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“Ennetsu Jigoku, the old man is angry.”

8th DIvision, Kyouraku Shunsui sits on the promenade, with a jug and a glass in front of it, but looks at the distant hills of the mountains, where the fire is filled.

“You are not going to do anything? One of them is Shiba Captain and I believe he can’t resist Yamamoto Head-Captain.”

Ise Nanao is in the distance, standing behind Kyouraku Shunsui.

Kyouraku Shunsui shook his head and said: “Their plan is to take Soi Fon and the battle place is in the hills of the mountains. This proves that they have led the old man, so if anyone saves, Soi Fon will be saved. I am not going to help, I can only make things worse.”

“But you are very annoyed, so late, still not sleeping. Moreover, your wine is not drunk in one bite.”

Ise Nanao saw the glass in front of Kyouraku Shunsui, still a full cup.

Kyouraku Shunsui said with a wry smile: “How can I drink it?”

Being drunk can make people relieve their troubles, but if you really mourn, then drinking can only make people more mournful.

The knife cuts off the water and flows more, and the toast is more embarrassing.

Kyouraku Shunsui squinted at the water, looking at the Flame in the distance, only feeling that his heart was burned.


“Soi Fon, you don’t have to leave with him.”

Unohana Retsu stood at the window, looking at the window, and said leisurely.

Her eyes were filled with a sad color, standing at the window for a while, turned and left.


“I don’t know if it is unsuccessful, um, it should be successful.”

Shiba Kūkaku kept turning around in the room, sitting next to a heavy Shiba Ganju.

They knew Shiba Kaien plan and proposed to follow, but did not get consent.

I can only wait for the last message to come.


Human World, Naruki City.

“What for? Yoruichi blocks us, Lisa, you also block us, what are you going to do?”

Sarugaki Hiyori stare at Yadomaru Lisa, Yadomaru Lisa standing there, droops her head, Yoruichi stand right beside the two stopped several people in Visored Legion in the way.

“I am going to save Xia Yan.”

There is Ushoda Hachigen slowly saying that Xia Yan is a friend to him even if he is an apprentice.

He is pure, but the most determined one to save Xia Yan.

Hirako Shinji looks at Yadomaru Lisa, saying: “Xia Yan wants to kill Soul King? There is nothing wrong with this, I support Xia Yan. Now Soi Fon is going to be punished, I am going to save her, Lisa, Yoruichi, you two don’t want to stop me.”

Otoribashi Rojuro at at Yadomaru Lisa, asked: “Lisa, you and Xia Yan have the best relationship, why you should stop us at this time? Tell me your reasons.”

Yadomaru Lisa lowered her head and said, “It’s very simple, because only death is the biggest relief for Soi Fon.”

Yoruichi sighed and said: “Kisuke has let Xia Yan stay in the gap of time and can never leave the imprisonment of time. For Soi Fon, death is the best relief.”

Sarugaki Hiyori sneered and said: “Death will be free, how is it possible? Yoruichi You think this because Soi Fon killed Kisuke Urahara and thus let Soi Fon die. But Lisa, what are you doing? How can this be relief?”

Sarugaki Hiyori are very angry, do not understand their practices, and when they die, they disappear completely. How can they be completely freed?

“Because, I think so too.”

Yadomaru Lisa suddenly raised the head, the face full of tears.


“Would you like to save Soi Fon?”

In Las Noches, Ginjō Kūgo looks at Harribel.

After the end of Thousand-Year Blood War, Ginjō Kūgo and the others returned to Las Noches according to Xia Yan’s instructions. After a few days, they got the results of Xia Yan and the information that Soi Fon was imprisoned to be sentenced.

“Our duty is to return to Hueco Mundo, but there is no other responsibility.”

Harribel said softly.

The other faces are very complicated. Although they are Xia Yan subordinates, they are willing to fight for him.

But Xia Yan is dead, they are not willing to pay for Xia Yan.

“I am going to save Soi Fon.” Nelliel stood up and said, “Whether you go or not, I will save her.”

Nelliel is Captain of the Hueco Mundo Onmitsukidō Forces Guard and is also the guardian of Xia Yan.

She was more loyal to Xia Yan than several others, so she decided to go.

“Forget it.”

Dondochakka and Pesche looked at each other and said, “We are going to be besieged now. When you go, you will die.”

Nelliel eyes picked up and said, “I am going to save Soi Fon. And I believe that there must be someone in Seireitei, so I am not alone.”

“I am coming too.”

Perez stood up and followed behind Nelliel.

“Well, let’s go together.”

Nelliel and Perez are going to leave Las Noches, but Harribel blocking her forward and saying, “Sorry, if you want to go, I will stop you.”

“And me!”

Grimmjow appeared in front of Perez.

Ulquiorra also clenched the blade and as soon as Nelliel was about to leave, he would shoot.

Nelliel looks at them and asks: “Why? Do you not have any feelings about Xia Yan?”

Harribel said plainly: “Our effectiveness for Xia Yan is enough to offset his help. It is now important not to let Hueco Mundo be the target of Attack because of Xia Yan’s business.”

Grimmjow nodded and said, “This is what I think.”

“You, you.”

Nelliel looked angry, but with these three people blocking, she could not leave.

Ginjō Kūgo saw this scene and yawned and said, “Let’s go to sleep, let’s talk tomorrow.”

Ginjō Kūgo left with the team of players, and Nelliel sat on the ground and asked, “Why don’t you shoot?”

Nelliel is sad, but she can’t help it.


Seireitei, on the hills of the mountains.

After Ennetsu Jigoku erupted, all the oceans that Shiba Kaien Bankai summoned were all evaporated.

The sky is full of water vapor, twisting Space, and letting everything in front of it sway.

Seeing this scene, Shiba Kaien screamed, “Rukia, shot.”


Kuchiki Rukia took Zanpakuto and instantly liberated Sode no Shirayuki. At the moment when the steam rose, she shouted: “Some no mai, Tsukishiro.”

In the range illuminated by the moonlight, all the water vapor in the huge space in front of it was frozen and turned into a huge white ice block covering the entire hills.

The shape of Yamamoto Genryuusai disappeared into the white ice.

“Did you make it?”

Rukia breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little tired. It was this blow that drained most of the Reiatsu in the Kuchiki Rukia body.

“We did it.”

Shiba Kaien breathed a sigh of relief. Look at Kuchiki Rukia said: “I don’t know how long it will last, but the cooperation of the two is still possible for half a time. Presumably Renji should save Soi Fon. Let’s go find them.”

“Let’s go……”

The two turned and planned to leave, but at this moment, the ice behind the two broke down.

They saw Yamamoto Genryuusai wearing a fire coat, stepping out step by step, around Flame, like an illusion.

“No one can go.”

The sound of Yamamoto Genryuusai is a bit hoarse, but it also reveals a touch of ruthlessness.

Seeing this scene, Shiba Kaien and Kuchiki Rukia, revealing the color of despair.

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