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Tang Gang stressed: “Domestic Deen battery, Xinwang battery, the price that the two suppliers are willing to offer, one third lower than the one you gave! Not only that, but the performance quality of the two battery suppliers is also not bad.”

Ishikawa is still calm, and said: “As far as I know, because of the recent battery events in the mobile phone market, the production lines of the two battery suppliers are full-load production. If you want to place an order, you have to wait for at least a few months.”

“Furthermore, you want a new lithium battery that matches HX1, you have to come up with a new design. We are now the best choice to provide a safe, stable and powerful lithium battery. These require technical costs, Production costs, so the fare increase is also reasonable.”

What he said makes sense. The mobile phone battery problem in the past two years has made mobile phone companies more vigilant and valued security.

Not to mention the battery supplier of a small brand, that is, a large battery supplier, there will be some problems.

Negotiations continued, Tang Gang did not find anything cheap, Ishikawa Zhuo did not want a penny, as if they had allowed them.

Then talked about the problem of mobile phone lithium battery, Nishimura Hiraichi took out a lithium battery use program.

After Yao Li reading it, he immediately frowned. “Mr. Nishimura, this lithium battery, the performance parameters are wrong. It is different from what we want.”

Nishimura said in a less standard Chinese language: “This is the lithium battery that is most suitable for your Red Letter mobile phone. It uses the latest battery technology of our Fujitsu!”

Yao Li did not give up and continued to ask: “What we want is the standard lithium battery that you provide to Panasonic Group Electronics. You are now giving a significantly lower grade.”

Ishikawa said: “This is not the case. We are now giving you more performance than the lithium battery you are using now. As for the battery we have produced for the Panasonic Group, it is custom-made by Panasonic Group. Temporarily unavailable.”

Tang Gang suddenly dissatisfied, he said with displeasure: “That is, we have to spend more 50% of the price, buy your lower grade products? Mr. Ishikawa, if so, then we can’t cooperate!”

Ishikawa Zhuo blinked and was not angry. Before they came, their company had already investigated it. Now that red letter mobile phone is facing battery problems, they are the most suitable choice, so he has no fear.

Unless Red Letter continues to work with previous battery suppliers, it reduces brand reputation.

Ishikawa said calmly: “Tang can always consider, we can provide this mobile phone lithium battery, definitely better than the performance you are using now.”

“Don’t think about it!” At this time, Lu Zixin couldn’t listen to it. Plus, do not offer the best products, when they are big heads?

Several people looked at him, Lu Zixin said simply: “If you can’t cooperate, then that’s it.”

Ishikawa was a bit strange at the time. This Lu Yan had not spoken until now, and now he vetoed them directly.

He asked: “Don’t you want to replace the more powerful battery accessories?”

“Of course I think, but we have more choices,” Lu Zixin said.

Ishikawa Zhuo shook his head and said: “Excuse me, other battery suppliers are really better than us.”

“That’s not necessarily the case,” Lu Zixin said. “Your battery technology is not the most advanced. We can make batteries ourselves.”

Lu Zixin didn’t want to be so troublesome, but he found it harder to find the right battery supplier. And Red Letter wants to introduce other Black Science and Technology products, and the battery is one of the keys.

Whether it’s a cell phone, a computer, a tablet or another electronic product, you have to rely on the battery. Since the cooperation is not cost-effective, it is simply made up, and he already has relevant technical information.

When their heard Lu Zixin, Tang Gang and Yao Li were both wrong, making their own batteries? Do they have that technology?

Ishikawa Zhuo laughed and said: “General Lu is really going to laugh. Now Red Letter, can only develop software and chips independently? Battery technology is a completely different field.”

“It is Red Letter that is really willing to spend money to make it. The products I want to make are not necessarily better than your current battery. If something goes wrong, it is really worth the loss.”

“This is our red letter, we naturally have a way.” Lu Zixin did not want to talk nonsense with him.

Ishikawa Zhuo said with a smile: “In this case, today’s discussion will come here. If you still want to cooperate, we are still in this condition and will not change.”

Said, he and Nishimura Hiraichi left. Out of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, Nishimura said in Japanese: “Ishikawa, do they really want to make your own battery?”

Ishikawa Zhuo shook his head: “Impossible. Lithium batteries are made to be made? If the batteries produced are not as high as those of other battery suppliers, they will make a loss.”

“Then why is the letter of the red letter to say this?” Nishimura said nothing.

“Of course, it is for bargaining!” Ishikawa Zhuo from the channel, “Huaxia people just like to play these little tricks, they thought that this would allow us to take the initiative to cut prices. However, I have seen it!”

“You can rest assured, it will not take long for Red Letter to negotiate with us. At that time, our rattan battery is still the price, or that battery, see if they want it!”

Nishimura said that he said: “It is still Ishikawa who knows Chinese people better.”

Inside the Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology company, the representative of the company’s battery was left. Tang Gang and Yao Li also wondered and asked Lu Zixin: “General, if we refuse the rattan battery, we can’t really find a suitable supplier in a short time, and continue to cooperate with the previous suppliers?”

“I didn’t say it? Make it yourself.” Lu Zixin said seriously.

“What? Really made it yourself? We don’t have that technology!” Tang Gang was shocked. He thought that Lu Zixin was joking. He quickly said: “Now research and development, it will take a few years to say a little bit. Results.”

“Unless we buy mature technology or collaborate with existing battery suppliers, this does not guarantee that we can develop high-performance batteries.”

Yao Li also said: “It is too difficult to make it yourself. Even if we don’t cooperate with Fujin Battery, we can find other suppliers. There are also several new energy companies in China that can try to find cooperation with them. In addition, there are several suppliers in Baodao. Business, battery performance is also ok.”

Lu Zixin smiled and asked, “Do you know the lithium-air battery? If you can make that, how?”

“Lithium air battery?” Yao Li remembered as soon as he heard it. He immediately shook his head: “Impossible, we can’t make it”

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