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“Mr. Smith, I think I have said it very well. I am not helping, but I have no way to help you. I am a lawyer. To be exact, I am only a weapon in my client’s hand. How to deal with you, does not depend on me, but depends on my client, I only need to do a legal weapon.” Looking at the old man in front of him, Moses Adams said with a chuckle, the old man heard him couldn’t help but plug it.

“I, I understand that it is our responsibility to let Mr. Jiang Hai encounter such a thing, but it is too much to replace all the people in the police station. They are all good policemen!” The fist was held, and the middle-aged man said loudly.

“Will the police go to blackmail the plaintiff?” He pushed the glasses on his face, and Moses Adams said disdainfully.

“No, that’s just, it’s just an accident. There are only a few bad people. According to the words of China, this is a group of horses, but most of the policemen are still good people. They are doing their duty to keep the town’s law and order.” Hearing the rebuttal of Moses Adams, the old man here could not help but say it loudly.

“Then you should go to the black sheep to say this. It is useless to say to me. Since things have already happened, all I need to do is to just fight the lawsuit.” Hearing the words of the middle-aged, Moses Adams said it lightly.

“I beg you, I really beg you, this matter, I, the deputy director, and Byron are responsible for it. They can’t have no job. Vicas has been for forty years, another year he is going to retire, the son of Pruss is just born, not too old, he needs the job! Pals and Vera are getting married next month, I don’t want when their wedding, received it’s a resignation, and Lun, Bafa, Chris, Wilt… Please, please raise your hands and let them go!” Looking at Moses Adams in front of him, the old man here is very excited and said loudly.

“I didn’t count on this matter, you have to go to my boss.” Looking at the old man in front of him, Moses Adams couldn’t help but stagnate. In fact, in essence, the lawyer is a professional. Some consciences have already been eaten by dogs. The only thing they need to do is not to insist on justice, but to defend their own parties, but the conscience of Moses Adams is still there. When he picks up the task, he will look at the badness of the matter.

To be honest, the badness of Jiang Hai’s incident is very bad. Of course, it refers to the other party, kidnapping, murder. When these crimes are sinned, he has no soft feelings. This is what they deserve.

But when dealing with these police officers, he hesitated because most of the police, except some people, may not really know. If you eat the seat, you have some trouble.

But as a lawyer of Jiang Hai, the only thing he needs to do is to convince himself that these people must know that they must all participate.

Although this matter is considered to be a good example, he is also prepared to make a big vote, but it does not mean that he can ignore the work of so many people.

If these police officers are really replaced, then it is not a job to change jobs, but to be unemployed.

At the same time, there is such a stain on the resume, and the civil servants will not recruit them anymore.

So Moses Adams had some suspicions at this time because he didn’t know what he was doing was right or wrong.

“I know, yes, but I can’t see Mr. Jiang Hai. I also know that I will make it difficult for you to do this, but if you can, can I trouble you, take me to see Mr. Jiang Hai with you. On the one hand, let me personally convince him!” Looking at Moses Adams in front of him, the old man here was crying and sullen, looking at him with a eager look.

“Hey, Penelope!” Looking at the old man, Moses Adams snorted and thought about it. He cried out, and with his cry, a woman in a suit come from the outside.

This woman, who looks like twenty-four or five years old, should have just graduated from college, because there is still a trace of greenness on her face, and her face is not painted, which is also a recognition of her youth. But I have to admit that this girl is really good, it looks like a height of about one meter and seven or eight, a delicate five-view, a slightly thin body, in a slightly loose women’s suit, a curly gold hair, scattered behind her head, heard Moses Adams’s words, the girl couldn’t help but take a variant laptop and turned from the door.

“Check, if I have no time tomorrow…” Moss Adams said to the girl… [X-N: Don’t ask >.<, this is the raw i found and i don’t know if this is right or wrong]


“Penelope, I heard that you were born here?” Sitting inside Lexus rx top sedan, Moses Adams asked softly to the beautiful woman sitting in co-pilot position.

