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“Bankai, Tetsu no yoroi.”

Along with Yadomaru Lisa words, her Zanpakuto suddenly changed, only to see a set of armor, appeared on Yadomaru Lisa body.

Shoulder armor, breastplate, skirt, leg armor, carapace, armor, iron boots.

Yadomaru Lisa body is wrapped in black armor, and the head is covered with a full-faced helmet. There are three single eyes, especially at the forehead, and there is also a hollow.

In addition, on Yadomaru Lisa back is two pairs of steel and iron wings, and there are two steel and iron tentacles on the head.

Both Yadomaru Lisa hands, still the huge iron-type long spear.

This is Yadomaru Lisa Bankai, Tetsu no yoroi.

She mastered Bankai for a long time, and after ten years of original work, she became the Eight Captain.

Seeing this scene, Candice Coldly snorted, said: “How about Bankai? Such a cumbersome Bankai, how to catch up with me?”

With Candice words, she clenched the lightning sword in her hand and threw it at Yadomaru Lisa.


Candice lightning sword hit Yadomaru Lisa, but the long sword was blocked by the armor and shattered directly.

Yadomaru Lisa voice came and said: “You can’t hurt me.”

But at the next moment, the thunder spreads over the armor and instantly encloses Yadomaru Lisa.

“Iron can conduct electricity, and you will be electrocuted.”

Candice said proudly.

But at the next moment, all the electricity gathered behind Yadomaru Lisa, gathered on iron wing, and connected the four wings.

“This is?”

Candice see this scene, did not understand what was it?

Yadomaru Lisa said: “I know why Xia Yan wants to transform my Bankai, and let me train a move that combines electricity and armor. Moreover, your Ability is too limited, and once released, the Thunder can’t be controlled by you, only bloom.”

Candice Ability is very limited. Her shape of Thunder is at most two lightning swords, but it is thrown out to attack enemy.

In addition, she only combines the Thunder and Blut Arterie, and the other moves are all releasing the Thunder.

She is very similar to Chōjirō Sasakibe, who fights by summoning Thunder and releasing the energy contained in Thunder.

“So what? You are carrying such a heavy armor, can you not want to kill me?”

Candice left hand waved, and the Thunder slowly gathered in the palm of her hand, then raised her arm and threw it forward.


In front of a thunder beam will cover Yadomaru Lisa and everything in front of it will be occupied by thunderstorms.

“My speed is not up to the Thunder, but the Thunder I released, can you escape?”

Candice said proudly.

But behind her, a figure emerges slowly. “I can’t escape the Thunder, but I can escape your movements.”

Puff puff.

There was three blood-marking bones in Candice body. She showed the color of fear and shivered and asked, “How could it be so fast?”

Yadomaru Lisa said softly: “Do you know how fast you are? The normal flight is 10 meters to 20 meters per second. At this level, you can fly hundreds of miles. And the degree of sprinting reached 40 meters per second. You might say that forty meters per second, even the tone can’t reach. But ah, Haguro Tonbo is only sixty millimeters long, and its distance per second is 666 times its body length, which translates to 1,100 meters per second.”

“But this is not enough. To deal with you, triple sound can’t win. However, your thunder gives me a quicker degree. It does not provide thrust by explosion. Instead, he uses a unique texture on my armor to generate a specific magnetic field, block the resistance of the air, and weaken my own weight. And to increase the flutter speed of the wings.”

“You have to know that the wings of the dragonfly are only o.o6 grams, relying on the frequency of shaking forty times per minute, driving the body of three grams, reaching the speed of forty meters.”

“Then, there is no air resistance, there is no obstacle to its own weight, the vibration of the wings is accelerated, how much will my speed increase?”

With Yadomaru Lisa words, her figure disappeared again.


Candice wanted to react, but she turned into debris and slowly dissipated in the air.

“30 times, one by one million meters per second, Thunder armor.”

Yadomaru Lisa armor slowly disappeared and his face became dull.


“Seinaru yoroi.”

Along with Kuna Mashiro words, her body changed, and the level 1 white shell covered her body, and her legs became thick and strong, slowly twisting and turning into the two hind legs of the locust.

Kuna Mashiro body slowly crouched down, and the void on mask became ink green, and the tentacles appeared on her head.

“What is this ghost thing?”

Meninas saw the sight in front of her face and her face became ugly.

“This is my complete Hollow form, Seinaru yoroi.”

Kuna Mashiro jumped high, and the body instantly rushed forward, appearing in front of Meninas and kicking out her hind legs.

“Give me death.”

Meninas fist hit, but when she touched Kuna Mashiro hind legs, it broke directly and a right arm burst and Meninas flew out and squatted in the distance.

“Ordinary locusts can jump out of nearly four hundred centimeters, or four meters, and his body is only five centimeters long. In other words, he can jump out of his body by more than eighty times.”

“Although in the creature, the locusts can skip the height of 100 times its height. But the locusts is extremely light, and it is a high jump, not a long jump.”

“Therefore, among all insects, the locust jumping is one-handed, and its both legs are the strongest ones relative to the size of the insect itself.”

Kuna Mashiro sound fell and the figure disappeared.

Meninas hung her arm and got up from the ground, but she didn’t know where Kuna Mashiro went. She looked around, but couldn’t see the trace of opposite side.

“Are you running away?” Meninas shouted loudly.

But the next moment, a figure descending from the sky, the boss legs send out.


Meninas long urged her left hand to stop in front of her chest, but the whole person was directly crushed by the attack and blasted.

Then Kuna Mashiro fly in the distance, slowly changed back to the original look, smiled and said: “This is what Xia Yan told me, I don’t know what it means, but just this you can become more strong.”

Kuna Mashiro jumped and ran towards the distance, her expression was a little excited.


Just as Sarugaki Hiyori heart was desperate, suddenly a huge fist appeared behind Liltotto.


Liltotto became a meatloaf directly, and the dead can no longer die.

Then the huge mouth shattered, Sarugaki Hiyori jumped out from inside and didn’t know why the mouth was broken.

But when she raised her head, she saw the distant scene.

She saw a huge Monster standing in front of her, with a double-headed head and a body wrapped in brown fluff.

Not far away, there are still three women standing.

“The last thing is to rely on us.”

The brown skin woman said proudly.

“Yeah, yeah, we still have to take action.” A woman with tears said with her hand in her mouth.

“You look like that.”

The blue woman with her eyes on her eyes, the both hands, sneered.

When she saw three people, Sarugaki Hiyori face was ugly, “Rose, Sung-Sun, Apacci.”

These three people are Harribel subordinates, and that huge figure is Ayon.

Up to now, all of Xia Yan’s subordinates and Visored Legion, Kisuke Urahara, Ushoda Hachigen and Tsukabishi Tessai have all appeared.

They defeated their opponents and saved a Shinigami. They attacked the weakness of each Quincy and slaughtered all Quincy.

In addition to the disappearing Yhwach and Lille Barro, only three people stood on the battlefield.

Ishida Uryū, he hasn’t done anything, and he is still worried when he sees the Quincy being defeated.

The other two are Pernida Parnkgjas who is fighting with Mayuri, and Gerard Valkyrie who is also the Expert in the name of the King of Spirit.

The left hand of the spirit king, Pernida.

Spirit King’s Heart, Gerard.

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