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“Hey buddy, guess who I just saw?” With a kick, the doors to this underground bar busted open. A very young man walked in full of excitement and sat down in front of a full round table.

In America, stuff like cigarettes and liquor are strictly controlled. According to their laws, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to drink and smoke. If you want to buy any of these at any store, then they will ask you for ID. If you are not 21 then they won’t sell you anything. This also applies to all bars and clubs in America. If a person over 21 goes and buys these for minors then they will be fined if caught.

However this is like internet cafes in China, the law is clearly there but loopholes still exist. As such in America, there are some underground bars that specialize in this area. After all most teenagers between the ages of 17 and 20 are rebellious to no ends. Smoking and drinking is clearly restricted by the government and families, but these people at the very least need to try it out. This is a country based off of freedom. Clearly the people here in this bar right now are all under aged minors, but they are all happily drinking.

“Who did you see? Who responded?” A young man asked from the table.

“Bernie, your mouth stinks just like your ass.” Someone sourly commented.

“Speaking as if you’ve smelled it.” This Bernie retorted back.

“Shit, stop being idiots, let Barron continue.” Seeing the two almost at breaking point, a young man wear a cowboy’s hat cursed back. Hearing this, the two stopped fighting, shut their trap and went back to getting hammered.

“I saw that chick Delia.” This Barron whispered to everyone in front of him.

“Delia? I know her, obedient at home but wild as all heck at school. I heard that the speed at which she changes boyfriends is like how she changes clothes. *ze ze*, don’t know if she’s single yet.” This time another young man commented as if in deep thought with his hand on his chin. Whereas everyone bursted out laughing. Clearly everyone here knows about this girl’s rumours.

“Fk, you guys really believe them? Who’s Delia’s dad? Bob George, which guy has the courage to approach her? They’re either afraid of the remington or got shot by it.” The guy with the cowboy hat happily commented. By being a local hooligan, he is quite clear how fearsome Bob can be. No one wants to mess with this guy as he will really shoot you.

“Um, what I want to talk about isn’t that. I just met her and her father who were delivering some horses. I asked them where they’re headed, and found out that they are moving the horses to the Green Forest. The horses are all strong marquardts. There is also another large expensive horse in the trailer. Just the horses alone are probably worth $100,000.” Barron carefully explained what he just saw to everyone in front of them.

“$100,000, *cough cough*, that’s chump change. I heard recently Leymon gave Green Forest a total of 20,000 angus cows, worth over $2 million. F**king chinks.” Bernie replied fiercely. Clearly there is a lot of people in America who hate the rich.

“There is also the farm, worth $280 million.” The young man with the cowboy hat added in quietly.

“Oh right, Faraday. When that chinese was hiring, I heard you were there too. How is he, easy to deal with?” Upon hearing that guy’s words, Barron quickly asked.

“*heng* what is he? A freaking weak ass yellow monkey. Just with some stinky money it isn’t enough to be cocky in front of us.” The guy with the cowboy hat replied in a clearly bad mood.

Yup, Jiang Hai knows this dude. He is precisely one of the people Robins brought over at the bar when hiring. Faraday was the one who didn’t get hired and was driven out. This dude is too arrogant to try to bully Jiang Hai. Is Jiang Hai really that easy to deal with? What a joke.

“Hey, since you don’t like him, want us to to help with messing with him and getting some money out of him along the way?” Barron suddenly asked smilingly. Hearing this, everyone else at the table also became interested. For young people like them what they are lacking the most is money. Besides, these people here clearly don’t have a stable income. If they don’t want to starve and want to drink 24/7 then they need some sort of way to get an income. The idea to extort some money from this rich chinese is clearly not bad.

“Any possibility of problems along the way?” Barron asked hesitantly.

“What problems? Chinese people are well known for their lack of courage. All we have to do is mess with them a bit and there comes the money.” Bernie said confidently.

There are many Chinese people in America, but they can generally be separated into 3 categories. One, non-Chinese citizen of Chinese descent. They come from bloodlines that either moved or were sold over. These people have their own influence here, really troublesome to deal with. But because they’ve been here for so long, they still have the yellow colored skin, but understand almost no chinese. They will say they are Americans and not Chinese because they believe to be part of America.

The second type is the skilled immigrants that moved over in recent years. These people still believe themselves to be part of China deep down, but moved over due to better opportunities.

The third type is those investment immigrants, however these people have another identity in China, and that is criminals. Or it’s someone who ran off with a load of public funds. Or is some corrupted official escaping from the central authority. These people generally are of low profile and have a lots of money. However they don’t dare to call the cops and don’t have a public identity so they easily become the extortion targets for the local crime syndicates. Commonly referred to as ATMs; lambs with lots of money. Clearly these people believe Jiang Hai to be like this, but sadly, they are in for a major surprise.

“However he’s got Robins, Burke, Philemon, Harmen and Bell with him. These people kind of troublesome to deal with.” Faraday said troublingly after some thinking.

“They are our uncles and as such, I do not believe they will fire at us just for some foreigner. You only live once. It’s only money, worst comes to worst, give them a cut at the end. As for Bell and Harmen, we can just ignore them.” Bernie said completely full of confidence. It’s just as if Jiang Hai is their endless wallet. But how is any of this as easy as it looks? Sometimes, thinking too lightly of something is really a terrible idea.

“*Ahchoo*…..” Just at this moment in Boston, Jiang Hai felt his nose itch and sneezed.

“What’s wrong Boss? A cold?” Seeing Jiang Hai sneeze, Robins asked.

“No nothing, probably pollen or something.” Jiang Hai replied as he rubbed his nose. Ever since he got this overpowered body, he can be said to be the healthiest person in the world. Although that is kind of over the top, but at least under normal conditions he should be cold free. His sneeze was probably because he smelled something he shouldn’t have or someone is reminiscing about him. Shaking his head, Jiang Hai entered the gun shop in front of him.

Gun shops in America, from their outer appearance are just like any small supermarkets in China. The only difference here, is that they sell guns instead of grocery. Upon entering, Jiang Hai is clearly caught off guard by the ferocity of the shop. In front of him, there are guns everywhere. Some in the glass display counter, some on the walls, and some on the shelves. Handguns are all kept in the counter while other types of guns are hung up on the walls. Jiang Hai clearly recognized a portion of them, for example, M16s, Ak47s, but the majority of them is unknown to him. Such as the Israeli galil, Germany’s G3 which seriously looks like an AK. There is also CT’s 44 from Counter Strike, otherwise known as the AUG, are all here.

However, compared to these rifles, most of the guns on display are of 3 major types. One of them is the double barrel shotgun, where you have to pop open the barrel itself to reload. Then there is the bolt action and semiautomatic rifles. Finally there is whole section of shotguns. Small build, but full of killing potential. Apart from all of this are the bullets stockpiled in front of him like waterfalls. Upon seeing all of these, the first thought that comes to Jiang Hai’s mind is ‘no wonder there are so many shootings in America’, is there really no problem by doing things like this?.

Just as Jiang Hai’s eyes were about to be overloaded, a young man wearing a red coat walked over from the counter full of smiles and asked. “Is there anything I can help you with today?”

“Oh, I’m here to get a gun license.” Jiang Hai replied slowly.

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