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“Xia Yan, born in the sling area of ​​the seventy-eighth district of South Rukongai, entered the Spiritual Arts Academy at the age of twelve, graduated two years later, entered the second detachment of Onmitsukidō troops as the aide of Captain, and became three detachment Team Captain six years later. In xxx, assisted in the search for the defection of Shinigami, and was sneaked and killed by Tōsen Kaname at the age of 30.”

In front of the tomb, Shiba Kaien gently read the life of Xia Yan. In front of him, there are many Shinigami.

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji stood at the forefront, this is his childhood, classmates and friends.

Kuchiki Rukia cried sobbing, both eyes red, Abarai Renji holding his head, his teeth biting his lips, the blood flowing down from the corner of the mouth, he didn’t want to cry, but the tears could not contain it.

My dear brother, how can you die?

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji recalled the time they spent together, grew up together, studied together, helped each other, and became Shinigami, who came today.

When Kuchiki Rukia was sad, Xia Yan came out to comfort her.

When Abarai Renji wants to fight, Xia Yan is doing his opponent.

Xia Yan death made them grieve.

Next to him, Hinamori Momo and Kira Izuru had tears on their faces and looked depressed.

Xia Yan died like this, no matter whether it is clothes or flesh, it has not stayed.

How can he die?

In addition to them, Shiba Miyako and Shiba Kūkaku and Shiba Ganju, Shiba Miyako and Shiba Kūkaku whispered, Shiba Kūkaku said softly: “How did you die, kid?”

Zaraki Kenpachi, Kusajishi Yachiru, Ikkaku and Yumichika stand aside.

Zaraki Kenpachi sighed and said, “When you are dead, who can be my opponent?”

Kusajishi Yachiru cried and said: “Xiao Yanyan…”

In addition, the members of Shinigami Women’s Association are not far away, Matsumoto Rangiku eyes are red, and Kotetsu Kiyone speaks silently. Kurotsuchi Nemu and Ise Nanao are full of sadness.

Kurosaki Isshin, Komamura Sajin, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Kyouraku Shunsui, Jūshirō Ukitake, Kuchiki Byakuya Although not very familiar with Xia Yan, they came here because of their respective Invitation, Captain invitations.

Ichimaru Gin, Aizen is also among them, silent in the crowd.

Unohana Retsu and Kotetsu Isane are standing aside, looking at the grave not far away, Kotetsu Isane is crying, but Unohana Retsu is silent.

The entire Gotei 13th, except for 2nd Division Captain and Head-Captain, and the dead 9th Division Captain Tōsen Kaname, all came here.

Xia Yan Kido class teacher Tsuno Hiroshi came, and Ōmaeda Marechiyo was also standing not far away, and Hisagi Shuuhei was a senior in school.

These people have come here to prepare a funeral for Xia Yan.

But the one who should be here most is no longer here, Soi Fon.

At this time, Soi Fon is sitting on Xia Yan bed with her legs. She is leaning against the wall, her face is painful, and her eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes.

She didn’t cry because she couldn’t cry. Since Xia Yan died three days ago, she was comatose and fainted several times.

Today, she finally accepted this fact.

Xia Yan died, and the little devil who has been with her has died.

Soi Fon remembered the scene of the two people meeting. It was on one night, she brought him back to 2nd Division, but she was guessed by the clever little devil.

He then joined the Onmitsukidō troops and became an adjutant of Ōmaeda Marechiyo, who took time out to train with her daily.

After that, he helped herself to study Shunko and helped him master Shikai.

Then he likes herself, constantly trying to get close to herself, doing some relatives, but in exchange for his own war.

He took her hand in the summer festival. After the training, he massaged herself. The two men ate a box of Takoyaki together. Together, I will improve my experience in fighting.

He secretly kissed herself on the bed, and the two agreed on the future at the birthday party.

The relationship between the two became more and more intimate, and she decided to accept him. As long as he continued to grow, she would marry him.

But why is it dead?

71 years ago (original work 100 years ago), the respected Captain, Yoruichi defected, and for the next sixty years, she could not forget.

Twenty years ago, I met Xia Yan. Ten years ago, I got used to his existence.

But why do they leave themselves again and again?

The greatest despair is not to be obtained, but the eyes that look at what you get are lost again and again. Every time happiness comes, they are taken away from their hands.

Soi Fon is very sad, that is, the death of Xia Yan, but also for his own destiny.

“Sorry, if I can promise you early.”

Soi Fon looks at the clothes Xia Yan make for herself, although he is very explicit, he must like it.

But she refused him.

Guilt, grief, despair…

Many emotions spread in the bottom of the heart, making Soi Fon more indifferent.

She did not intend to go to Xia Yan funeral, because Xia Yan was not buried. His body has been completely destroyed and returned to heaven and earth.

Only here, she still faintly retains his taste.

Soi Fon stayed in the room where Xia Yan lived, lying on the bed slowly, and for a long time, only one voice rang outside. “Captain, the funeral is over.”

It was the voice of Ōmaeda Marechiyo, who told Soi Fon after the funeral.

Soi Fon didn’t answer, Ōmaeda Marechiyo waited for a while, quietly left and started preparing for himself and Captain’s work.

The 2nd Division can’t perform their duties because of Soi Fon depression, but Ōmaeda Marechiyo is willing to do some work in exchange for time to let Soi Fon ease her atmosphere.

“How did you die?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo thought with a smile.


After the funeral, the crowd dispersed, Kuchiki Byakuya came to Kuchiki Rukia, patted her shoulder and handed a handkerchief.

Kuchiki Rukia took the handkerchief and wiped her tears.

Ikkaku caught Abarai Renji and said, “Go, go back.”

Abarai Renji left with 11th Division.

“Hinamori, let’s go.”

Aizen next to Hinamori Momo called her away.

Everyone left here with a sad look. Xia Yan death was defined. Tōsen Kaname betrayed the Seireitei, attacked Xia Yan and the criminal warfare personnel, and then smashed and killed Xia Yan.

The person who controls Tōsen Kaname is considered to be Kisuke Urahara, and only he can make people become that kind of Monster.

When these people left, only the Unohana Retsu and Kotetsu Isane were left in the same place. Kotetsu Isane said softly: “Captain, it is time to leave.”

Unohana Retsu nodded and said, “Well, let’s go.”

Unohana Retsu returned to 4th Division. One person entered the room and took a letter from his arms and slowly opened it.

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