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“400,000? Where are you coming this money? Are you going to robbery? Also a divorce agreement? I know that your heart is not happy, but if you think that you can grab my handle, then I will tell you clearly, you have thought more, what is the matter, we are going to talk face to face, now, immediately, immediately, take the plane to Beijing.” Listening to Jiang Hai’s words on the phone, Qi Li’s brow wrinkled, she thought that after this call, there were many kinds of Probably, the most likely, nothing more than Jiang Hai listened to her own words, but the fart was over, otherwise, it may be that Jiang Hai’s mood is not good, playing with a little temper, but in front of her So good.

Can Jiang Hai play this time, playing directly at the bottom of the pump, 400,000? Where is he 400,000 coming from?

Not to mention 400,000, Jiang Hai estimates that there are not even 40,000.

“Hey, you are still so self-righteous, but forget it, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. After all, when I needed the most money, you helped me. If it is possible, we can still as a friend, as far as you say, now I am going to Beijing, I really can’t do it. I don’t have a direct flight to Beijing.” Listening to Qi Li’s hard words, Jiang Hai just wants to go straight and go back, still now Immediately, right away, what kind of onion are you?

However, I remembered that when he was most in need of money, she helped to pass the interest, so he just rub his temples and continued to whisper, but obviously, the current Qi Li seems to be listening to Jiang Hai’s words.

“You are not in Bing city? Where are you, you said, I sent someone to pick you up.” Take a deep breath, Qi Li said to Jiang Hai with anger, no matter what method, or how much waste she must see Jiang Hai today.

“I? I am in US, Boston, so even if I am on the plane now, I will definitely not be able to get it today, and for now, I don’t want to see you, so that’s it, I’m not willing. I will talk to you again.” Listening to the tough face of Qi Li, Jiang Hai sighed, this woman’s character is really… bad!

Since he said that she didn’t believe it, then she wouldn’t believe it if she didn’t believe it. Jiang Hai was not willing to say more. He hung up the phone directly and turned it into a state of shutdown. Listening to the blind voice on the phone, Qi Li was also blind.

“He.. he dared to hang up my phone? He dared to hang up my phone! He dare to lie to me that he is not in Bing City, but in Boston? Jiang Hai, you are dead!” Qi Li pointed at the phone inside, this is still the first time in her life, she was actively hanged up by someone else. What did Jiang Hai’s words mean? Is that he was defamed? How can this guy be, how dare this look!

Now she immediately call the phone back, but unfortunately, the phone there has been turned off.

After playing dozens of calls in a row, she understood it thoroughly. Jiang Hai did not pull herself out of the way, but shut down directly.

“He he…he…this damn guy!” slammed the driver’s seat in front of her and shocked the driver in front of her, but fortunately the driver of such a big company naturally knows when to say anything, now he just needs to shut up, just drive well.

As for Qi Li, she was already turning her own phone book, and then found another phone call.

There was a voice of excitement from a girl on the other side of the phone. This girl counted both Jiang Hai and Qi Li. They were classmates of junior high school and elementary school. They were squad leaders, but since Qi Li’s home was rich, this is still she called her for the first time.

“Hey, Xiao Li, how did you call me, it was a surprise!” Listening to the excited female voice on the phone, Qi Li’s self-esteem hurt by Jiang Hai could not help but recover a little, adjusting her breathing. She also smiled and said to the other side of the phone.

After a long while, I made a phone call to know a few friends of Jiang Hai.

Jiang Hai’s friends Fu Yuan and Xiang Hua, Qi Li have also seen, after all, they have a wedding in Bing City.

So she met, but didn’t know the phone number. Now I’m in charge of this elementary school student and she should get it.

Fu Yuan and Xiang Hua are very fond of joining together, and Jiang Hai’s mentality is different, so they are related to junior high school, high school, university, and even elementary school students. When asked about this girl, Qi Li also got rich.

Then she gave it to the past and gave it to Fu Yuan because he was more reliable than Xiang Hua.

As the burst of the ringing tone sounds, the phone is also connected. When the phone is connected, there is still some glory on the other side.

Because they didn’t know who it was, but when Qi Li said who she was, he couldn’t help but squat.

“I want to ask, where is Jiang Hai?” Hearing that there was some pressure in Fu Yuan, Qi Li asked coldly.

“Ah, he is in Boston.” Listening to Qi Li’s words, Fu Yuan did not hesitate and said directly.

