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The woman who appeared in front of Xia Yan, a purple double ponytail long, has a sea of ​​forehead covering the forehead, eyes are large, with red eyes, and with a woolen cap?

For her, Xia Yan is no stranger, her name is Riruka, the Fullbringer.

Fullbringer has Hollow Strength and Special Human Spirit, which brings out the strength of item, which can extract the substance’s soul, control it or change its shape.

Riruka is one of Fullbringer, but why did she track them?

Now that Aizen is not over, how come these people come out?

“Since you are here, there is no way.” Riruka went to the two people not far away, and look at the two next to empty space said.

“Hey, we are here?”

Xia Yan waved his hand, and your eyes are too bad.

Riruka turned around and looked at the two people. “You don’t have to say that, I have already seen you.”

“You follow us, what the hell is going on?”

Soi Fon looks at the opposite side and asks with a frown.

Riruka smiled and asked: “You two little guys are Shinigami?”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “Not bad.”

Xia Yan frowned and asked: “How do you know.”

Riruka said with a smile: “You was just grabbing doll at doll machine. I heard the little sister say that you want to catch the doll and give it to the members of Shinigami Association, so I remembered your appearance.”

“So it is.”

Xia Yan knows why the opposite side knows that they are Shinigami. As for why Riruka met them, she is very fond of dolls, and the affinity is related to dolls. The resident is in Naruki City, and Visored Legion is in Muji. In the middle of Naruki City and Karakura Town.

The game hall that Xia Yan went to is the biggest game hall in Naruki City. It is not surprising to meet Riruka.

“What do you want to do?” Xia Yan asked curiously.

Riruka said with a smile: “I hope that your two little guys will take a walk with me. After all, Shinigami, who is younger than you, can be encountered less often. ”

Soi Fon frowned and said, “So if I don’t go with you?”

Riruka suddenly stepped on the ground, and the whole person slammed up and hit Soi Fon very quickly, punching her out.


Soi Fon held her arms in front of her and slammed it, and the whole person was beaten back a few steps.

Soi Fon is full of surprise, weak Strength.

That’s right, it’s too weak.

I use Gigai, without the use of Reiatsu, only by the strength Gigai, the opposite side actually only knocked back a few steps, which is too weak.

However, her degree is very fast, much faster than humans, and has passed the limits of humanity.

Although it is slower to the turtle than Shunpo, it is indeed faster than humans.

Xia Yan knows the source of her strength, is the soul of ground, and the strength of self-improvement.

At Human World, everything has souls, cups, grounds, toys, necklaces, pocket watches, water, all with soul.

Extracting their souls and changing the form, you can get a certain Ability.

For example, if you take out the water, you can control the water to fly into your mouth.

For example, taking out the soul of the cement floor can increase people strength.

For example, if you take out the soul of air, you can walk in the air.

At the same time Extracting souls for specific loved ones also gives you a unique energy.

In the original work, Kurosaki ichigo was sneaked by Tsukishima Shūkurō after thoroughly obtaining the Strength. He subconsciously used this technique to make himself lift and walk in the air.

Tsukishima Shūkurō also relies on this Ability to escape the pursuit of Kuchiki Byakuya petals and the degree of keeping up with opposite side.

This kind of Ability is very strong, but watching Riruka’s performance is not too strong, just general.

Soi Fon asked curiously: “Are you human?”

Riruka replied: “Yes, of course I am human, although you can block my fist, but my Strength, I have to pass these two inferior Shinigami, I don’t know much, so I know each other and leave with me. Let’s go.”

Soi Fon heard the name of Shingami, and her face was angry. She just rushed up. Xia Yan took her and said, “Okay, let’s go with you.”

When Soi Fon heard this, she converges on the look of anger. She knows that Xia Yan must have a plan, so she said, “Take us with you.”

Riruka nodded and said, “Let’s go with us. We just have a few questions to ask you.”


Soi Fon frowned, and there were others.

Riruka said: “Of course, you will know when you see it.”

Xia Yan and Soi Fon followed behind Riruka. The two walked in the distance and went to a street. The entrance was written in the 7-chome of the butterfly garden. The nearby buildings were old and the people were scarce.

The two followed Riruka, came to an apartment, walked into the elevator, and pressed number three.

Then the elevator slowly went up and stopped on third floor. Riruka pulled out a black card, gently brushed it, and the door opened.

Then Riruka walked in with two people and shouted: “Ginjō, are you not wanting to ask about Substitute shinigami thing? I brought two Shinigami, or a little guy.”

Substitute shinigami?

The exposed substitute shinigami, except for Ginjō Kūgo, is only Kurosaki Ichigo, here is the base of Fullbringer, Ginjō is here, and they say that the substitute shinigami is naturally Kurosaki Ichigo.

It turns out that they now have their eyes on Kurosaki ichigo.

Xia Yan fixed his eyes and saw that there were many people in the huge Space.

Behind the bar is a middle-aged man with a blindfold. On the sand is a burly youth, while on the other side of chair is a teenager. In addition, there is a tall and gloomy youth.

Xia Yan knows their names. The middle-aged man is Kutsuzawa Giriko, the boy is Yukio Hansu Foraruruberuna, the burly youth is Ginjō Kūgo, and the gloomy youth is Tsukishima Shūkurō.

At this point, the current operation has not yet begun, and Tsukishima has not used its own Ability to become the enemy of these people, no trap, so they are still gathered.

Ginjō looks at Xia Yan and Soi Fon, smiled and said: “Very good, I was going to find another Shinigami, you can find two young Shinigami, very good.”

Xia Yan pretended to be timid and asked: “Who are you?”

Ginjō said with a smile: “Who we are not important, what is important is that you can tell us what we want to know. If you can’t, you will die.”

Ginjō took hold of his necklace, the next moment, the necklace became a giant sword, and the table was directly split into two halves.

Seeing this scene, Soi Fon’s face changed. “Is this?”

Ginjō said with a smile: “It seems that you already know the danger, so please let me know, the news about substitute shinigami who went to Soul Society not long ago.”

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