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The whole soul gathering point, most of them are souls of higher spiritual power, their life span far exceeds the ordinary soul, and some are the souls of two or three hundred years ago.

But the so-called spiritual power is relatively strong, most of them are second-class Reiatsu, and very few can reach third-class Reiatsu.

This second-class Reiatsu, able to feel the spirit power, can gather Reishi, which is the limit they can do.

Third-class Reiatsu can already enter the Spiritual Arts Academy. If you exercise, you can reach the fourth-class Reiatsu and even use the primary Kido.

Of course, the soul of these third-class Reiatsu is almost over 200 years old, so even in the Soul Society, you can’t enter Spiritual Arts Academy.

This level of soul, there are many in Rukongai, such as how Aizen made Hōgyoku, from hundreds of Shinigami, and hundreds of Rukongai residents with Shinigami talent, forcibly seize their soul, to made Hōgyoku.

So high number of Rukongai resident, plus the wicked people in the chaotic area, most of them have such Reiatsu.

At this time, Xia Yan discovered that in Bleach World is not only Quincy, Shinigami, Hollow and Fullbringer.

There is also a huge number of Spiritual Body, the number is not too small, tens of thousands, can form a unique culture.

After Xia Yan left the clothing store with Yadomaru Lisa and Yoruichi, Kuna Mashiro ran and flew to the two, carrying a bag.

“Have you bought it?” Yadomaru Lisa Lisa looks at Kuna Mashiro.

Kuna Mashiro nodded, took out a peony cake, handed it to Yoruichi, took one more, handed it to Xia Yan, and said, “You taste it.”

“Thank you.”

After Xia Yan took over, he found that the peony cake is somewhat like a hard-shelled moon cake, but it is not so thick, the skin is somewhat soft, and the pattern on the top is a peony pattern.

Xia Yan put a bite in his mouth, first bite the hard skin outside, the taste is a bit soft, but there is also delicate.

Not only flour, but also rice, blend together to form a hard skin.

Later, Xia Yan ate the stuffing inside, soft and sweet, not too flexible, probably made of citron powder.

The taste is very good, and there is thick soy flour, which does not look greasy.

And how was it? The long-awaited look at Yoruichi.

Yoruichi snorted and said, “What is inside, wow, so unpalatable, a bit disgusting.”

If you don’t eat the peony cake, you will be more disgusted, especially the soft stuffing inside, which is a bit disgusting.

Kuna Mashiro immediately pouted her mouth and said, “How can it be difficult to eat? I knew, I wouldn’t give it to you. Xia Yan, what do you think?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “It’s delicious.”

Yoruichi directly put the remaining peony cake into Xia Yan’s hand and said, “You feel so delicious, I can’t eat it.”

Xia Yan helpless looks at the peony cake that was bitten, and it was covered with your saliva. Don’t do this.

Moreover, you are too straightforward to say that you don’t like it, but it is a bit too much to say that it is difficult to eat directly.

But Yoruichi character is like this, very straightforward, and will not care about other people’s feelings.

In the face of Soi Fon goodwill, Yoruichi is impatient and will say that she is awkward, of course, this character is used to it.

I want to know that she is a woman who even shows her body to others.

Xia Yan scratched his head, finished eating his own peony cake, and finished eating Yoruichi share, taking the residue from his hands and continuing to browse.

There are a lot of shops here, and their coverage and functions are no different from those of human gatherings. In the distance, there are areas where souls live, and food growing areas.

Xia Yan exclaimed: “I didn’t expect that there is such a big soul gathering place here. Counting other places, how many souls have not traveled to the Soul Society.”

Yadomaru Lisa said: “No, there is no such big scale in other places. In addition to Karakura Town, there are only a few cities will have soul gathering place of this scale. ”

Kuna Mashiro said: “Yes, because Karakura Town is a heavy spirit.”

heavy spirit?

Xia Yan remembers that Aizen wants to make the king key, and he needs “100 souls and a radius of spirit.”

The so-called heavy spirit refers to the singular singularity in Human World, which will be transferred with the times. It is easy to gather Reishi in Human World.

In other words, Karakura Town will have more spiritual things.

Xia Yan continued to hang around with a few people and bought some gadgets. At noon, four people entered the ramen house.

Yadomaru Lisa said with a smile: “The ramen here has super spicy ramen, do you want to taste it?”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “Okay.”

Yadomaru Lisa immediately said: “The boss, come four bowls of super spicy.”


The boss’s voice came from the kitchen, but Xia Yan said helplessly: “I didn’t say it was going to be spicy.”

Yoruichi beat over Xia Yan and said: “You little devil, like a little girl, can’t you eat spicy?”

Can you eat spicy and is it irrelevant for men and women?

And all three of you are women, don’t you not be afraid of spicy?

Xia Yan said helplessly: “I just don’t like that taste.”

Many times, the spicy food will cover the taste of the food. Sichuan cuisine can be used to change the spicy taste, but the pure spicy ramen noodles are not attractive.

Yoruichi looks at Xia Yan, saying: “Right, have you seen Shiba Kūkaku in Seireitei? How is she doing now? Are she still making fireworks?”

Shiba Kūkaku and Yoruichi are good friends, and they are willing to violate the rules for each other.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “I have a good relationship with Kūkaku sister.”

“Kūkaku sister? Are you calling her sister?” Yoruichi asked curiously.

Xia Yan replied: “I was rescued by Kūkaku brother, and I also recommended the bomb she made to the Onmitsukidō troops, so the relationship is not bad.”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “It turns out that your little devil is very good.”

Say, Yoruichi patted Xia Yan hair, Xia Yan said with a sigh of relief: “Don’t pat my hair, only Soi Fon sister can do it.”

Yoruichi laughed and waited for a while, and the ramen was on.

Look at the bright red ramen, Xia Yan sighed, but in a blink of an eye, Yoruichi, Yadomaru Lisa and Kuna Mashiro began to eat.

Xia Yan has no choice but to follow it.

After noon, Xia Yan was sweating when out of ramen restaurant. Yoruichi gave a smooth voice and said, “It’s full.”

You have eaten thirteen bowls of ramen, and it’s amazing you not have broken stomach.

Xia Yan remembers that in the original work, Yoruichi is a big stomach king, with an amazing amount of food and can eat a lot of food.

“Let’s go.”

Yadomaru Lisa touched the dry wallet and left the soul settlement with three people.

When I arrived in the city, the four people walked toward the place where they lived, but after walking through a street, they found a young man in the distance.

The young man was in front of a little girl and was asking seriously.

Xia Yan saw this scene and raised an eyebrow. The little girl is a soul, but the youth is not a soul, but a person.

More than that, this young man has a second-class Reiatsu, and this ageing Spirit User, in Human World, is very rare.

Most second-class Reiatsu and third-class Reiatsu are souls, all of which are two or three hundred years old.

But he is only 20 years old, he has a second-class Reiatsu, and latent talent is superior.

Xia Yan had some accidents. When she walked to the opposite side, Yoruichi asked, “Hey, what are you guys doing?, are you bullying her?”

“You are also spirits?”

The young man stood up and said quickly: “I didn’t bully her, but she was in trouble, but I was here for the first time. Can you please help me?”

Xia Yan heard this and looked at Yoruichi. The latter said with a smile: “There is no hurry to go back anyway, let’s take a trip.”

The young man immediately stood up and said, “Thank you.”

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