He is very sure that Jiang Hai is in Boston, because although Jiang Hai is now in the US, the connection with the country is not broken. Of course, the main thing is to contact his friends and send yourself a day photographs of pastures, beaches, photos of various guns, photos of various cars, photos of various foods, to show off, but every time they get some middle fingers and drinking, but Jiang Hai knows that these are Loss of friends, are not malicious, of course, they also know that jokes can not be opened, but Fu Yuan looked at Jiang Hai, a heavenly life, has been studying whether to go to the US to play local tyrants.

“Are you sure he is in Boston? What is he doing in Boston?” When she heard Fu Yuan words, Qi Li’s sixth sense told her that Fu Yuan did not lie, which means that Jiang Hai is in Boston?

“He opened a manor over there, raised a lot of cows, and a beach, eating lobsters every day, carrying steaks, yes, you are his wife, you don’t know?” To Qi Li’s words, he subconscious said in the tone of envy and hate, but said that half suddenly felt wrong, this Qi Li is Jiang Hai’s wife, still do not know this thing?

“Cough, I am busy recently. Is there a manor there? Is there someone who invests in him or is it? Are you sure he is?” After a cough, Qi Li’s face flashed a sigh of relief and continued to ask.

“Of course it is his. He said when he came back. He seems to have gone to pick some gems, and then sold hundreds of millions. Hey, that manor, he bought it with the money he sold gems, I.. I thought you know, why don’t you know?” Listening to the beautiful words over there, Fu Yuan smiled, is Jiang Hai running himself.

“Oh, this way, then I know, trouble you.” Listening from Fu Yuan’s mouth, Jiang Hai’s magical encounter, Qi Li could not convince herself that she had just wanted to give him some opportunities, but she could not thought, the guy actually smashed himself a few months ago and went to the US to go buy manor, which is too mad.

“Boss, it’s here.” As Qi Li hangs up the phone, the driver sitting in front hesitates and said to the back.

“Trouble you, Old Li, we are going to the airport now.” Hesitating, Qi Li did not get off the car, but said directly to the driver in front, she could not believe anyway, that was a few months ago, Jiang Hai, who relies on his own relief, has had so many things in the past two months, and she has heard nothing, even if Fu Yuan said that she really does not believe.

But if she was to go to Boston to find Jiang Hai, she didn’t have so much time. Second, she didn’t know where Jiang Hai was in Boston. She went abroad to find someone like a foreigner. It was not easy to find a needle in a haystack. So she is going to go back to Bing city to see.

“Okay.” When he heard Qi Li’s words, the driver nodded and started the engine and rushed toward the airport.

When she arrived at the airport, she bought the latest flight to Bing city and took the plane directly to Bing city.

When she arrived at Ice City, the people from branch who had already had prepared the car and returned directly to the house.

When she opened the door, she clearly stunned, because at this time in her common home with Jiang Hai, there was no one to live for a long time, and there was a thick layer of gray on the ground, at least for a few months the man has not back.

“Don’t that guy say it really?” Looking at the thick layer of gray inside the house, Qi Li walked into the house quickly, and according to what Jiang Hai said, she came to the main wedding room, she only lived In the room just one night, She pulled the bottom of the bed and found that the inside was neatly packed with 400,000 Yuan. Even the ink smell of the above money was not exhausted. On top of the money, there was a paper bag. Picking up the file bag, Qi Li looked at it…

When she looked at the big “Divorce Agreement” written on it, and when Jiang Hai’s signature was followed, she felt that her tears were not enough. Feeling of living, she does not know why she is now, wronged? There must be!

But in addition to the grievances, there is still a trace of anger, a trace of madness, a trace of … remorse?

If I change my attitude towards Jiang Hai earlier, I don’t know if he will leave like this… But anyway, it’s too late, now she really wants to pick up the pen and sign her name on it. From now on, she has no relationship with this guy, a dime, but she is difficult to call the assistant who is next to her to handing over the pen.

“I won’t let you do your best!” Looking at the agreement in front of her, Qi Li said with a bite of hate, and then reloaded the agreement into the news kit, and then shot it to the assistant next to her.

“Give it to me, absolutely, tens of millions, don’t lose it, give me a sneak into my cupboard!” After that, Qi Li quickly left the room, sat downstairs and returned to Beijing, she will not forget, there is a banquet in the evening.

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