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This the beginning of Third Arc : Seireitei

“I’m not dreaming?”

Shiba Kūkaku looks at Xia Yan, her eyes are filled with tears and stretched out.

Xia Yan walked slowly and said: “Kūkaku sister, you have no dreams, it is really me.”

Shiba Kūkaku hugged Xia Yan and pulled him into her arms and hugged him tightly.

Shiba Kūkaku is 168cm, and Xia Yan is so smashed into her arms that his face is buried in her chest.

“Kūkaku sister, I am dying.”

Xia Yan struggled constantly. After a while, Shiba Kūkaku released her hand. Look at Xia Yan, tearful eyes.

“Kūkaku sister.”

Xia Yan looks at the opposite side, revealing a smile.


The next moment, Shiba Kūkaku raised her palm and hit Xia Yan face with slap, leaving a clear palm print on Xia Yan face.

“Kūkaku sister?”

Xia Yan just looks at Shiba Kūkaku, the latter eyes are red, said with a grin: “Do you know how sad I am?”

“I’m afraid!”

Xia Yan knows that Shiba Kūkaku will be very sad. Seeing her present appearance, Xia Yan is very uncomfortable.

“Thirty years, 30 years, you know, how painful I am.”

Shiba Kūkaku looks at Xia Yan, slowly telling him, in the end, the tears in eyes can no longer be patient, all flowing out.

“You, how can you not tell me, not to be so long?”

Shiba Kūkaku rubbed her face with her hands and tried to suppress herself, so that she could not cry, but she could not stop.

This is the first time that Xia Yan saw Shiba Kūkaku crying. Unlike the woman who has always been strong, she was very painful at this time.

Xia Yan knows that Shiba Kūkaku is very painful. The two are very good friends. Xia Yan saved her brother, and her brother also saved Xia Yan.

Other than that, The two also studied tremor bomb and set up the factory.

When Xia Yan pursued Soi Fon, she had not only made bee fireworks.

The two are very good friends, but they are such friends, but in the name of death, they have been away for 30 years.

Shiba Kūkaku is not a strong woman after the death of her brother. There is still gentleness and care in her character.

So when she saw Xia Yan again, she cried, not because of anger, but because of the pain and unwillingness for 30 years, all of them burst at this moment.

Of course, there is a joy.

Xia Yan went to Shiba Kūkaku and said: “Kūkaku sister, if you are angry, you can hit me.”

Shiba Kūkaku pulled her hand back from her face, turned her face and said, “I won’t beat you.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “Kūkaku sister, how can you be willing to forgive me?”

Shiba Kūkaku coldly said: “I will not forgive you, I will never, and from now on, I will not care about you.”

After the emotional explosion, the last is anger, why don’t you come back?

Do you know that there are many people waiting for you in pain.

Shiba Kūkaku turned and planned to leave, but Yoruichi blocked her way and said, “Kūkaku, Don’t mess it.”

Shiba Kūkaku coldly looks at Yoruichi, Yoruichi said: “I know that you are angry, but you know that 30 years ago, as long as there was a mistake, he was already dead. And then, what he has to do may also die. ”

Shiba Kūkaku body trembled a little and looked at Xia Yan.

The latter scratched his head and cramped: “Not as dangerous as Yoruichi senior said, I still have a little grasp.”

Shiba Kūkaku asked softly: “What happened?”

Yoruichi interjected: “We can tell you, but can you please sit down and listen to us?”


Shiba Kūkaku This time, when the three of them sat down, Xia Yan just began to talk about things before he left.

Xia Yan described him as being attacked by Aizen, as well as Metastacia and Ramirez. After Shiba Kūkaku hearing the story, she said with a grin: “It turned out that he was doing his hands and feet.”

For Shiba Kūkaku, he not only harmed Xia Yan, but also tried to harm his own family.

Xia Yan described his own arrangement and the life after leaving Soul Society.

Finally, Xia Yan said the reason for his return, is to killing Aizen.

“I can help you.”

Shiba Kūkaku immediately said after listening, “Although I am not Shinigami, High-level Hadō can still used, I can help you deal with Aizen.”

Shiba Kūkaku can use Hadō #63 Raikōhō, knowing that High-level Hadō is in Shinigami, except for Rukia, which is all used by Captain-level Shinigami.

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “Kūkaku sister can really help me, but I don’t need you to deal with Aizen. After all, the more people we deal with Aizen, the more dangerous it is.”

With Aizen Ability decided not to besiege. Once the siege, he is likely to be treated as Aizen and then be Attacked.

So the fewer people, the better. In Xia Yan’s plan, people who can’t beat Aizen will leave behind.

Shiba Kūkaku nodded and said, “Okay, what do you need me to do?”

Xia Yan said: “First I need you to help Kurosaki ichigo. They to enter Seireitei.”

Shiba Kūkaku said: “I have two methods. One is to use Kakaku Hō, and the other is to follow the Onmitsukidō troops. The former is too loud and will attract the attention of Soul Society. We can use the latter, there are special transportation routes, 30 years, our trucks, no one has been explored.”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “I still use Kakaku Hō to get Kurosaki ichigo to enter. I entered with the truck of Onmitsukidō troops.”

Xia Yan needs Kurosaki ichigo to attract attention, not only for himself, but also to contact Head-Captain himself, then he can act in secret.

Shiba Kūkaku said: “Well, I sent them in with Kakaku Hō. But the truck will be in three days, so you have to stay here for the next three days. ”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “This is no problem, I can wait. Then ask Yoruichi senior to follow them. If Kurosaki ichigo is defeated, then teach him Bankai, we need his energy.”

After Kurosaki ichigo mastered Bankai, there is Captain-level combat power. Although Slash will be blocked by Aizen with one hand, he has not seen Aizen Shikai, and it is still useful.

The main thing is that he can protect Rukia, Xia Yan wants to save Rukia, but if it is only for this purpose, he will not be so troublesome, why bother to avoid Aizen, let the story go according to the original work.

This time Xia Yan shot only one purpose, that is to kill Aizen.

As for why he insisted on killing Aizen, Xia Yan still has a goal. Only by accomplishing this goal can he achieve his true purpose.

If he can’t do it, Xia Yan will regret it.

In order to accomplish this goal, Xia Yan is willing to take his life as a weight.

Kurosaki ichigo is half-prepared by Xia Yan. In addition, there are some preparations, some are killing, some are random, and some are retreating.

All is ready except for the opportunity.

But at this time, Shiba Kūkaku looks at Xia Yan: “If you want to take Onmitsukidō troops route, then do you want to see Soi Fon?”

After hearing this question, Xia Yan lived, and then said: “Forget it, wait for me to be completely successful, tell her.”

Xia Yan did not dare to tell Soi Fon because he felt that he might die if he told her that he was still alive and then died.

So Soi Fon will really collapse and lose all the will to live.

Why do you think you will die?

Because Xia Yan feels that he has ignored something and this is very crucial.

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