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“The most recent one should be two months later. After the New Year, there will be one, mainly in Massachusetts, and an exhibition of beef cattle in several small states nearby.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words In the distance, Bell took out his mobile phone and checked it.

“This is too small, there is no head, there is no bigger?” When he heard Bell, Jiang Hai thought about it. This is really too small, and the most important thing is that Jiang Hai is not sure, feeding for three months. Can the meat quality reach that level, so he hesitated and prepared to push back.

“And there is a large exhibition in New York in April, which is national in nature. There will be animal husbandry companies from all over the country coming, but the price of this promotion is also very expensive.” Bell said with some hesitation, what the person said just now, renting a million exhibition halls, that is, a small exhibition like that in January. After all, Jiang Hai has only 20,000 heads of cattle and 20,000 heads. It is not a small number, but if it spreads across the country, it will be far worse.

Especially compared with the farmers in the west, the truth is too far, in Texas, New Mexico, Montana and other places, 20,000? That is the initial level, but even if there are fewer cows, it is estimated that Jiang Hai is also renting an exhibition hall, which is very expensive.

The price of an exhibition hall is conservatively estimated to be 10 million USD. This is also a relatively expensive exhibition hall.

“That’s it.” After a while, there are still half a year. Jiang Hai estimates that he should have a chance. He can now grow eight scales every day. There is a voice in the middle to tell him that the lowest level of snake evolution, the number of scales needed is one thousand and eighty, eight tablets a day, never grow to full, but only 135 days, four and a half months, not to mention, the original Jiang Hai’s body is not without scales, the original there are more than one hundred pieces, plus these two days, you can save two pieces a day, and you have already had two hundred pieces. It is estimated that in less than three months, you should upgrade for the first time.

At that time, my body is estimated to have no small changes, it is not good. When I get into the water, I will fish and sell it.

Of course, this is his idea. According to his original estimate, less than the third-level is definitely not going into the deep sea.

However, at that time, if it really doesn’t work, you can’t fight it, but to be honest, you can’t fight or not fight well, so Jiang Hai still hopes to find a way to make some money. The cow doesn’t need to think about it for a while. It’s something that makes a lot of money in the future. If you sell it now, it’s not worth the loss, but the fish is a good opportunity.

Anyway, I have to go out to sea in the afternoon, and take a look at the nearby marine fish resources.

“Right, boss, the meat in everyone’s home is almost exhausted. When are we going to add it?” Just when Jiang Hai was whispering, Robins here suddenly remembered something, said facing Jiang Hai.

In US, like the manor of Jiang Hai, it is inevitable to eat and wrap, especially beef, this is to be enough.

But forget it, even if it consumes three pounds of beef per person per day, of course, it is impossible to eat it every day. In the manor, it is not the case of his wife, which is Philemon wife, which consumes 21 pounds of beef a day, an adult Ange. The weight of the cattle is 700-900 kilograms, which is about 1,800 kilograms. A total of 65 percent of the meat can be eaten. In fact, Jiang Hai looks like those cows, beef belly, Beef tendons and the like can also be eaten, but in United States does not eat this thing.

Just meat, 65% of the slaughter rate, that is, 1170 kg of beef can be left, these beef, according to the daily consumption of twenty-one pounds, can eat fifty-five days, but they are impossible If you eat this thing every day, you will get tired.

Therefore, after a cow is finished, it is not a problem to supply Jiang Hai for two months. In the end of the year, it is only six cows. For the base of tens of thousands, it is really a slap in the face, so I eat meat here, but one it’s hard.

“There is no meat? Then go buy it, pick a kill.” Hearing Robins, Jiang Hai didn’t want to haggle, he said directly.

“Ah, didn’t you just don’t want it?” Hearing Jiang Hai’s understatement, Robins couldn’t help but squint, and then asked strangely, he was still alive and dead, now he agreed to kill?

“I don’t want to give outsiders, let’s eat it myself, then it doesn’t matter, right, leave me the cucumber strip.” Glanced at Robins, Jiang Hai said faintly, heard Jiang Hai’s words, here Robins also stumbled.

“As long as the cucumber strip? Don’t look at the flesh?” Hearing Robins’s question, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but stop the already-moving footsteps and see Jiang Hai, who didn’t understand anything. Robins smiled. His boss is really not like a boss, but fortunately, there is time now. He is going to teach Jiang Hai to know these cows.

Jiang Hai also felt that as a manor owner, even the cattle and the meat could not be distinguished. There were some shameful people. So I picked up a mask and walked in with Robins. The two just knew the cow, so it didn’t matter. Don’t need to go too far.

