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Xia Yan lay on the ground and bitterly endured the pain. Zanjutsu teacher Tsuruhisa Hiroshi looked at Hinamori Momo and frowned and said: “Hinamori, isn’t i tell you that you can’t use Reishi?”

  Hinamori Momo had tears in his eyes, adn said “I just wanted to win at that time, and I used Reishi unconsciously.”

  Tsuruhisa Hiroshi was angry, but he was not talking about anything. He just waved his hand and leaned down to look after Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan forehead had cold sweat, but try not to let himself make a sound, after a while, the door was pushed open, Abarai Renji came in with a tall woman.

  The comers have a short purple hair, a few fine hanging on the shoulders, with red strips of earrings, tall, with a neutral body and face.

  Seeing at the same time of the opposite side, Xia Yan’s mind emerged with a silhouette, Isane Kotetsu, and the future 4th Division Lieutenant, then became 4th Division Captain after the death of Unohana Retsu.

  Isane Kotetsu is very tall, close to one meter nine, taller than Tsuruhisa Hiroshi, carrying a medicine bag, she walked in and asked: “Where is the injured?”

  Tsuruhisa Hiroshi immediately let go of the position and said: “Isane teacher, this student is injured.”

  Isane Kotetsu see Xia Yan, immediately walked over, kneeling beside Xia Yan, extending her right hand, and two fingers together, gently across shoulder of Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan felt that the spiritual power was spreading, but others did not see anything, but Isane Kotetsu said: “Shoulder bone is broken, clavicle is broken, I fixed it for him first, but it takes a while to heal.”

  Having said that, Isane Kotetsu raised both her hands and placed it on Xia Yan’s shoulder, started using Kaidō.

  Kaidō, like Hadō and Bakudō, is a type of Kido used to treat injuries.

  But the difference is that Kaidō is difficult to master and requires a very high talent. The ordinary Shinigami is difficult to master.

  Most of Shinigami who mastered Kaidō entered 4th Division and a small number entered the Kido Corps.

  Kaidō is different from Hadō and Bakudō. No need to sing, beginners of Hadō and Bakudō must be triggered by incantation, even if incantation are abandoned, they will reduce their power and require a Reiryoku to a certain extent.

  In addition, Hadō and Bakudō have a strict rank system, which is divided by numbers according to their power and function. The greater the number, the greater the power and effect.

  Kaidō has a variety of treatment styles. One is to mediate Reiatsu inside and outside the body, so that Reishi can replenish the injured area to treat the wound. Most members of 4th Division use this method.

  The second is the time space recovery class, which specifies the recovery object, restores the inside of a certain space, or the injured person in the time to reach the pre-injury appearance.

  Among them, Space Recovery is the treatment method of the former Kido Chief, Tessai Tsukabishi. There is Hachigen Ushōda treatment that is good enough. At the same time, for serious injuries, even if you can’t treat it, you can keep the injury stable within a certain space. For example, Hiyori Sarugaki body was cut off by Aizen, and he could not cure it, but he could use Kaidō ‘Goyōgai’ to keep the injury of Hiyori from worsening and finally hand it over to Unohana Retsu.

  In addition to Kaidō, there are a variety of treatment styles, such as Bankai and Shikai of Unohana Retsu, which can be recovered as long as it is swallowed.

  There is also a time-class recovery, the double-day shield of Inoue Orihime shield, which restores the time of the specified object before the injury.

  In addition to this there are some ancillary treatments, such as straps, stents, plaster, intubation, and other auxiliary treatments.

  Isane Kotetsu treatment of Xia Yan is the method of Kaidō and adjuvant therapy. She first uses Kaidō to change the Reiatsu, reshape Xia Yan’s bones and restore the original appearance.

  Then Isane Kotetsu opened her medicine box, took out the bracket and bandage, and began to fix Xia Yan shoulder bone. After fixing it, she said: “The bones have been connected. For period of time, don’t move this arm. ”

  Xia Yan slowly straightened up and said: “Thank you Isane teacher.”

  Isane Kotetsu listened to Xia Yan and said with a smile: “This is my duty, don’t need to thank you.”

