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Li Ming knew that he couldn’t waste any  time so he quickly started searching for Lu Zixin’s phone number.

After that he called Lu Zixin without any delay, and listened to the ring tone while praying in his heart , that hopefully they can make a deal.

At this time Lu Zixin is still testing the eat chicken (pubg) mobile game and found that this game much better then all other mobile battle royale games on the Internet. (Feja: He’s the only one who has it, so how? Bots? Where did he get a server? Better not to question it, me thinks!)

Lu Zixin smiled when he saw Li Ming called him, because he expected them to call!

“Hello, is this Mr. Lu?” Li Ming asked.

“It’s me.” Lu Zixin’s voice was care free, as if he was reluctant to speak. This made Li Ming more nervous, he couldn’t have already sold the game program, right?

“Mr. Lu, I am Secretary Li from the Blue Hole company. We talked  earlier today. I’m very sorry, I was  busy at noon so we couldn’t talk much about a deal, but we have already seen your program and it’s very good.” Li Ming said.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin’s tone did not change.

Zhang Xiaofeng couldn’t help himself as he told Li Ming to give the phone to him.

Zhang Xiaofeng said: “Hello, Li Ming is my secretary. I am Blue Hole China division’s Zhang Xiaofeng, we value your patch very much. Do you have time to talk about it in detail right now?”


Zhang Xiaofeng first confirmed that Lu Zixin didn’t disclose the information to any other companies or individuals, and then talked about the details with him.

Lu Zixin purpose is of course to sell the patch to them. Zhang Xiaofeng said that he can buy it, but he has to ask the headquarters before the transaction could be completed.

“In short, please do not let the information be exposed before we cooperate,” Zhang Xiaofeng said.

“I know.” Lu Zixin said that, but he knows he can be a little mean and sell this data to the other people with ulterior motives.

But doing that would offend a big game company, and now that Tencent are in a partnership with Blue Hole, if he offends them, he will definitely face a lot of trouble later.

“That’s good, we will come visit you tomorrow.” Zhang Xiaofeng said quickly, since he would rather resolve the transaction sooner than later.

One reason is to reduce the risk that Lu Zixin leaks the information and the other one is to make up for the loopholes in the game and let the game develop well.

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Xiaofeng quickly said: “Xiao Li, you must quickly book a plane ticket to Jiangcheng for tommorow, as soon as possible. I will rush over tomorrow morning and talk to him personally. In addition, contact the headquarters and ask the top for permission.”

“Okay, I will go right away.” Now the two are unable to finish off their works so they are destined to work overtime tonight.


Lu Zixin sleep ell that night.

The next day, he went to work as usual and decided to tell Ding Yu the good news, and when the matter is completed, resign and take her to travel and relax. With the skills he has mastered, he can easily find a good job or he could even start his own business.

When he arrived at the company, Zhu An said to him: “Lu Zi, what happened to you yesterday? Do you know that after you left, the supervisor said that he want to fire you!”

“Hmph, fire me? I would happy to leave!” Lu Zixin disdain.

“Ah?” Zhu’an was surprised. “Did you find another job?”


“So why do you want to leave? It’s hard to find a job at this time of year. We will go back right now even if you can’t bear it and if you work overtime today you will definitely keep your job.” Zhu An advised.

Lu Zixin did not explain well. He tried to explain: “Reassured, I have an idea.”

He looked at the position of Ding Yu, and she had not come today either. Yesterday, Ding Yu did not reply to any of his messages. He had been thinking about how to negotiate with Blue Hole today, and forgot to ask her if everything was okay.

While still not working, he and Zhu An continued to chat at the window.

“Do you see that? That’s our boss’s BMW,  it costs one hundred and fifty thousand!” Zhuan pointed to a small car that was about to enter the parking lot. “I really envy him, when will I be able buy one?” (Feja: If he’s talking Yuan that’s only USD $21, 681, although values are sort of twisted in different countries)

“I’ll have better car in the future!” Lu Zixin said full of confidence. Zhu An raised his glasses and said:  “That dream is pretty big, but our current salary can’t even afford extra cup of noddles for the month!”

