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The information of this Science and Technology company was placed in front of Lu Zixin. Su Zhirong said: “Wangtang Electronics Science and Technology, founded in 2006, has been in existence for more than ten years. Founder Tang Gang, who studied in Japan Electronic Science and Technology, working in Japan country for several years. Ten years ago, He returned to China from Japan to start a business and established Wangtang Electronic Science and Technology Co. Ltd.”

“Early, Wang Tang Science and Technology was engaged in the business of mobile phone foundries. The specific mode is to first obtain orders from downstream smartphone brand operators, then purchase corresponding parts from upstream suppliers, and then entrust third-party mobile phone manufacturers to assemble and process…”

“Then they started to develop and produce independently.”

“In year 2011 to 2013, the time period of the domestic smartphone broke out. Wangtang Science and Technology also rose, and the annual income once reached more than one billion yuan!”

“But since 2015, the price competition of domestic mobile phones has intensified, and the profit of low-end smartphone market has been compressed. Wangtang Science and Technology has begun to decline. Until last year, Wangtang main partners closed down, a large number of orders were put on hold, and the capital chain broke.“

“The current Wang Tang Science and Technology has been frozen due to arrears and excessive litigation, and has stopped operating activities and is about to declare bankruptcy.”

Lu Zixin looked at the line and quickly asked the information. Said to Su Zhirong: “I look at this information, Wang Tang Science and Technology has its own mobile hardware development team? How is it now?”

“The company has to go bankrupt, and the team naturally takes a temporary vacation home, and it’s almost the same as disbanding.” Su Zhirong replied.

“Tang Gang, CEO of Science and Technology, is going to be mad, and looking for help. But no one is willing to accept this mess. He heard that our red letter wants to involve related fields. He immediately ran over and wanted us to invest in them.”

Lu Zixin began to think, this Wang Tang Science and Technology has a complete hardware industry chain and R & D team, which is what they lack. However, you can’t be a big man, you need to know the situation and make a decision.

“You talk to him first and make all the things clear.” Lu Zixin lists some things.

“I am going to talk?” Su Zhirong was a little surprised that the work she is doing now has been an assistant to Lu Zixin.

Now he actually wants her to negotiate with the CEO. Although the other party is a “out of breath” CEO, this kind of business activity is also important enough.

“Of course it is you.” Lu Zixin affirmed, “Liu Tong and others, They are very busy now. Many things will depend on you in the future. In addition, if you don’t care, you can find another assistant to work.”

Su Zhirong was inexplicably moved when she heard Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin means that she will be involved in the management of the company in the future, not just his assistant.

“I will try my best.” Su Zhirong nodded cautiously.

In a few days, Su Zhirong was collecting information while discussing with Tang Gang. More information about Science and Technology is known to Lu Zixin. He was surprised to find that this Wang Tang Science and Technology is really not simple. They not only developed some mobile phone hardware, but also tried a mid-range smartphone called “Wang Tang”.

However, this mobile phone did not succeed, and the sales volume was bleak, so the project soon died.

To put it simply, Wang Tang Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is a loser who has been in the fierce market competition and has been briefly glory, but still being beaten by others!

These are not important to Lu Zixin. He took a look at the technicians, R&D team and industry chain that Ten Tang Science and Technology accumulated over the course of ten years.

It is difficult to set up a hardware R&D and a complete industrial chain from scratch. If there are ready-made improvements, it will be much more convenient.

“Tomorrow, I will negotiate with Tang Gang,” Lu Zixin said.

“Okay, I will arrange it.” Su Zhirong nodded.


Jiangcheng A chain hotel, Tang Gang is frowning and walking around the room.

Although he is only forty years old this year, but his hair is sparse and Mediterranean is quietly shaped. Tang Gang caught a cigarette, and each time he got his mouth, he put it down and sighed slightly.

“Xiao Tang, don’t walk around, I have spent my eyes.” Next to him, there is an old man who is over half  old than him, and is sitting next to him.

“I am… anxious! My neighbor called and said that the debt has blocked my family. My wife and my children are hiding back in their homes. The company owes the employees two months’ salary and can’t pull Investment, the company will go bankrupt!” Tang Gang was in a hurry.

“But you are useless,” said the old man. “It’s better to sit down and calm down and think about how to talk to Red Letter. They didn’t directly reject you, there is hope.”

Tang Gang annihilated the smoke and said: “Dai Lao, you are right, I have to calm down.”

Dai Liang nodded: “You can rest assured that if i’m useful, I will help.”

Dai Liang is the core technical talent of Wang and Tang Science and Technology R&D team. He is also an honorary professor of photoelectric science and technology at a university in the South. This time, Wang Tang encountered a crisis. Tang Gang said that he needed help, and Dai Liang came.

Tang Gang said: “According to my understanding, Red Letter should be about hardware. They don’t have their own hardware technology team and related equipment and industry. I want you to come here, I just want you to help prove that we at Tang. The strength of Science and Technology allows Red Letter to invest with confidence.”

Dai Liang nodded: “This is of course, the level of research and development of our team is already first-class in China.”

“What I am most afraid of is not this. What I am most afraid of is that Red Letter is only a temporary intention, and I don’t really want to involve this field. Or, they don’t care about independent research and development, just want to take money to try water. In that case, we hope Tang Science and Technology has no advantage.” Tang Gang still pressed a large stone.

He has been looking for a lot of big companies and institutions for investment, but he has been turned away. First, because Wang Tang Science and Technology did not take the brand products of the shots, but also in debt, the investment will have a high probability of losing money.

Second, some companies simply do not want to invest in research and development. The powerful companies already have their own R&D teams and do not need them.

This Red Letter company is a rising Internet company with strong strength. Now it is almost the last hope of Tang Gang. If this is still not the case, he can only declare the company bankrupt, and ten years of hard work has turned into nothing.

“I heard that the CEO of Red Letter is a young man in his early twenties. I don’t know what he thinks.” Tang Gang’s heart is secretly sighed. A few years ago, he himself was brilliant. But life is so big and big, too fast, he not only did not go higher, but fell to the bottom.

At this time, Tang Gang’s mobile phone rang, and it was the business phone of Red Letter Company.

“Hey, hello!” Tang Gang immediately connected the phone. Su Zhirong’s sweet voice came: “Hello, Mr. Tang, I am the representative of Red Letter. Our General wants to talk to you at the company tomorrow. May I ask you? Do you have time?”

“There is time! There is time! What time is it tomorrow?” Tang Gang was a little excited, and finally he could see the CEO of Red Letter, which means that General is very interested in them.

“Two o’clock tomorrow afternoon, the Red Letter company building, can you?”

“Yes, I will arrive on time!” Tang Gang affirmed.

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