  Although Isane Kotetsu are tall, her character is very gentle.

  At this time, Kira Iziru, who has been at the side, asked seriously: “Isane teacher, when will Xia Yan be cured?”

  Isane Kotetsu replied: “It will take about seven days to heal, come to me again, I will heal it for you.”

  Renji asked anxiously: “Will it leave behind? For example, this arm will have problems in the future.”

  Isane Kotetsu shook her head, laughed and said: “How is it possible, just a little injury, just a few days of recuperation.”

  Renji just let go of his heart, and Isane Kotetsu stood up and left the training hall after saying goodbye to Tsuruhisa.

  ”It’s time to go to class, let’s go everyone.”

  Tsuruhisa Hiroshi came back and said to Xia Yan: “Xia Yan, you should pay attention to these days, don’t move your right hand.”

  Xia Yan nodded and said: “I remember teacher.”

  Kira Iziru took the initiative and took Xia Yan up. Hinamori Momo quickly greeted him and said, “I will help you too.”

  ”Don’t need it”

  Renji pushed Hinamori Momo away, and Xia Yan left Zanjutsu training room and went to the cafeteria to eat with Xia Yan.

  Hinamori Momo has been in the cafeteria, sitting next to Xia Yan, apologetically said: “Xia Yan, I am sorry.”

  Xia Yan waved his hand and said: “Forget it, this matter has passed, and you should stop putting it in your heart.”

  Hinamori Momo has a little head, sitting on the side and not talking, and her face is awkward.

  At this time, Rukia rushed into the cafeteria and came to Xia Yan side. Look at Xia Yan and asked: “Xia Yan, I heard that you were injured, is there any treatment?”

  “It’s okay, it’s Isane Teacher treatment with Kaidō.”

  Xia Yan showed a smile to Rukia.

  Rukia immediately sat next to Xia Yan and said angrily: “I don’t know which bastard hurts you. I will see her and help you teach her.”

  Hinamori Momo voice came from behind, “I’m sorry, I hurt him.”

  Rukia stood up and stared with anger at Hinamori Momo.

  She regards Xia Yan as her own brother, and naturally she will not stop.

  Xia Yan took Rukia clothes and said, “Rukia sister, don’t care, she is also unintentional.”

  When Rukia heard this, she sat down and looked at her, but she was more angry than Xia Yan.

  Abarai Renji returned to Xia Yan with food and saw Rukia, and he said hello, and put the food in front of Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan used his left hand to eat, but it was very laborious and she could not hold the food.

  ”I will feed you. ”

  Renji picked up the chopsticks and caught a piece of chicken and that placed on the side of Xia Yan.

  Xia Yan is not suitable for others to feed themselves, but now the right hand can’t be used, can only eat like this.

  Xia Yan will eats the chicken. Most of the Soul Society’s animals are made of Reishi. Not only that, but also the spices and vegetables are made of Reishi, so it contains a lot of Reishi and is very delicious.

  Xia Yan ate for more than half an hour to eating a meal. After eating, Renji said: “When you finish eating, I will send you to the dormitory and then rest in the evening. I will not work during this time and stay to take care of you.”

  Renji has found a job in Seireitei during this time, working every night and Saturday and Sunday, to get a meager salary.

  Although the Spiritual Arts Academy provides accommodation and food, it always needs to buy some items, so Renji has found a job and goes to work every day after school.

  Xia Yan said quickly: “Renji Big Brother, I am used to it, you don’t have to help.”

  Renji waved his hand and said, “How can you be alone?”

  Kira Iziru said: “Xia Yan’s roommate is more than you, you go to work, I can take care of him.”

  Rukia also said: “And me, I will come to Xia Yan at night and send Xia Yan back to the bedroom.”

  Hinamori Momo also whispered: “Please let me help.”

  Renji heard the words of the three people, and then he let go of his heart and said, “Well, I will ask you in afternoon.”

  Xia Yan saw that the four people were vying to take care of themselves, and his heart was very warm. It was good to have friends to relying on.

  Today, these five people have become the best friends of the relationship, and four of them have become the Captain of Gotei 13 in the following period.

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