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After that.

The calligraphy exhibition almost coming to an end. It’s not too early, and the meal is almost past. The clubhouse had prepared meals before, but everyone was eager at that time. Who cares about going to eat?

Ye Guang and Father Liu didn’t go to the club for dinner with many calligraphers.

Father Liu has always disliked dinners occasion. Although this is a dinner provided by the Calligraphy Association, it is not a public fund for eating and drinking, and there may not be people who will slap him at the dinner… Well, but this is still bad in his eyes.

Therefore, Father Liu still thought that he wouldn’t participate even if he could, and now he is not too hungry, and it is okay to go home to eat.

Put the self-reporting post written by Ye Guang into the painting tube, Ye Guang clean up and drove home with Father Liu.

Then the calligraphy exhibition will end.


On the road going back.

Ye Guang on driving seat.

Father Liu sat in the back seat, with the Huai Su narrative written by Ye Guang in the seat beside him, and Father Liu glanced at the painting tube from time to time.

Ye Guang saw it twice from the rearview mirror, so he said, “Uncle, if you like it, I’ll give it to you.”

Father Liu stunned, obviously taken aback, and said lightly, “No.”

Ye Guang: “It’s useless for me to keep it, just take it, and you’re kind to me.”

Father Liu thought for a while, and said, “It’s your bride price.”

Lu Guang smiled.

Speaking of it, the marriage of Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan was really hasty. The original process of marriage was nothing, not discussed the wedding dowry and bride price. After that, Ye Guang’s parents and Liu Chiyan parents met. The two parties did agree, but these issues haven’t been discussed.

Father Liu and Mother Liu didn’t take these seriously. It didn’t matter whether there was a betrothal gift or not. Mother Ye and Father Ye thought about it, but they didn’t think about how to do it. Liu Chiyan’s family is considered as wealthy family. It is definitely not appropriate to give a lighter gift, but I don’t know how to give a heavy gift, so they put it on hold.

This time, Ye Guang gave the words to Father Liu. Father Liu said that it was a betrothal gift, so it just solved the problem. This gift is not light, anyway, someone just bid 2,5… no, 2.6 million.

However, Ye Guang didn’t take it seriously. Father Liu liked the character and couldn’t pull it off.



The next day.


In the evening.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan packed up, ready to go back to Nanchang.

This time, the two of them will go back first. But, the studio staff still in the capital for the time being. Running Man haven’t finished the recording. So, their studio have to be busy here. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan will come back a few days later. Then recorded the remaining two final episodes.

Yiyi also want to go back with him this time, but Mother Liu didn’t let it go, saying that they would take her back the next time Ye Guang come.

This time, Liu Chiyan are going to live with her husband’s family. If Yiyi goes together, she will go to school in Nanchang, and there will be fewer days to meet Father Liu and Mother Liu. So mother Liu wants Yiyi to stay at home for a few more days.

After all, they are still a little reluctant.

When they were leaving, Father Liu and Mother Liu took Yiyi out to send Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

Mother Liu: “Be careful on the road.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan nodded in response.

Mother Liu confessed to Liu Chiyan again, “Live your life well and be filial to your in-laws.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and nodded, “I know, Mom.”

Mother Liu nodded, “Well, let’s go, don’t miss the plane.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Well, goodbye parents.”

Ye Guang also said, “Goodbye, uncle and auntie, goodbye Yiyi, be good at home.”

Yiyi curled her lips.

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang, exhaled, and said quietly, “Come back again and change your mouth.”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were stunned.

Mother Liu also gave Father Liu a strange look.

Seeing Ye Guang staying silent for a while, Father Liu displeased said, “Just forget it if you don’t want it.”

Ye Guang returned to his senses, and nodded hurriedly, “Yes, yes! Dad, Dad, I will change now, Dad.”

The unscrupulous Ye Guang immediately changed his tune, calling it a smooth one.

Ye Guang screamed ‘dad’, almost causing Father Liu to get goose bumps all over his body, so uncomfortable, it feels weird.

“Let you change your mouth next time, but didn’t let you change your mouth now.” Father Liu deliberately scowled.

Ye Guang touched his nose and sneered.

Mother Liu smiled and said, “Little Ye, he is not happy, don’t to call him, but I am happy.”

Ye Guang smiled and called to Mother Liu, “Mom.”

“Hm.” Mother Liu smiled brightly and nodded heavily in response.

Liu Chiyan smiled sweetly on the side.

“Okay, okay, let’s go, you won’t be able to catch up for a while.” Mother Liu said.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan nodded.

“Then mom and dad, we’re leaving.” Liu Chiyan said.

“Mom, goodbye.” Ye Guang called to Mother Liu again, and Mother Liu’s face smiled brighter.

“Uncle… Dad! Goodbye.” Ye Guang changed his words after all.

However, Father Liu’s face turned darker, and he waved his hand at Ye Guang, “Boiling, just go.”

Ye Guang smiled and Liu Chiyan turned and walked out.

When they walked to the gate of the yard, Ye Guang turned his heads. Mother Liu and Father Liu were turning into the house. Ye Guang, on a whim, shouted at Father Liu, “Dad! Goodbye!”

Well, this stuff is still exciting.

Father Liu face was dark again, and he looked back at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang quickly turned his head, pretending to be okay, and walked side by side with Liu Chiyan.

For some reason, Father Liu suddenly chuckled and shook his head.

Ye Guang’s heart is quite beautiful right now. For a long time, Father Liu’s attitude towards him has not been very good. Although he eased a little later, he still has a stern face every day. To be honest, Ye Guang feels uncomfortable staying with him. Now, Father Liu asked Ye Guang to change his mouth next time… well, it has changed his mouth.

This is undoubtedly a change of Father Liu, not to mention whether Father Liu still dislikes Ye Guang, but he has completely accepted him. Otherwise, Ye Guang will not be allowed to change his words, at least he will not take the initiative to say this.

Liu Chiyan also happy. She was the one who most hoped that Father Liu and Ye Guang could get along well. These two were the most important men in her life.

Liu Chiyan walked and stopped suddenly.

She wears a big mask and makes a dull voice, “Noctilucent.”

Ye Guang stopped and turned back, “What’s the matter?”

“In the future, there will be nothing to separate us, right?”

“Never, and never will be.”

Liu Chiyan still wearing a big mask, but Ye Guang could see her smile.

Ye Guang laughed slightly, holding the suitcase with one hand and opening the other hand.


Liu Chiyan trot a few steps.

Hug his arms.

The setting sun is slanting west, and the golden sun shines all over the earth, warm but not blazing. Today’s weather is perfect, with clouds in the sky and sunset clouds on the horizon.

Windy, soft and intoxicating.

In the sun, a man and a woman walked forward holding hands to face the sunset.

The shadow stretched very long, very long.

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