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As the car slowed to a stop, three people got off. Walking at the front of the group is a woman in a business attire. Although the attire does not have any brand or labels on it, but people who know what to look for can tell right away that the attire is top tier. Beside her are 2 people, a roughly 30 year old foreigner with sunglasses. With trained eyes, she begins to sweep all the pedestrians non-stop. The other one, wearing the same outfit, a pair of glasses and carrying 2 purses walks up quickly.

“What is my schedule for tonight?” The lady at the front asked her assistant.

“Most of the stuff planned today is complete, you have an invitation for dinner from president Liu of SUNRUS, probably to discuss construction plans at West Square. You also have a voice mail message from your mom asking when you going back to mourn your dad.” Answered the assistant as she quickly flipped through her calendar.

“…” When the lady heard the last piece, she slowed down a bit but quickly resumed her pace.

“Tell Liu Zheng Ri I don’t have time for him tonight. I’ll give him 15 minutes to convince me otherwise he can forget about the construction plans. And tell my mom I’ll talk with Jiang Hai about the exact time but it will be sometime during the day after tomorrow.” The lady coldly replied back.

Yup, this lady is none other than Jiang Hai’s legal wife. Qi Li, famous young entrepreneur in China. Young, beautiful, and skilled but without any major coverage. It has already been a year since taking over control of the family company. She used only three months to stabilize the originally wobbling company.

During the remaining 9 months, she recovered a third of her original losses. This made all the board members swallow whatever they were about to complain about. After all they’re all business people, since their old friends daughter can continue to help them earn money then there is no rush to change the company into liquidated assets. Therefore from the looks of things, the company is somewhat peaceful and this should only continue.

“Yes.” After hearing Jiang Hai’s name from the lady, the assistant had a flash of disdain and hesitation but quickly covered it up as she has no clue how the president and Jiang Hai got together. They’re not even on the same level. This is also why she always despises Jiang Hai, and why she didn’t tell the president about Jiang Hai’s call yesterday.

“President Qi!” The girl at the front desk suddenly called out to the group of three as they entered the building. Qi Li hearing the call couldn’t help but to slow down her pace and look at the girl with doubt.

“President Qi, yesterday someone called Jiang Hai called you and even said he is your…” The front desk girl stated with hints of hesitation. Normally stuff like this should be told to the president, but if this is a major matter and was not reported, then it is completely her fault.

“Husband? Right, speak.” Qi Li answered without paying any attention.

“En right. He said he has things to talk with you but can’t contact you, so he left something at your place. If you have time to go back you can take a look at it.” The front desk girl answered in a small voice after a bit of hesitation.

“Oh, got it.” Qi Li replied back with raised eyebrows but continued to move forward afterwards.

When the group reached the elevators, Qi Li glanced at her assistant and asked “Jiang Hai called?”

“Yes, he said he’s got stuff so he needs to leave for a period of time. No specifics, just hope you can call back when you get the chance.” Answered the assistant with a guilty conscience.

“This is the first and only time. As my assistant, you cannot bring your feelings into your work. No matter what, Jiang Hai is still my husband, this is stated by the law and he is not to be despised. Get it?” A frosty reprimand caused the assistant to shrink her neck and can’t help but to lower her head.

“Understood.” Hearing the reply, Qi Li stopped thinking further about this matter and left the elevator the moment it reached her destination.

Returning to her office and sipping a cup of office coffee, she pulled out her cell phone and called Jiang Hai. Since getting married, Jiang Hai only called her four times. This makes it the fifth time. She really can’t think of a reason why he is trying to reach her.

“Sorry. The number you have reached is not in service, please check the number and try again.” Unfortunately, the only response from the phone was an automated message.

“This guy, what’s he up to now?” Qi Li muttered to herself.

“Ahchoo! What the heck. How can this overpowered body get sick? What joke is this.” Jiang Hai, who is currently somewhere in Qinghai who had uncontrollably sneezed, unhappily stated.

“It looks like I’m almost there. Hopefully that stupid dragon’s memory is correct.” Jiang Hai muttered as he trekked forward.

This is the 10th day after Jiang Hai butchered that specific fish. Right after butchering that fish, he figured out what that pearl thing was. A dragon ball. No not the ones from Dragon Ball, where you get to make a wish after collecting all seven of them.

This is a piece of a real dragon’s soul. This dragon is not like those field bosses that you find in games and can be soloed. Rather this is of the world boss type, where you’d just get wrecked when you try to solo him. In chinese mythology there exist three super overpowered races. Phoenix, lord of the sky. Dragons, master of the sea. Finally, kirins who dominate the land. In order to possess more territory and resources, the three races waged constant war.

This was also known as the Era of creations. At that time, the three races were just like modern day super powers, no one wanted a direct confrontation with them. It can also be said that the three races are the masters of the world during that era, and the leader of the entire dragon race is the ancestral dragon. At the end of that period, he was sealed until death under the Kunlun mountain range by the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

After the destruction of the prehistoric era, 99% of the fragments collided together to form the mythical realm of xuans. The rest of the fragments disappeared into the void. The ancestral dragon’s cavern was also included in these fragments. When the fragment containing the cavern fell under the kunlun mountains, where the dragon ball started to shrink due to lack of celestial energy on earth. Finally when the dragon shrank to the size of a small pearl, it got swept from the cavern, swallowed by a fish and ended up in the hands of Jiang Hai.

The dragon ball which Jiang Hai possess is that of the ancestral dragon, but it has been weaken countless folds. If this was the celestial realm, then with this dragon ball there exist the possibility of turning into a real dragon, but at the very least have the ability for self protection and then some. Sadly this is earth and the most that can happen is make the human body exceed its limits. At least this is how Jiang Hai sees things.

When he touched this dragon ball, a snake like tattoo automatically appeared on his body. Although there aren’t many scales on it yet, according to the information provided by the dragon ball, this is the first stage of a dragon’s growth. As long as Jiang Hai absorbs the natural forces (3) from nature, aka find a place with a good environment, then the more energy he absorbs, the more scales are grown on his tattoo and vice versa.

With the growth of the tattoo, additional benefits can be acquired. For example, from the snake tattoo, he can instantly reach the human body’s limits and do things such as bench press 220kg, run on a treadmill at a pace of 10km/hr for 3 hours before breaking a sweat, and 8 hours before feeling tired. These type of stats is enough to shock anyone, but this is not all. The most mind blowing benefit, is receiving the power of one of the lords from the prehistoric era. This gave him the ability to breathe underwater, nullify water pressure and freely move around in water as if he was on land.

To be fair, the first two benefits, the boost to his body’s physical abilities and the powers of a prehistoric lord are already amazing, but they cannot compare to this final one. Since the whole body of a dragon is precious, his sweat, spit, excretions can all be used by organisms for quicker growth and evolution. For example, a drop of his blood can allow a flower seed to become a beautifully grown flower overnight. Unfortunately, since this effect is so overpowered, it comes with many drawbacks. Everytime he uses a drop of his blood, he loses 3 scales from his tattoo. And to grow a scale, he needs at least 5 days in China.

This was rather disappointing, but since these benefits come from the dragon tattoo, if the tattoo evolves further, the benefits would reach unprecedented heights. To Jiang Hai, this is like winning a lottery with no one bugging you for money.

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