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Father Liu study is not as solemn or antique as Ye Guang imagined.

The layout is very simple and there is no special decoration. There are several ink paintings on the wall, namely plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.

There are two bookshelves, one against the wall behind the desk and one against the right wall.

On the bookshelf, there are a lot of books and Ye Guang glanced at it. There are everything in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. Ye Guang seriously suspects Father Liu hasn’t read so many books.

Father Liu seems to have seen through Ye Guang mind, “Don’t think about it. I haven’t read most of them. I don’t have time, I will read each book after retirement.”

Ye Guang said silently, “Damn, how do you know what I’m thinking!”

Father Liu walked straight to the edge of the desk, took a piece of rice paper, spread it on the table, and said, “Come and write a word for me.”

Ye Guang stunned, he didn’t understand what Father Liu meant.

Father Liu saw him not moving, his tone was quite bad, “Not coming yet!” It seems that Father Liu still very upset in the fact that Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan sleep together.

Ye Guang responded quickly.

Father Liu: “You know how to use a brush, write with a brush.”

Ye Guang: “Yes, I can use it.”

Father Liu nodded, “Well, grind yourself.”

With that, he gave way to the side to make room for Ye Guang.

Ye Guang started to rub his ink with some clumsiness. To tell the truth, he didn’t do much rubbing, but he knew how to use the brush. But he turned out that his brush writing can only be regarded as ghost drawing talisman, but after he has Calligraphy Erudition, he can also use the brush. Just like the arm makes the finger move, very handy.

However, Ye Guang still a little curious about what characters Father Liu told him to write, and he didn’t say anything.

Ye Guang asked, “Uncle, what shall I write?”

Father Liu said lightly, “It’s up to you.” Then after thinking about it, he added, “Writing in cursive.”

Ye Guang nodded, write whatever you want, looking around the environment of the study room, Ye Guang’s eyes finally stopped on the plum blossom ink painting, and he had an idea in his heart.

“Uncle, the few ink paintings of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum in your room is really good. I will use the plum to write you a poem.”

With that said, Ye Guang picked a brush from the pen holder, smeared it with ink, and started to work.

“Pale-dark Plums” [X-N: Source here.]

In the pond the brushes and inkstone I clean,

The trees above it all pale-dark blossoms bear.

For praises of fair colors they appear not to care,

But leave to the vast universe their scents serene.

The eloquence of the pens like the dragons and the snakes, seemingly some wild and unruly ghosts, the mad grass leaping on the paper.

Father Liu watched quietly, the pupils in his eyes shrank, and if it wasn’t for his face, he could immediately clap his hands and applaud.

Ye Guang cursive script is good, Father Liu knows, otherwise it’s impossible to specifically ask him to write a character, but what he saw at the time was Ye Guang cursive script written with a hard pen. Such characters made Father Liu feel amazing. Now, Ye Guang cursive script written with a brush is even better.

You must know, the ancient Calligraphy in China, whether it is cursive or running script or other, only brush can fully show its unique beauty and charm.

After writing the last stroke, Ye Guang put down the brush, “Uncle, how do you think this poem written?”

Father Liu gave a faint hum, “It’s okay.”

Ye Guang made a spit in his heart, how can it be called okay? Look at this poem, look at this word, even Ye Guang himself feels perfect, are you just okay? Also, don’t think I can’t see the eagerness of your eyes staring at this word.

Pretend, pretend hard!

Don’t say, Ye Guang heart is very beautiful now.

Ye Guang wrote this word to Father Liu. In fact, there are some suspicions of flattering. Don’t exaggerate the color, only keep the air full. This is a disguised way of flattering Father Liu, saying that he is noble in character and high-mindedness.

However, Ye Guang wrote this poem, and there is another meaning. Don’t exaggerate the color. Just leave it clear and full of energy. You can also extend it to Ye Guang himself. Ye Guang knows that Liu Father has always disliked him. He didn’t look at his eyes, Ye Guang wanted to tell Father Liu.

I don’t need you to praise me, I don’t need you to admire me, but one day, I will be here in this world, leaving my fragrance!

Of course, this meaning, Ye Guang will definitely not talk to Father Liu unless he is stupid.

As for Father Liu understanding or not, it is unknown.

Father Liu really likes the words written by Ye Guang and this poem. His eyes always stay on it. Although he has been flattered by countless people, but no one to flattered him with such a poem like Ye Guang did. Father Liu silently said, My heart is quite beautiful.

Father Liu retracted his gaze and said, “You can sign for it.”

To be honest, Father Liu didn’t intend to let Ye Guang sign at first. He asked Ye Guang to write in order to give away, but with this word, this poem, seeing such a stunning work, Father Liu didn’t think he would let him. The original author Ye Guang couldn’t make it through a paragraph.

Ye Guang said okay, then left his name under the rice paper.

Liu Father didn’t know what he was thinking while standing. He didn’t speak for a long time, and Ye Guang waited for him quietly.

“Write another one.” Father Liu spoke and pointed to the “Pale-dark Plums” had just written on the table, “It can’t be better than this.” Father Liu specifically confessed.

Ye Guang puzzled, what do you mean? Write another one? It’s okay to write another one, but why can’t it be better than the one just now?

I don’t know what medicine Father Liu sells in the gourd, but when the old man has spoken, how could Ye Guang not follow it.

He took a piece of rice paper again, Ye Guang swept around the room again, focusing his attention on the orchid ink painting on the wall of the study.

Pick up the pen and do it.

“Yong Lan” [X-N: Not found the translation]

Fang has a reputation from all over the world and settled in Wanjia.

Ye Li is righteous, Hua Yan is not flashy.

Evergreen bucket is bitterly cold and full of summer with a smile.

The true gentleman in the flower is elegant and graceful.

After the poem completed and Ye Guang receives the pen.

Well, it’s still a flattering, righteousness, and a gentleman, also elegant, this flattering is also blatant.

Father Liu became entangled again. In the previous copy of “Pale-dark Plums”, he saw that Ye Guang was well written, and he liked it. He couldn’t bear to give away, so he let Ye Guang to write again. After Ye Guang reduced his momentum, it is indeed a bit inferior to the character in the previous picture, but in Father Liu eyes, this is still a rare and good character, so he can’t bear it again.

However, Father Liu finally chose the face between his unbearable and his own face.

“Okay, it’s okay, you can go out after signing.”

Father Liu didn’t let Ye Guang continue to write. He guessed that if he let Ye Guang write again, he still couldn’t bear it, so he just gritted his teeth and gave this one!

In the beginning of the two paintings, Father Liu didn’t intend to let Ye Guang sign at first, but in the end, they all signed by Ye Guang. Father Liu is a cursive lover. Although he is a little reluctant, Father Liu feels that if such works do not have the original author’s inscription, it is a great shortcoming.

Ye Guang didn’t say much, and said, “Uncle, I’m going out.” Then he turned and left.

After Ye Guang left, Liu Father immediately and eagerly picked up the two ink-stained words that Ye Guang had just written. Then he nodded frequently while appreciating, obviously liked it very much.

It wasn’t until Mother Liu knocked on the door to tell him that the driver had come, only then Father Liu kept the two paintings in a painting tube with some meaning. Then put Pale-dark Plums into the cabinet where he collected the collection of calligraphy and painting, and placed it on the top. Another picture of Yong Lan, was taken out with him.

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