“The meat on the cow, in addition to the minced meat, can be divided into ten pieces. This piece is a cow’s neck. It is both fat and thin. The meat is dry, but the texture of the meat is very messy, so the price cannot be sold. To make the filling, most of the beef balls are the meat here.” Going to the front of a cow, Robins patted the cow’s neck and said to Jiang Hai.

“After the cow’s neck, it is the shoulder of the cow, the meat of the shoulder of the cow, the taste is also good, the taste is very smooth, but because it is composed of two pieces of crossed meat, it is more bite, suitable for stewing, roasting, squatting. To eat, you need to completely roast the taste before you eat it.” After the cow neck, Robins shot the cow’s shoulder after the cow’s neck, said to Jiang Hai, in fact, the beef they bought, most of them are here .

“After the cow’s neck, it is the upper brain. The meat here is also one of the most expensive meats. It is easy to appear marbled, so when selling, the meat here is also very valuable, but the fat is thicker and the pattern is not too obviously, it is suitable for eating and roasting. Oh, yes, people in China will also eat the cows here and eat them in the pot. It’s seem to be called hot pot!”

“After the brain is the eye, the meat here, if slaughtered, looks like an eye, the fat is mixed with marble, is also the finest place of meat, is also the highest selling price, over the eyes it is the outer ridge, the meat here, most of us are sold to the restaurant. The sirloin steak in the restaurant, the sirloin steak, refers to the meat… The bottom is the loin, which is usually made. Beef’s willow, of course, the mignon steak in the western restaurant is made with this. Next down is the burdock, you can stew it, the back is the buttocks, which is the cucumber bar that the boss said, the meat here is grilled okay, the other general, the front, there is a piece of meat in the bovine chest, the scorpion meat on the hind legs…” While touching the cow, Robins introduced to Jiang Hai and heard Robins The introduction, Jiang Hai can not help but some accidents.

He used to think that cucumber sticks are the best. After all, cucumber sticks are the most expensive in domestic supermarkets.

Therefore, he should think that the cucumber strip may be the loin, but it is not a thought, and the sides of the spine are not stained.

“The best cows are the tenderloin, the outer ridge and the eye, which are the three most prone to marble patterns. It is also the best place to eat. Only the meat in this place will be rated as the special beef, followed by the upper brain and the buttocks, can be selected as the preferred grade, then the bovine chest and the calf. The meat here is basically standard, and the shoulder and the scorpion are commercial grade, the cow’s neck is available, and the remaining minced meat and internal organs are chopped and canned.” Hearing Robins, Jiang Hai also recorded the position of the meat on the cow, and co-ordinated himself. I think that the best beef I bought is simply not the best. I really feel a lot of thoughts!

“Then I have to look at the flesh, then the loin and the outer ridge also give me some left, and some minced meat, used to feed Xiaobai and Xiaohuang, the rest… you look at it!” Hear Jiang Hai’s words, Robins also chuckled, this is what it should be.

When he used to work in those pastures, in general, the eyes, the loin, and the outer ridges were all owned by the farmers themselves. They went to eat or sell them. They were not related to these cowboys. They were lucky. Some upper and lower buttocks, bad luck, these things are not good, only the shoulders, burdock, burdock and bovine chest, and even some minced meat.

I have to admit that most of the time Jiang Hai is quite generous.

After learning about it with Robins, the rest of the things will not be used for a while. Killing of cattle, Robins will naturally do it. According to them, today is too late, tomorrow will kill.

Jiang Hai left the cowshed and returned to his home. After taking a bath and feeding two dogs, it was almost noon.

When it arrived at noon, Philemon came to the phone and told him to go to the house to eat. When he arrived, the Philemon couple and Edward had been waiting here for a long time. Jiang Hai was also not polite, directly eat a meal.

Then the three men rode the all-terrain car and came to the dock. At this time, the speedboat that looked like it was still empty, but there were a lot of things, nets, anchors, big bundles of rope, canvas, diesel, the raincoat, etc. on the side.

“Hey, what are we doing here?” Although Jiang Hai did not suffer from paranoia, but he did not see so many things, he also had some liver tremors, some strangely looked at Edward.

“At first glance, I know that the boss is the first time to go out to sea. In the sea, it is no better than being on the shore. We must not only protect the fish in the sea, but also guard against people. Sometimes, people is the most dangerous.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words Here, Philemon said with a smile.

“Don’t listen to him, we are just in case. After all, this is the closeness of US. If something goes wrong, the Coast Guard helicopter will come in less than five minutes. Don’t forget, the boss is a privilege. The class is a rich man.” Hearing Philemon words, Jiang Hai really stunned. Is there a pirate here? But looking at Jiang Hai’s appearance, Edward said it.

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