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Yiyi has been very happy these past two days. Not only can she play everywhere, and there’s also many delicious foods, but her favorite Father Ye has also come. In the past two days, she has been sticking to Father Ye, acting like a coquettish with him, which tell she is happy.

Yiyi is a big child. She knows who treats her well. Father Ye likes Yiyi and spoils her with everything. Naturally, Yiyi also likes to stick to Father Ye.

Yiyi the happiest time was when Ye Guang parents came to Liu Chiyan’s house to be guests. The family sat eating together, and Yiyi felt extremely happy. On this day, almost all of her favorites and those who liked her most came together, if Grandpa Liu was there, Yiyi would definitely feel perfect!

Before leaving, Father Ye and Yiyi were quite reluctant to give up. Father Ye almost settled down and played with Yiyi for a few more days.

Needless to say, Liu Chiyan must still buy first class for Ye Guang parents. This time, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang’s remark is that when the ticket arrives, it is a round-trip ticket. Now, it will cost to repurchase the ticket and the money can’t be returned.

But this hasn’t fooled Mother Ye. She kept talking about letting Liu Chiyan go and refund the ticket, don’t spend the wrong money, just buy economy class.

Instead, Father Ye looked open and persuaded, “Okay, the last few days should be spent, and these two tickets are not bad. The children are filial, so stop nagging.”

Mother Ye thought for a while, and finally didn’t say anything. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were interested in filial piety to her and Father Ye. Of course, Mother Ye also happy, but Mother Ye was plain, diligent, and thrifty for most of her life. This is something in the bones, no matter how developed Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang will be in the future. No matter how generous they can provide the two elders with a life, but for parents, the habit of thrift is no longer can be changed.

Diligence and thrift is a virtue.

The next day.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan continued to participate in the recording of Running Man. Now the ratings of the program are basically stable, and the ratings of the program have stabilized between 2.2-2.3.

Ye Guang is still quite satisfied with this figure. Although the audience rating is much worse than Dream World’s Running Man, there are still differences between the two worlds, and they can’t be the same.

After finishing the recording of the latest issue. Ye Guang also proposed to Heavenly King Liu and others to concentrate on recording time and record multiple episodes at one time, because other guests have other work, so they still have time to adjust their schedule.

However, everyone has a supportive attitude to this idea. After all, having to run back and forth once a week is really troublesome, and it also affects other tasks. It would be best if you can focus on recording for a period of time, but you need to adjust the schedule and the agreed time period. Everyone needs to make some preparations. They all agreed, when they go back this time, they will try their best to coordinate the various schedules, and strive to finalize it when the recording of the next program start.

During this period of time, Ye Guang still absorbing a lot of knowledge required for the establishment of the foundation, and made sufficient preparations for the follow-up foundation. Although he has already planned the foundation, he will not do it himself, but he still needs to understand it. Otherwise, I don’t know how I got scammed.

Because I can’t go back to Nanchang in the short term, Liu Chiyan also asked someone to find a good private kindergarten for Yiyi, which is still a big class. s. When Yiyi was young, Liu Chiyan’s family invited private tutor for her, so the base still played well. In fact, it’s almost enough to go to elementary school now, but after everyone has discussed it, it is better to let Yiyi go to kindergarten for another year.

Yiyi has no resistance to going to school. She was very happy at school in Nanchang before, and there were many children playing at school. It was much more fun than Yiyi playing alone at home. However, Yiyi also mentioned one condition for going to school.

“Ye Guang, you have to pick me up every day!”

Ye Guang agreed with a smile, “Don’t worry, unless I can’t walk away, I will definitely pick you up! You have to be good at school.”

Yiyi nodded in satisfaction, “I’ve always been behaved.”

However,  the second day Yiyi went to school, Ye Guang received a call from Yiyi teacher.

“Hello? Are you Liu Yitong’s parents? Can I trouble you to come to kindergarten? I want to talk to you about something.”

Ye Guang was stunned on the phone, and quickly asked, “Hello teacher, is our child causing any trouble?”

“You have time to come over, let’s talk about it when you meet.”

Ye Guang said to Liu Chiyan, and hurried to Yiyi’s school.

The kindergarten is not far from home, and it takes less than 20 minutes to drive.

In the kindergarten teacher’s office.

Ye Guang kept apologizing to the teacher and a few other parents, and there were several parents standing next to him.

Yiyi also stood aside with a few children, Yiyi looked unhappy, and the other children were even more teary, and the tears on their faces hadn’t dried yet.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, the child is more naughty, I am not well educated, I’m sorry.” Ye Guang laughed with him.

A middle-aged wavy-headed female parent was still angry, “I’m sorry? Can it’s all over? Your child beat our baby, and you’ll be fine if you say I’m sorry? How can there be such a cheap thing.”

Another middle-aged male parent also helped, “That is, they have beaten to tears. I tell you, you must explain this to us.”

Another parent with black-rimmed glasses said to Yiyi’s teacher, “Mr. Zhou, your kindergarten is also well-known. So, I’m relieved to send my child to you, but it’s only a few days since school started. Our child beaten like this, so how can we rest assured that we will continue to send our children to you to teach.”

Teacher Zhou also accompanied the smiling face, “I’m really sorry, yes, we have the responsibility, and we haven’t supervised it well. We will definitely pay attention to it from now on.”

The female parent of the wave head said, “Not only must the supervision be good, but also the response of your school leaders. Pay more attention when recruiting students. Don’t just want anyone money.”

Ye Guang felt a little unhappy in his heart, but he still laughed with her, “I’m sorry everyone, our child is naughty. I will definitely educate her when I go back. This kind of thing will never happen in the future.”

The middle-aged male parent snorted and pointed to Ye Guang and said, “You educate? How do you educate, I know you, Ye Guang, a third-rate celebrity, you don’t check it out, the things that hit people are raging on the Internet, can you educate your children?”

The parents of the black-framed eyes also voiced out, “Sure enough, what kind of parents are there and what kind of children it’s taught? It really should have the old saying, ‘Dragons and phoenixes give birth to dragons and phoenixes, and mice’s sons will make holes’, there is such a Dad, there will be no future for your child!”

Ye Guang’s face turned dark and a little angry, children fight, how big, even if it’s Yiyi fault, I sincerely apologize, so it would be boring to talk.

Ye Guang  held back his anger, and said displeased, “Children are still young and immature, and like to play around. It is inevitable that disputes and stumbling will occur. I also apologize sincerely. Why do you just say it so ugly.”

In fact, Ye Guang is also strange. Yiyi is a girl, and the three opposite are all boys. One is chubby and strong, half a head taller than Yiyi. How can Yiyi beat and cry three people alone?

However, the facts are in front of you, and Ye Guang can’t help but to believe it.

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