“Yes, sir.” Hearing the words of Moses Adams, the girl just nodded faintly, but her eyes kept looking out the window, as if she was recalling something, as for the old man sitting behind her. It is much more obvious.

“Mr. Smith, I think you must understand that this is not for me to bring you, but you must follow, ok?” Looking at the old man around him, Moses Adams sighed, sometimes his heart is too soft.

“I understand, Mr. Adams.” Hearing Moses Adams, if he wants to open a relationship with himself, the old man here nodded seriously and then said with a serious look, this time success or failure is here.

In a short time, the car drove to the front of Green Forest Manor. The original shabby defeat was completed after Jiang Hai came. Now the door here has changed from the original run-down, all replaced with new ones. On the top of the gate, Jiang Hai designed a Chinese dragon, green forest, to be honest, Jiang Hai did not like the name.

But after all, when he came here, it was already in the second half of the year. That is to say, the Green Forest has been in the middle of the year, and it has been in half year. If he wants to change his name, he will have to wait until April next year. It can only be changed after the fifteenth.

What is the significance of April 15th next year? As long as you ask a beautiful person, he will tell you that it is a disaster day, cough, and specifically, the day of tax return.

Although the Green Forest did not produce this year, the land tax it still has to be paid.

Jiang Hai is ready, after April 15th next year, he will change his estate name. As for what he changed, now he has not thought about it… The initial idea is Tamron, Tamron Manor, but some middle and second directions.

It turns out that Jiang Hai really has no talent for naming.

After verifying his identity, the Lexus come into the residential area inside the manor.

After a short time, they came to the parking lot in the distance. Far away, Moses Adams saw Jiang Hai. At this time, he was lying in front of the biggest villa, by his side is two dog and a horse, but that horse… is a bit big.

“Hello, Mr. Jiang, you’re in a good mood, still bathing in the sun?” The car stopped, and the four people here also walked down. Moses-Adams walked in front and walked all the way toward Jiang Hai, though He usually does not laugh at this time, but in the face of his own god of wealth, he still knows to smile.

“Cough, okay!” Hearing the words of Moses Adams, Jiang Hai also stood up from the lounge chair that Robbins had purposely made to please him, and said something slightly to Moses Adams.

In fact, he also has activities today, to see the killing of cattle, this is already booked yesterday, but he still has some high reading of his adaptability, when he first saw the cow, when the cow was tied, he still enjoyed it. However, when the white knife entered, the red knife came out, and he began to bleed, he couldn’t stand it. He even ran away, and spit aside.

In the end, he decided not to look at it. Not only did he not read it himself, he did not let the two dogs watch it. Of course, he finally thought about it and brought the horse to him. It was the first time to slip it.

Just now he was lying here, just thinking, what is this horse called? According to the attitude of giving Xiaobai and Xiaohuang name, it is really not good to call Xiaoxia… From what I really see here, Jiang Hai is really not suitable for naming.

“You came in the car? Didn’t you die?” After Moses Adams shook his hand, Jiang Hai glanced at Penelope behind him and took his eyes back. The beauty just watched it. At a glance, those two men, who would be interested?

Compared to knowing these people, he had a greater interest in Moses Adams than in the car.

After all, he is still very clear about this road in front of him. There are some people who can’t stand four-wheeled motorbike. In normal times, they can only open pickups. Of course, if it is a buggy, it is OK. He is really Never tried before.

“Haha, boss, you came to US, may not be too clear about our habits here. Generally speaking, if the family is not very short of money, the average person will have three cars, a car, a sedan and mpv, mpv is when the whole family goes out together, the off-road vehicle is when we go out to play, but whether it is to pick up people, or how, you must drive a car, this is respect for others, other cars are not expensive.” Hearing Jiang Hai words, Moses Adams here also laughed. He has seen many wealthy Chinese like Jiang Hai. He also know that in China, the strength of the car evaluation is actually the amount of money, not its role.

This is also the difference between East and West. It seems that Moses Adams, when talking about business, is going to drive this car.

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