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Ye Guang displeased remarks changed the expressions of several parents. Teacher Zhou also said, “Parents, I know that your child beaten, and you are distressed and anxious, but Ye Guang parents also apologized, and the children are fine, so just forget about it, okay?”

The middle-aged male parent said, “It was our child who was beaten. Of course, you said that. If the one who was beaten is replaced by your child, you can try.”

Ye Guang: “Then what do you want?”

Black-framed-eyed parents, “We are not unreasonable people, but you have no sincerity in apologizing so much. We definitely can’t just stop like this.”

Ye Guang: “Then I will set a table and apologize to you. Can this be done?”

Wavy head parent, “Who rarely eats your meal.”

Black-framed eyes said, “That is, what’s the big deal about a meal. If you want to apologize, be sincere.”

“How do you feel sincere?” Ye Guang asked.

The parents of the three children who were beaten looked at each other, and then leaned together and whispered a few words.

Black-rimmed glasses, “Don’t all of you stars like to make statements at every turn, so you also send a public apology.”

The other two parents should also agree, “Yes, apologize!”

“Send a public apology, this matter is over, otherwise it will not end!”

Ye Guang didn’t hesitate at all, nodded and agreed, “Okay!”

Ye Guang promise was so refreshing, but it made the three parents a little surprised. Doesn’t a star cares about his face? They just wanted to embarrass Ye Guang, why he agreed so simply?

Without waiting for the three to speak, Ye Guang took out his mobile phone and began to edit the Weibo apology statement. Halfway through the writing, he asked the names of three friends, and then wrote them together in the apology statement and sent it out.

Apology statement: Because the child was naughty in the kindergarten and hit three children, I hereby apologize here. I solemnly apologize to Wang Ran, Tian Xu, Liu Zongzhou, the three children and their parents.

Ye Guang said, “I have already sent it on Weibo.”

The parents with black-frame glasses took out their mobile phones and pulled them for a while. Checked the apology statement that Ye Guang had just sent on the Internet, nodded, and handed them to the other two parents to have a look.

No longer entangled, Ye Guang led Yiyi out of the kindergarten.

The other parents have not resigned themselves to it anymore. They had made the previous statement made. Now, Ye Guang has done it. Even if there’s still reluctance in their hearts, they have no reason or excuse to embarrass Ye Guang anymore.

After all, people still want face.

Moreover, these parents can’t say that they are bad guys. Although Ye Guang feels the children fighting, adults don’t need to get involved so much, but he can’t ask others to think like this. From the perspective of other parents, he can understand it. So, those parents had said so badly before, but Ye Guang chose to endure it abruptly.

It’s not counseling, just empathy and understanding, and he also wants to take this opportunity to teach Yiyi a lesson.

Even it makes him suffer some grievances.

Ye Guang led Yiyi out, and Yiyi walked as she broke away from Ye Guang’s hand and stopped.

“Ye Guang, why do you want to apologize to them? They are all bad guys. You shouldn’t apologize to them. You can beat them.”

Ye Guang startled, then squatted down, looked at Yiyi, and said seriously, “They are not bad guys. Violence can’t solve everything. No matter how bad they are, wrong is wrong. You will pay a price if you do something wrong.”

Yiyi flattened her mouth, “But you didn’t beat them.”

Ye Guang” “But you did something wrong.”

“You…” Yiyi curled her lips, then lowered her head and muttered, “I’m sorry, I caused you trouble.”

Yiyi originally wanted to say that you are not my father, but she can’t say anything when that words reached her lips.

Ye Guang stroked Yiyi’s hair, picked her up, and continued to walk outside, “Okay, go home, just know that you are wrong. This is not allowed in the future. This is the first time you have made such a mistake. I will not punish you. If you are still like this, be careful in the future, I will teach you.” Speaking, Ye Guang patted Yiyi’s little butt lightly.

Yiyi pursed her mouth, “Know it.”

“It’s good to know.” Then Ye Guang asked, “Why are you fighting with kids?”

When Ye Guang came into the room, he did ask the teacher, but only learned that Yiyi had beaten the three children to tears. As for the reason, Ye Guang couldn’t ask at that time.

Yiyi snorted, “Who let them bully Xinru.”

Ye Guang groaned, “Are you still brave for righteousness?”

Yiyi became a little embarrassed, and her face flushed slightly, “… Xinru gave me snacks to eat, then they came to grab…”

Ye Guang taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed. Sure enough, this is the real reason.

Therefore, you must not grab food from a foodie! Otherwise, you can’t figure out what’s going on!

Ye Guang smiled and shook his head, “There’s three people, and there is a big fat man. How can you beat them? You didn’t hurt yourself, right?”

Yiyi was held by Ye Guang, and she stood up. She shook her little fist with smugness, “Oh, I am much better than them. You have taught me Kung Fu.”

Ye Guang  smiled and touched Yiyi’s head. Ye Guang taught Yiyi a little bit of Taiji, but Ye Guang himself knew best what he taught. They were all fake styles. If Yiyi had beaten three children with this Kung Fu, Ye Guang will not believe it.

However, Yiyi did win, and she made three children cried at a time. In this regard, Ye Guang can only classify this as a small cosmic explosion from a foodie. In addition, the few children also spoiled and bred without a bit of wind and rain, so they are slapped and cried after hitting it twice.

Go home.

Liu Chiyan asked about the reason, and after learning about  Yiyi fighting and causing trouble in the kindergarten, she blames and educates Yiyi.

Yiyi was being taught with a pitifully flat mouth, and finally Ye Guang relieved her, “Okay, okay, don’t talk about it, kids fighting, nothing big. I have already taught her on the way, you stop talking about it, she should cry in a while.”

Yiyi  also nodded quickly, indicating that she was about to cry soon!

On the contrary, Liu Chiyan became amused by her like this, scraping Yiyi’s little nose, “Okay, let’s not talk about you, go play.”

Yiyi ran away quickly.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang and said, “You, just get used to her, be careful to be spoiled by you.”

Ye Guang gnawing at the apple and laughed, “What’s bad, don’t worry, I’m watching her, my daughter must not be broken.”


Liu Chiyan startled, glanced at Ye Guang that was still gnawing at the apple, and then turned to look at Yiyi who was still looking for toys in the cabinet by the balcony. There was nothing to say.

Yiyi had gone to look through the toys before, still holding the cabinet full of toys for her, and muttered in a voice so small that only she could hear, “It’s not your daughter.” But there was a smile at the corner of her mouth.

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