“Right, our boss actually came to the company so early, it’s hell.” Zhu An complained.

The owner of the Death Game Company is not very old, he was called Qin Zhijie, and was only in early thirties. He looked young and promising. As a boss, he has the power to sleep in late during the morning, and usually only comes during the afternoon.

In the parking lot, the car has stopped in a parking space. A man wearing suit came out from the driver’s seat. He wore a western style suit and a tie with swept back hairstyle, which was giving him quite a bit of elite aura.

After Qin Zhijie got off the car, he walked to the other side and opened the door. A woman wearing a high heel and showing her white thighs came out.

“Damn, the boss’s life is really good, he can even bring a girl to work!” Zhu An enviously admired them.

After Qin Zhijie and the sister got off the car, they first hugged and then kissed each other.

“My God, they are so bold!” Zhu An continued to shout.

“Hmmm?” Lu Zixin frowned as he watched and was surprised that the woman’s figure seemed familiar.

“Let’s go, the boss will go upstairs soon,” said Zhu An.

“The fuck!” Lu Zixin yelled suddenly and pointed towards the parking lot.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu An looked at the window and saw it too. He also said “What the fuck, this is… bullshit!”

He saw that the woman who kissed Qin Zhijie had been separated and was going downstairs. And she is clearly Ding Yu! Lu Zixin “girlfriend” who had not yet made a clear relationship!

Lu Zixin face was  cold, and anger filled his heart. He finally understood, why Ding Yu’s recent behavior was abnormal, and why she didn’t care much about the company regulations. It turned out she now with Qin Zhijie!

Although the two did not establish a relationship, Lu Zinxin still felt very unhappy. It’s been a long time since they met, and that woman didn’t say anything as she went to the others embrace!

“Bitch!” Lu Zixin muttered under his breath.

Zhu An did not know how to comfort him, and could only say: “Buddy, fortunately you didn’t choose to spend your life with her.”

“That’s right. Fortunately, I didn’t waste my time on her, otherwise it would have been a big loss!” Lu Zixin heart had calmed down a lot.

He did not have that kind of feeling for Ding Yu anymore, and Ding Yu isn’t so charming either. It’s just a matter of familiarity and convenience. Since he saw this scene today, who is Ding Yu, bye-bye! (Feja: BEGONE, THOT!)

Soon, Qin Zhijie entered the company. He and Ding Yu deliberately went forward and acted like they were unfamiliar with each other, making Lu Zi’xin feel that it was even more funny.

Ding Yu appearance today made many employees eyes light up. She got her hair done, she also wearing a expensive set of clothes, and she looks a bit more mature, this made several employees intentionally or unintentionally glance at her.

Lu Zixin is too lazy to pay attention to this. He is not like the characters from a drama, doing things like asking her “Why don’t you love me”  or  “What did I do wrong?”

He now has a single phrase in his heart for her, fuck off!

I don’t know if it is because of guilty conscience, but Ding Yu still looks at him from time to time, and always seems to want to say something but stops. She was also very surprised. If its had been in the past, Lu Zixin would definitely ask why she didn’t come to work yesterday, but today, Lu Zixin was acting like a stranger, and he didn’t even greeting his colleagues.

This made Ding Yu feels some doubt in her heart. Was her charm reduced? But when she thinks about Qin Zhijie, she was very sure that she is absolutely attractive, otherwise the boss will not “fancy” her.

Compared with Lu Zixin, Qin Zhijie is an excellent man! He is only 31 years old, 9 years older than her, still young and promising, looks good…

As for Lu Zixin, if you want to compare him with Qin Zhijie, I am afraid that it will take decades to measure up or maybe even longer, and he would still no be able to reach that point of success.

Ding Yu convinced herself that her choice wasn’t wrong!

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