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Group Tip : “Red Queen received Bruce Wayne’s luck Red envelope and won 100T Children’s Educational Animation Resource.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a face is more than.]”

Bruce Wayne : “When you are bored, you can see that, artificial intelligence should also be able to learn.”

Lu Zixin saw this news and was happy. Originally in the eyes of Batman, Red Queen’s intelligence is only equivalent to a little girl.

Group Tip : “Peter Parker received Bruce Wayne’s luck Red envelope and got a bat belt.”

Peter Parker gave a picture of surprise and posted a handsome bat belt.

“This belt is really handsome, thank you Mr. Wayne!”

Bruce Wayne : “This is not only for decoration, this multi-functional belt, which has miniature plastic bombs, neurotoxic balloons, bat boomers, smoke bombs, fingerprint files, cutters, hook guns, breathing aids. Etc. And also installed communication equipment.”

Peter Parker : “Wow, it’s so powerful? Can you put so many things in a belt?”

Bruce Wayne : “It’s all micro-devices, inlaid inside the belt, and must be added after use.”

Peter Parker : “No problem, this belt is so handsome. I can take the liberty to ask, can I put my spider logo on?”

Bruce Wayne : “No problem.”

Then, Lu Zixin also received his Red envelope prompt : “Congratulations, you received Bruce Wayne’s Red envelope and got a bat cloak.”

Lu Zixin took the bat cloak directly from the group space, the black fabric, the shape of the batwing, this is the hunter’s cloak in the night, nothing to say!

Lu Zixin quickly thanked the group, and Bruce Wayne gave him a description of the bat cloak.

“Bat Cloak: A special memory fiber made of nylon that can flutter like any fiber. But after charging the fiber, it will harden quickly, showing the shape of a batwing, which can slow down the landing or even short-range flight. The bat cloak Covered with a protective film, it can be fireproof, cut-proof, explosion-proof, etc.”

After reading it, I was amazed. It is equal to saying that he put on this cloak, and like Batman, from the skyscraper, the faith jumps?

This is more exciting than bungee jumping and parachuting! And the protection function of this cloak, even a general accident, does not affect him.

I will not say anything in the future. With this cloak, my own security will get some protection.

What is most interesting to Lu Zixin is the special material for making this cloak, the characteristics of memory fiber and hardening of electricity. If this material is used in the manufacture of some high-quality Science and Technology equipment, the absolute potential is unlimited!

Lu Zixin thanked again, Bruce Wayne said : “Unfortunately, I can only talk about it today. Someone seems to be calling me outside. These days, the clown has always wanted to make some big moves. I have to be on guard, goodbye.”


Lu Zixin put the bat cloak on the table and studied it. There was nothing on the outside, and there was a button that was energized.

Lu Zixin With a single push, the special fiber begins to harden under the action of current, which becomes the general shape of the gliding wing, and the area is still big!

After the end of the power, the cloak softened and turned into the original appearance.

Lu Zixin folds it up, it’s as big as a shirt, it’s very light, and it can be carried when you go out.


For a month, Lu Zixin stayed in Pengcheng to help the research mobile phone chips. From time to time, contact Su Zhirong at Jiangcheng and home.

For his company’s affairs, he gave the family a detailed explanation. Parents probably know that his current company is quite ok, can make a lot of money, and confessed a lot.

These are not mentioned. At the end of december, two days before the New Year’s Day, the R&D team finally came to the good news. The first mobile phone chip sample independently developed by Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology was finally developed!

An integrated circuit template with a large fingernail size, with computing and storage capabilities.

Dai Liang was excited watching this chip!

Self-developed mobile phone chips may not make sense to people who don’t understand. But for people in the industry, the meaning is very important!

We must know that there are only a handful of domestically developed mobile phone chips.

For example, the Kirin series of chips for the birch, and the Péngpài series of recent Rice phones, other mobile phone brands, are basically Samsung or Qualcomm mobile phone chips.

First, because their own research and development capabilities are limited, and second, because of commercial interests, R&D investment is too large, directly use other people’s chip processor, more in line with commercial interests.

Now, Red Letter also owns its own mobile phone chip, and it is completely independent research and development.

In the lab, the R&D team was nervous and looked forward to Lu Zixin. Next, they were going to test the sample chip.

Only when the computing power of this mobile phone chip reaches a certain level can it be a true success. Otherwise what is the difference between the products and the cottage products?

They put the phone chip into an assembled mobile phone for data detection.

“Everything is normal, even very good!” Dai Liang said, we can also make a small game: “such as performance score test.”

“Beginning.” Including Lu Zixin, everyone’s eyes are on the score.

The score is constantly rising, and soon, it has exceeded 100,000! And still growing!

“In the latest phase of the mobile phone performance ranking, the tenth is a little more than 150,000 points for the hammerhead phone!” said a staff member. “As long as we reach 130 or 140 thousand, it is already a success!”

He was barely fell and saw that the score has exceeded 140,000!

“Scorpio, but even higher!” everyone excited.

The score has exceeded 150,000!

Then there are 160,000! Until the 170,000, the score was fixed.

“171080 points!” a researcher excitedly shouted out, “This data has just surpassed the score of Samsung GS8!”

Samsung GS8, already a product of the strength manufacturers, their chip quality, naturally needless to say. However, the first chip of Red Letter can actually reach this level directly. How can it not surprise them?

Of course, this does not mean that they can produce more mobile phones than Samsung GS8. The performance of a mobile phone, as well as various factors, other hardware, operating System and so on.

Dai Liang just laughed and said: “Unexpectedly! Before we were in the Science and Technology of Wang Tang, the chip developed, the score is only 100,000. Now this is a qualitative leap!”

“And this chip is still only the first version, after all the improvements, the performance should be better!”

Lu Zixin nodded: “It’s hard work! It’s all inseparable from everyone’s efforts. This month, pay more than one month’s salary as a bonus! If the follow-up development can keep up, it must be everyone’s share!”

Developed a chip, what’s next? Of course it is production and sales! R&D also needs funds. Lu Zixin intends to use the production chain and various channels previously left by Wangtang Science and Technology to produce mobile phones of Red Letter brand!

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