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“Intelligent controller?” Lu Zixin smiled. “This is a good idea. But this kind of intelligent controller, it is very difficult to control different smart home appliances. After all, the production standards of different manufacturers are different.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: the superiority of an IQ is born!] Only need to enter the information of conventional smart home appliances, design the application. Through the smart chip in the controller, control the smart home appliance through current control or electric signal The function.”

“And the smart home control through the control of the intelligent controller, can realize the interaction between man and machine, basically meet your needs.”

Mr. L : “That is, the core issue is the programming and chip design.”

Red Queen added : “Also with a variety of sensors.”

Having said that, Red Queen sent him a Red envelope directly and said : “The information is in it.”

After Lu Zixin clicks, the group prompts : “Congratulations to you for receiving Red envelope from Red Queen, a copy of the ‘Smart Controller’ production materials, a smart home system template, and a multi-function sensor manufacturing technology.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: funny]”

Mr. L  : “Thank you, the next time I send Red envelope, you must have one.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: agree with the big man grip.]”

Lu Zixin had another fight with Red Queen for the emoticon bag. Suddenly the little spider jumped out and said in a hurry : “Not good! I want to become a zombie.”

Peter Parker : “What should I do? What should I do? I don’t want to die!”

Peter Parker : “Scorpio, God, Gwen promised to be my girlfriend. I was infected with the zombie virus…”

Peter Parker : “I think I want to be the kind of walking dead, I can’t wait to commit suicide! I should go to a place to quietly disappear…”

Mr. L  : “@Peter Parker, calm down, what happened?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Excitement] @Peter Parker, have you finally decided to join my zombie army? You can rest assured that I will not treat you badly, let you be the head of the zombie army! How?”

Peter Parker : “Hey, I may be infected with a zombie virus.”

Lu Zixin wondered : “How can you have a zombie virus? Is it impossible? No, it is possible.”

Lu Zixin suddenly remembered that in the Marvel universe, there is a parallel world called the Zombie Universe. In that parallel universe, the superheroes and super villains were all infected with the zombie virus, and they swallowed the entire universe and turned into hell.

Is Peter Parker the character of that zombie universe?

Red Queen is full of interest in this topic. For her, it seems that there is no difference between being zombie or human. Anyway, it is a biological form, and she does not even have a biological form.

She quickly asked : “Peter Parker, what zombie virus. Is Gvirus or Tvirus, or other variants? With your gene, ordinary virus should not be infected. Is it a super zombie virus? I really want to study. ”

Peter Parker : “I don’t know. I went out with Gwen last night and I seem to have  to touch something. Then I was upset these days, sometimes I feel dizzy and my body is very uncomfortable.”

“It seems like I have gotten sick, but the doctor told me that I am not sick and that I am stronger than the average person.”

“Not only that, my food intake has become very big. I want to eat anything. The most terrifying thing is that I saw human beings and actually produced appetite!”

“It’s too terrifying!”

Red Queen : “[Contemplative emoticon: touched the beard that doesn’t exist.] According to your description, it is very similar to the infection of zombie virus.”

When Peter Parker saw her news, he suddenly became more panic. He quickly asked, “What should I do? What should I do? I don’t want to be a zombie!”

“@Red Queen, Red Queen, can you cure the zombie virus?”

Red Queen : “There is theoretically possible. But the virus antibody serum I studied at the Honeycomb Underground Research Base is just getting started. It will take a few years to succeed.”

“And your virus is not necessarily Gvirus or Tvirus, and the therapeutic serum needed should be different.”

“[Evil emoticon: Little bug, don’t resist anymore, be a member of my zombie army! Hahahaha…]”

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: despair.]”

Lu Zixin thought about it, but felt that things should not be so bad. He also asked: “Not necessarily a zombie virus. Do you have other people infected, or see other infected people?”

Peter Parker : “It seems… no. At the moment, only I have this situation.”

Red Queen : “Maybe because your body is more resistant, so the lesions are slower. But because your body is stronger, the zombies after the lesions are even more powerful!”

“[emoticon: I think there is still a little excitement, my CPU is starting to heat up!]”

Red Queen has even begun to imagine the little spider becoming a zombie. She said, “What will you call you later? Spider crawler? Throwing zombies? No, this is not aggressive.”

“It should be this!” Red Queen sent out a small spider that he had imagined to become a zombie, not only mutating the eight legs of the spider, but also expanding several times.

It is accompanied by the words: “The head of the first army of the Red Queen’s Zombie Corps – the eight-legged tentacles of the squad, the super-mutation spider zombies!” On the head of the small spider, there is also a production mark of the umbrella company.

Lu Zixin was speechless and said : “Red Queen, you don’t want to scare him any more. This is not a joke.”

Peter Parker : “Well, I am finished! Do I have to jump into the high temperature reactor and destroy my infection?”

Mr. L : “Don’t worry, maybe it’s a parasite.”

“Parasite?” Peter Parker was suddenly shocked by Lu Zixin’s words. He quickly asked : “The owner, do you know what parasites are?”

Lu Zixin continued : “I guess, do you remember the last time Tony Stark’s desperate virus?”

Peter Parker : “Of course remember! The alien virus is too strong, and it can turn ordinary people into super warriors!”

Mr. L   : “Yes, you are infected, maybe not a zombie virus. It may also be an alien virus, or an alien parasite. You can check it yourself.”

Peter Parker seems to have found a straw, and quickly asked : “How to check?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: sharpening the knife to slaughter the pig.] Of course it’s a slice study! I’m ready. Come on, Peter Parker, bravely dedicated to research!”

“[emoticon: 40-meter-long machete!]”

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