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There is a major benefit in America compared to China. Since America is a capitalist country, everything revolves around money, as opposed to China, which is based around government officials. As long as you have money you can buy anything you want. In comparison to China, as long as you are a government official you can do whatever you want, as long as it matches the party’s policies.

Under the pressure of $100,000 and $1000 tip from Jiang Hai, the 9 dogs successfully ended up at the back of their new F750. The normally noisy dogs, under the supervision of the mastiff all kept their silence. The mastiff itself didn’t act as ferociously as people believed. Rather, it remained quite peaceful.

Jiang Hai then completed the adoption process. Firstly, they had to tag the dogs, record their condition at adoption and so on. Of course, they don’t really have to go through all these procedures, as who would be stupid enough to doubt a $280 million ranch owner.

As soon as all the animals entered the pickup, Jiang Hai and Robins left together. Originally, Jiang Hai wanted to ask what procedures are needed to adopt animals such as golden eagle, crocodiles, bears, jaguars and such. However, this question was straight up rejected by that girl. Although you can buy everything and anything with money, but if you want adopt these predators then you are going to be in a heap load of trouble. The majority of the predators at the shelter are caught by them, not sent to them.

As such, they really tend to hold a grudge against mankind. Hence they need to live out their lives within the shelter to prevent potential disasters. No matter how much money is thrown at them, they will not cross this bottom line.

Having transferred everybody onto the car, the two took a detour to town before heading back. This detour took them to a place that specializes in ATVs. The best transportation tool out on the grassland are horses, but their endurance can’t compare to ATVs. Also, you can’t ride the horses you buy straight away, you need a period of time for it to get to know you and the likes. ATVs are also more reliable and well suited at night or during rain storms. As such, most ranches generally have some in store as back ups.

However according to Robins, he didn’t really need to buy these ATVs. In America, most cowboys now-a-days are all half mechanics. For thing like ATVs, they will usually just buy the engine and create everything else like the frame and such. Take Jiang Hai’s current ranch situation for example. Out of the few ATVs he owns, a couple of them are made by Robins. These ATVs are really sturdy but they come short on the protection front. Since Jiang Hai is going to upgrade most of the machinery on the estate, so he might as well as upgrade these as well, after all, safety first.

Compared to the cars they bought, ATVs are much cheaper. There are only a few major producers of ATVs, like Polaris and Bombardier. Excluding all the random changes to the base model, a good ATV can cost between $10,000 and $20,000. After putting down an order for 4 of them and confirming the receiving address, Jiang Hai and Robins drove that huge 750 home.

When they returned, Durufle had already shipped the 750 and 650 here. Seeing the two beasts, everyone at estate were all excited to give it a spin. Now, they can confirm that their boss has complete confidence in them to create profits for the ranch. This confirmation comes from the price tag of the beasts. I mean, who would spend this much money and want only a half assed ranch in return?

When Jiang Hai and Robins finally arrived, everyone gathered to welcome them back. The most excited of the group is definitely Philemon and Harmen. However Harmen doesn’t really know how to display his feelings while Philemon’s mouth is never closed. Burke on the other hand, is the most relaxed of the bunch due to his nature, but you can still see the excitement within him through his shaking hands.

Then there is Bell Lester. Although he is the youngest here, but he really has an interest in these toys. After all, a year ago, he could play with tanks, planes, and armored cars whenever he wished to. These luxurious pickups really provide him with no interest. But if it was supercars here instead, then he probably would be extremely excited because he had never driven one before.

“So boss, are we allowed to take all these beasts out for a spin later?” Philemon asked in a hard to contain manner.

“No, no, no. Those two big ones are yours. You guys can do whatever to it, but that 650 is mine.” Said Jiang Hai as he patted the 650 beside him. With 2 750s for them to play with, who would mind the 650? Although these cars belong to the ranch, but they can still drive them around.

“Alright, come help and get these dogs off.” Jiang Hai yelled as to wake everyone from their daydream.

Hearing this, everyone finally noticed the dogs at the back of the pickups. As soon as Burke heard the word ‘dog’, he immediately went to examine them. When the group saw the cattle dogs, they were all speechless at their quality.

“Nice job Robins. All of these are veterans of the field.” Burke stated as he finished examining most of them. A good cattle dog is worth half a cowboy in the fields. To the cowboys, dogs are much more important than cars. Because cars are just machines thus people will not be attached to them, but this is the complete opposite with dogs.

“Well of course.” Robins answered back full of confidence as he helped everyone transfer the dogs over to their dog house.

The dog house is right beside the cow shed. After moving all of them off the car, Philemon volunteered and went to park the beastly 750. Everyone else all helped settle the goods in. The 7 normal hounds had no trouble settling in. After all, these dogs are very friendly with people. Finally the shepherd dog and the mastiff came out, but they caused quite a stir.

When Bell tried to move the mastiff, it suddenly stood up and stared viciously at Bell. Bell was a part of Delta Forces for many years so his hands are definitely stained with blood. These people basically fear nothing. But when he stared into the mastiff’s eyes, he suddenly got a chill crawling from his tailbone all the way up to his head. His sixth sense is clearly telling him that this dog is not just a dog, but rather a ferocious predator.

“What’s up?” Asked Burke as he came over. Out of all the people here, he thinks really highly of Bell. This young man is reserved, strong and has very good cowboying skills. Although he is still somewhat unaccustomed, but the basics are still there. After a year of practice, Bell’s skills are almost on par with his. But the shocked expression he has right now is really unexpected.

“Um, nothing. Just this dog has very likely killed before.” Bell explained to Burke as he shook his head.

Hearing this explanation, Burke suddenly go interested in this dog and turned to take a look. However its fine without looking, but as soon as you see it, it’ll give you a massive fright. When they look face to face, what do they see in each other’s eyes?

In the mastiff’s eyes Burke saw nothing. Yup, nothing. In its world there is no such thing as master, friends or kin. There is only food and enemy. This is a kind of feeling where lives are worth nothing. It is different from demon face who are just crazy. The blue wolf is definitely sane, this is simply their nature.

“Um, boss? Your dog here….” Burke asked Jiang Hai hesitantly.

“Oh him, there is no problem. I have ways.” Even before Burke can finish, Jiang Hai cut in and reassured him. Since he really has ways to tame him.

“Uhhhh. Alright then, if you say so.” After a bit of thinking Burke answered.

This boss of his is not in the teens, rather he is in his mid to late twenties. Considering the amount of things Jiang Hai has experienced, he probably isn’t the kind to take chances whenever he can. After some consideration, the two decided to listen to Jiang Hai and moved the two dogs into his mansion and left. However even after they left, they were still cautious of the mastiff, because they’re sixth sense is warning them that this mastiff is truly a predator. If it’s not under control, it will be on the loose to kill. As for the shepherd dog, it was ignored. Apart from it’s size, this one has nothing else special about him.

“Ahh, finally done.” At this moment, they settled the cattle dogs into their dog house. Regarding these cattle dogs, Jiang Hai knows nothing about them, so everything was done by Burke and Robins. After having put away all the 4 ATVs, they group finally finished everything for today.

Having been busy for the entire day and with no habit of gatherings, everyone returned back to relax. Having eaten dinner with the Turners, Jiang Hai returned back to his mansion to settle in the two dogs. The shepherd dog is out of patience. This breed of dog has very low wisdom, pretty much on par with the three sled dogs. Clearly afraid of the mastiff on the side, it hasn’t barked yet, but is walking in circles within the cage. As soon as it saw Jiang Hai, it immediately pounced forward with a look full of longing.

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