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“Hi, I’m Burke Dale.” The white man said in a very low voice. From the looks of things, he should have a very reserved personality.

“Hi there.” Responded Jiang Hai. His senses tell him that this man is a must have.

“This is Philemon Turner, another great cowboy here. His skills are without question, great personality, and used to be a fisherman. In the future he can also help out in the fishery if needed.” Robins continued on to introduce the black man beside him.

“Hi boss. I’m Philemon Turner, from Boston. I worked as a mariner for 5 years in California until that boss of ours took our money and ran off with his mistress. I was then hired as a cowboy in texas for the last ten years. Don’t judge me by appearance. I can do anything and everything on the estate but pilot the trawler.” As soon as Robins finished speaking, Philemon continued like this was a rap competition. Sadly with Jiang Hai’s current english, he couldn’t keep up, but managed to understand the main points. He worked as a mariner in California for a bit before going to Texas to work as a cowboy.

“Alright, alright Mr. Turner. My english isn’t that fluent so can you please slow down a bit? There are also others who are waiting for their turn.” Jiang Hai said as lifted his hand to stop him from blabbering on.

“This is…” Seeing Philemon blabbering on, Robins can understand his urgency. He really needs a new job and badly at that. As he was about to introduce the other 4, he was cut off again.

“Hi, I’m Freddy Wilson and this is my brother Augustine Wilson, and we’re both from Boston city. So bro, if you hire me, I can save you lots of troubles in the area.” This over confident rebel stated. But as soon as he started to speak, both Jiang Hai and Robins’ looks instantly turned sour; especially Robins, he looked as if he was about to explode.

“Freddy what are saying!” Seeing as how Freddy had finished speaking, Robins immediately wanted to interrogate him. Sadly he was stopped by Jiang Hai with a look full of interest.

“So let me get this straight. If I don’t hire you, then is someone going to come at me looking for trouble or am I going to have trouble?” Jiang Hai inquisted. If anyone is familiar with him, then they know Jiang Hai is mad right now.

“Who knows. You’re on foreign land, and probably not hoping for any trouble.” Freddy continued on as if Jiang Hai had already taken the bait. Seeing Jiang Hai’s appearance, it reminded him of how he bullied that Chinese kid in college. That kid really had no balls.

Just from one look, you can tell that he is someone who is afraid of problems. All you need is a few provoking words then everything is settled. Job? That is so easy to find here. Thinking up to here, Freddy can’t help but smile at his own smartness. He thinks he’s already found out Jiang Hai’s personality. Chinese people are all cowards, especially in situations like these.

“Ohhh, I’m not like those chinese people whom you’ve met previously. I love to watch excitement, and especially love troubles. So you can leave now Mr. Wilson.” Jiang Hai said with disdain. A foreigner’s impression of Chinese people is cunning and refined, aka, easy to bully.

This is mainly because of two reasons. One, Chinese people from the start are taught to cause as little trouble as possible. Tone down all the problems you might have, make them go away. Hence with these teachings, kids grow up afraid to cause problems. Making them naturally have a cowardly character. The second reason is the unfair treatment by foreigners from a long time ago. Even now, some countries still treat chinese people like shit. Since they can’t do anything about it, they can only accept this treatment.

Sadly these two points can’t be used on Jiang Hai. Mainly because Jiang Hai is from Harbin. Everyone from there can be considered to be barbaric at times. If you have bad grades, then prepare for a beating. If you’ve been found to have been in fight outside and you hurt someone, then that is perfectly fine. You pay compensation, get fixed up and get rewarded for your behaviour. But if you lose the fight, then not only is there a beating waiting when you return but also a big scolding. What about reasonings? Sorry that doesn’t exist here. The one with the bigger fist will always be the winner.

And secondly, there basically isn’t anymore discrimination left in America. Even if there is, then there are the laws. The laws are weapon of protection for the rich people. And Jiang Hai just happens to be a rich person, especially with his rank 3 centurion and his net worth of $330 million. Let’s not mention what major lawsuit he might file, but at least he isn’t afraid of some local hooligans, degenerate police and the such.

“You!” Hearing Jiang Hai’s solid answer, it clearly put all of Freddy’s previous thoughts to waste.

“You can f**k off now. Thank you very much.” Facing the shocked Freddy, Jiang Hai continued paying no attention to him. Seeing this, Freddie suddenly had the urge to beat Jiang Hai to pulp. Sadly there is Robin’s there watching his every move. So all he can do to not leave a bad impression on Robins and leave behind a couple lines, like you’ll pay for this and I’ll be back, before walking out the bar. His brother quickly looked at Jiang Hai with an apologetic look before chasing after him.

“Boss, sorry about this. Originally I didn’t want to call Freddy but rather his skilled brother, Augustine. But his brother said he’ll only come if I bring Freddy along so I can only bring both of them.” Robins explained. Originally the wilson family owned a family farm. When their eldest child, Augustine, graduated from high school, he didn’t go to university but rather helped out on the farm and became a cowboy. During the mortgage crisis, their family farm went broke so everyone had to find jobs elsewhere. He found a job in Texas and after 5 years became somewhat well known. Thus came back looking for more work. However unlike him, his brother fooled around for a few years after university and almost became a local thug. His parents hoped he could help his brother out, hence the previous scene.

“No problem, I could care less about these kind of thugs.” Jiang Hai paid this matter no mind. Although this is Robin’s fault, but he can’t really blame him for it.

“Boss, this is Harmen Fels. A highly skilled cowboy, but he has attention deficit schaub disorder (ADSD). If you hire him, you’ll also get a tax cut.” Robins continued on with his introductions quitely.

“Tax cut?” When Jiang Hai first saw him, he know this guy had some mental disorder, but as long as he isn’t crazy then it’s fine. When he heard the words tax cut, he can’t help but be dumbstruck. Where does the tax fit in? He hasn’t even made any money yet!

“Wait, you don’t know?” Seeing this Robins can’t help but look at him strangely, but he doesn’t have the time to explain it right now, so he continued on with the introductions.

“The last one there is called Bell Lester. Don’t mind how young he is, but he’s got the power. Left from the army last year and found a job at Lewis’s farm. Sadly Lewis lost all his money in Vegas and can’t pay any of his workers so he left.” Robins stated.

“Wait you said he was decommissioned? Bro, which unit you from?” Hearing this, Jiang Hai can’t help but feel interested in this Bell Lester.

“Delta Force, first squadron, third team. Boss.” Bell responded. Hearing this Jiang Hai can’t help but breath in a breath of cold air.

“Delta? Alright then let me ask why were you decommissioned at this age?” Jiang Hai can’t help but ask this strange question. Delta force can be considered elite of the elites, so even if you leave the corp then how can you end up ranching cattles?

“Last year during a hostage situation, we went in, but instead of hostages we found a trap. This trap caused us to suffer losses but no deaths. We also captured many people. My team leader told us to kill them all, I disagreed, and hurt a fellow team member in the process. Later I was kicked out of the force” Bell explained nonchalantly.

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