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Lu Zixin rushed to see the news of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, and saw the group prompts.

Group Tip : “Creator Luke has joined the group.”

“Creator Luke?” Lu Zixin was slightly surprised. The group members of this group seem to be not limited to movie universe they are familiar with, and even the characters in game universe.

The group member list is an image showing a bad old man, short stature, squatting, white-haired, carrying a kit.

Lu Zixin opened the introduction, which read:

“Creator Luke: From the game universe, once the heir of Hebron, known as the Creator of everything, but because he was transferred out of Hebron planet, the power was lost, the subordinates lost, and became a dumb bad old man.”

“He was born to be able to resist the instincts of builders and created all kinds of things. He was used by the apostles of Devils to create a city of machinery that could connect the two worlds – Silent City!”

From the mechanical and industrial point of view, the level of Creator Luke is absolutely top. The mechanical city that connects the two worlds is completely built by his own wisdom. How strong is it?

His helper is basically a robot he made himself. It is no wonder that in Hebron star can be called the “Creator.” It’s just a pity that Luke, after the manufacturer of city, should be in a state of weakness in power, according to the introduction.

As a group owner, Lu Zixin naturally welcomed the new group members immediately, and the convention announced the group announcement.

However, Luke has not responded for a long time. The former monarch turned into a dwarf old man, and he was skeptical about everything that happened.

However, Red Queen broke the embarrassment in the group first. She sent a picture : “[emoticon: welcome newcomers into the group, this group has no good computer except me.]”

Creator Luke : “Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group? What is the relationship between this and the Devil?”

In the universe where Luke is located, the devil world is also a central world along with other worlds. After he lost his power, he went to devil world and was framed by the apostles of devil world (the strongest ones). His heart was full of resentment.

Lu Zixin quickly explained : “The group introduction has been made very clear. It has nothing to do with devil world. We are creatures in different universes. If you insist, you are the only one in your universe who has the right to enter this group.”

Luke was silent for a while, perhaps thinking and verifying.

He said : “Very good, maybe I can find a way out of the apostles here.”

Mr. L : “Welcome to the Science and Technology exchange here. As for your revenge – the amount seems to have been a member of two Avengers.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I want to join the Avengers.]”

Mr. L : “Don’t make trouble.”

However, Tony Stark appeared at this moment, jokingly said : “Well, to join the Avengers, you must have super powers or other special abilities. Red Queen, what do you want?”

Red Queen : “I will control the zombies, then I am a zombie? [emoticon: supercomputer with a war suit]”

Tony Stark : “Hahaha, Zombie, it sounds too funny!”

After he joked, he found a new member of the group and said, “Oh, come a newcomer, welcome to join.”

When Tony Stark spoke, Luke had already read his information, and he had a rough idea.

Creator Luke : “You are also a mech enthusiast? I am also studying metal armor.”

After that, Luke sent a picture in the group, which is the appearance of giant mech robot. The armor is made of special heavy metal, with huge gears on the body and red sensors in the eyes. It looks full of power and mechanics.

Tony Stark saw this picture and immediately turned his eyes and excited in the lab : “Large Mecha! This volume, power and combat power is definitely stronger!”

He quickly asked in the group : “This machine is too cool, has detailed performance information?”

The Creator Luke sent a piece of information about the performance of this all-metal mech.

Tony Stark finished watching and exclaimed : “It’s too strong, it’s just walking nuclear weapon! Its power can easily destroy a building! It’s like Hulk!”

“I always wanted to create such a super-large mech so that when Hulk goes crazy, I can still find ways to control it!”

He did not hide his praise for Luke’s all-metal armor. In the field of metal armor, his love is not inferior to anyone.

And the Creator Luke, because Tony Stark does not belong to his universe, so he can also communicate with him.

They found that the manufacturing techniques used by the two are very different, such as energy, structure, function and so on.

When talking about the excitement, Tony Stark immediately sent a red envelope to Creator Luke, and said : “This is a Mark suit that I have eliminated before, you can take it for research.”

Creator Luke : “Red envelope? Is this the material transfer technology here?”

In silent steel city, the little Creator Luke is sitting in front of the lab.

He chose to receive the Red envelope, and then a mark steel shirt appeared in front of him.

He touched the metal above, observed the structure, and had a strange look in his eyes. The science and technology from different worlds have different characteristics and may help him a lot.

After a moment, he thanked Tony Stark and also sent him a Red envelope, saying : “This is some information on large metal mechs, maybe it helps you!”

Tony Stark accepted it and immediately said : “Thank you very much. With this, maybe I can try to develop large anti-Hulk armor!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: secretly observe the big deal!]”

Tony Stark exchanged his experience with Creator Luke and was preparing to go offline. Lu Zixin quickly said : “Wait a minute, Mr. Stark. I want to ask, can you help me find some equipment for manufacturing lithium-air batteries?”

“It was the battery technology that you passed to me last time.”

Tony Stark : “This? My factory has already eliminated this production line. If you need it, I can make people do it, but it takes a little time.”

Creator Luke : “Battery production lines and equipment? I have a lot here, I can send you a few.”

While building silent city of City of Machinery, Luke also occupied the Industrial Energy Center and transported energy and other energy to Devil. He is really not lacking in large industrial equipment.

Mr. L : “I just need lithium-air battery production line. It may not be suitable? And there will be some differences in the production process between our worlds?”

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