sluggish for a response, then he shouted angrily: “Don’t try such reasons to defend yourself. How can you do a good job with your attitude? Now you can pack your things up and get out! ”

This small company had less than 20 employees, so there is no department like the HR(human resources). Chai Mao also manages personnel, and whomever he fired must leave.

Upon hearing this, the small company’s employees look over. Fired? What a bad luck!

Although death game company, or more appropriately called the studio, often do things to recruit interns. However, if you do well you can still stay.

In the past few months, Lu Zixin work attitude was still ok and he is careful in his work. Although in the past few days his attitude seems to taken a different turn , they felt that they should be able to work with Lu Zixin as a colleague in the future. They did not expect the supervisor to expel him.

Ding Yu secretly looked at Lu Zixin, but did not find his expression of regret or disappointment, and she was a bit disappointed.

When Zhu An saw it, he quickly said: “Manager calm down…”

“Shut up! If you talk again, then you will be fired too!” Chai Mao shouted, Zhu An froze in place, do not know what to say.

“I am going to leave, but you must paid my wages first.” Lu Zixin said calmly.

“He is faking not caring about it!” Someone whispered.

“Young people!” Some old staff sighed and said nothing.

Lu Zixin followed Chai Mao into the office and went to get his wages. Outside, the employees still talking about it.

“What happened? Lu Zixin was fired? Who knows why?” There’s bit of gossip coming from the curious female employees.

“I know.” A female whispered, “Today I saw Ding Yu, she was in the boss’s car. and Lu Zixin is her ex-boyfriend!”

“Oh!” Several women suddenly realized.


“What are you sorry for? If its me, I will do the same! Mr. Qin is so good, who wouldn’t choose him?”

“Of course, unfortunately Mr.Qin do not see us that way.”

Several people are gossiping, but Ding Yu heart is quite refreshed, thinking ‘Yes, my choice is correct!’

“It’s here.” Below the office building, Zhang Xiaofeng has arrived. However, he did not call Lu Zixin and wait for him to pick up, but, to show sincerity, he decided to go to find him personally.

“Death game company is on the 8th floor. He should be in the company right now, we will go to the company first, according to the procedures.” Zhang Xiaofeng said to the secretary Li Ming.

He thought that Lu Zixin must be the head of the death game company, after all he has must mastery in programming skills. So I am going to visit the company first, which is more formal.

Death game company area is small in size. When Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming went to visit, they were still gossiping about Lu Zixin.

“Hello, may I ask what brings you two here?” Ding Yu’s job is to receive the reception and some sundries, and immediately stood up and asked.

Li Ming said, “We are from Blue Hole Game Company, and we have come to your company to talk about a cooperation. Is your boss here?”

“Ah?” As a game industry employee, who doesn’t know the Blue Hole game? Their latest “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” is popular all over the world, challenging the status of the “League of Legends” for the number 1 spot on the “Most Played” list.

In their view the Blue Hole game is a huge giant. Their small company is not worth mentioning at all in comparison, and their company recently thought about making a knock off version of the other’s work.

Everyone’s first reaction is to not believe it, then for what reason would a a big company like them find us to cooperate? Its not that they feel inferior, they just think that it’s impossible.

Zhang Xiaofeng said: “I am the representative of the Blue Hole Game Company in China District. This is my business card, sorry to trouble you for the unannounced intrusion”

He handed out a business card, and Ding Yu quickly took it. The exquisiteness of the business card looks sophisticated.

Ding Yu quickly said: “Please wait a moment, I will inform the boss.”

Although she was skeptical, she did not immediately refuse, but went to inform Qin Zhijie.


Editors Notes

The next few chapters (Up to 50 something) haven’t been edited by me, Feja. So some quality of live changes could be added, so new readers, please try and endure, or book mark until I finished editing them all. This is a really enjoyable book. (If I have done the chapters, please disregard this message)


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